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  1. Hurts mostly dominant when the Eagles OL is blowing guys 5 yards off the ball.
  2. Always thought the Zeke pick over Jalen Ramsey was a joke and even more after they were forced to give Zeke a monster 2nd contract. Dak being 22% of the salary cap is bad. Would draft a QB high if one is enticing.
  3. Yeah let Schultz walk. Having a really good QB like Burrow or Hurts on a rookie deal is so clutch. Jamar Chase, Tee Higgins, Devonta Smith also on cheap deals. Allows you to load up everywhere else on the roster. Cowboys are locked into mediocrity. Yay.
  4. Glad there will be no more horny guys in Dallas now that these 46 men have been slapped with life altering felonies. I can sleep at night now.
  5. Believe NFL teams that are +1 in the turnover battle win about 71% of the time. Thats even before factoring in the 49ers were the better team and at home.
  6. If Dak was ever gonna win anything it would have been during his rookie contract when he was cheap. Now he's just a solid QB that is massively overpaid if the goal is Super Bowl and not just to make the playoffs.
  7. Romo had teams good enough in 2008 (choked against the Giants) and 2014 (lost to Packers in the Dez catch game).
  8. Always needed to win the turnover battle to win. Never gonna march up and down the field on the #1 49ers defense with 1 legit weapon.
  9. 49ers have almost taken three different QBs to a Super Bowl in the last decade. Coaching and talent around the QB matters. Not really a defense of Dak. He's overpaid.
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