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  1. Yeah not quite sure about superstar or anything but the Mavs would be screwed this season without him. Timmy has been cooking knock on wood.
  2. Really missed Lively tonight. Absolutely no size without him. Holy hell Maxi Kleber is washed. Josh Green had 0 points going into the 4th. Finished with 3.
  3. Dwight may may one of the worst starting centers but he's one of the best backup centers in the NBA. He's in his perfect role. Loving Lively so far. Looks like a top 5 player from the draft. Nico had a great offseason.
  4. Defense decides to finally do something Little late
  5. Game I was fine going for it. Field goals aren't beating the Eagles
  6. Would love nothing more than that dumb challenge biting the Eagles in the ass.
  7. Eagles commit no penalties?? Give them the TD refs
  8. Refs giving the Eagles a free TD. Must be nice.
  9. 1 to 1 baby! Let's see which franchise can get to 2 legit titles first.
  10. Why does every Astros fan look like a dbag good lord
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