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  1. If you asked me as a teenager if I would be an alcoholic I would have said fuck no. I saw my father and while he was a 'fun' drunk I saw the toll it took on him after 20 years of hard living and it eventually took him out. I grew up as an introverted shy kid and alcohol always suppressed my social anxiety and allowed me to be more confident. Certainly catches up to you though if you rely on it as a crutch.
  2. Went on a 10 day bender after a breakup recently. She liked to drink herself so probably not the best influence anyways. Almost 35 and it seems to finally be catching up to me. My dad was an alcoholic so nothing new. Have a cubicle job and some days it's hard to even sit still for an hour due to anxiety from alcohol. Becoming clearer everyday I can't go at it alone.
  3. Will McClay usually nails the 1st round pick so would trust him for now. Tyler Smith last year seemed questionable and was a good pick.
  4. Waiting on the city of Minnesota to arrest the GM of the Twolves.
  5. Cavs 32 points at halftime.
  6. Could actually make sense of the Clippers move. Gobert trade was laughable on the day of the trade. Every NBA GM was laughing at Minnesota pretty much.
  7. Would bet on the Celtics to win the chip this year.
  8. Shocked Kawhi is injured again. KD haters would say Westbrook was Batman / the alpha in OKC or at least thought he was and Warriors fans would say it was Stephs team even if KD was the better player.
  9. Griz / Lakers series becomes interesting again. Still would go Lakers in 6.
  10. Can't say I really hate Trae Young. But yeah, not good. Time for the main event Kawhi vs KD Chris Paul vs Scott Foster
  11. Update: Warriors still suck on the road so far.
  12. Twolves GM needs to be arrested and charged with a felony for giving away that many assets for Gobert.
  13. Westbrook GOAT Best 3/19 shooting game ever. His rebounding was crazy tho. And his effort on defense.
  14. Westbrook a strong 2/13 shooting Good hustle though
  15. Lakers in 6. Please be okay Giannis
  16. Looks like a fun game. Haven't been able to watch.
  17. Lots of people love Giddey and Westbrook but guards that can't shoot always been a nah from me in the postseason.
  18. Josh Giddy is straight ass against competent teams.
  19. Love Ant man but he let Minnesota down today.
  20. Props to KAT so far. Ant man has been ass through 3.
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