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  1. I think I found the issue. The Ethernet cable running out of the wall to the router had one of the CAT 5 wires loose. Not sure how that happened. Kids had moved the router around while playing, so I will blame them. Redid the connector wiring and seems to be working fine now. Will probably move to a mesh network when this dies. Not sure how many devices I will need to cover house and TV by the pool, but I guess I will find out when the time comes.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll log in to the router to see what I can find. I expected the WiFi signal to fail as the router died, not the internet connectivity
  3. I am having issues with WiFi randomly losing internet connection. WiFi signal itself remains strong. I have a crappy AT&T modem that I disabled WiFi on, and ran Ethernet wire to an Asus router that broadcasts WiFi (with a couple of access points throughout the house). Have had not issues with the setup for 5 years, until this week. I’ve checked the Ethernet wire to the asus router and it’s getting the connection. Just intermittently losing internet connectivity via WiFi. All of my tv’s are wired connections and I’m having no issues with those (watch PSvue fine on them). I’m assuming maybe the asus router is dying and maybe needs to be replaced? Something else I’m not thinking of? Thanks
  4. How do you like to Scorpion SBR? Been looking for a pistol caliber SBR. Thanks
  5. Down in Dallas right now. There will be a lot of shit broken if this isn’t fixed tomorrow morning, or if it happens during the game.
  6. It’s a little further south, but Whistle Britches on Frankford at Preston has good fried chicken.
  7. I’m going to Cayman in a week. How much is this thing going to fuck up my trip?
  8. ROFL- Sorry to hear about your issues. It is never easy to deal with taking care of your parents at this stage of their lives, and take care of yourself, your family and work. I am sure Hornian (or whatever he calls himself on Surly) can help you with the POA. But if you are interested, there are forms online if you need to save money or need something done quickly. The TMA has forms online you can us for a medical power of attorney: https://www.texmed.org/Template.aspx?id=65#MPOA. Other than medical issues, there are financial issues to consider as well. You may also look to have your mother sign a durable power of attorney while she is capable, which would give you the ability to handle her finances. https://hhs.texas.gov/laws-regulations/forms/miscellaneous/sdpoa-statutory-durable-power-attorney If she lacks mental capacity, then you would need court approval. But if she can sign off on the durable POA, you can start helping control her finances. It will not stop her from doing what she wants with her money, though. To do that, you would need court approval to be appointed Guardian of her Estate.
  9. I will let the experts chime in, but lots of variables go in to cost. What size house? What kind of finish out you want. Can either do a fixed price or cost plus contract. Cost plus means contractor pays for everything you want done and charges a markup. On buying materials yourself and having contractor install, often the contractor will get a better price than you can. I think an architect/designer will charge a couple percent of the total project. A good one will be worth it and can work contractor to make sure things are done correctly. 100k can go very quickly, again depending on size and finish out.
  10. Having the issue of tapa taking me to the last post on new topics. And a certain doesn’t show on tapa, but does on chrome.
  11. That would be awesome. That would have the best special teams in the league by far for years to come.
  12. Agree. It’s important for the players to get an understanding of the schemes and some repetitions to see and understand the plays, but I don’t think we can read much into how either the offense or defense as a whole are doing.
  13. Now we will hear how Jimbo is their literal Saviour, saving Koda’s life. That may warrant an extension and raise for Jimbo. They will ignore Koda had all the signs of dehydration and won’t take simple steps to make sure it doesn’t happen to another player.
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