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  1. Turned out pretty well. Or at least everyone was happy. Kept them wrapped a bit too long I think. Bone was coming out on some as unwrapped them.
  2. Thanks everyone. I’ll try to remember to post pics.
  3. I’ve been asked to spoke some St. Louis ribs. Never smoked them before. Cooked a lot of briskets, beef ribs, turkeys, and pork shoulders. I’m generally familiar with the 3-2-1 method (Hornian I think). 3 hours uncovered, 2 hours wrapped in foil, and last put uncovered to firm up. What else do I need to know? Seasoning? Apple cider spritz a few times while uncovered? I smoke on a primo XL, usually a bit hotter then others- usually 275 - 300. I was given 4 racks to cook. Will also be cooking some beef ribs at the same time. Thanks.
  4. Any other recommendations for good online resources for elementary school kids? I recall someone who worked at a charter school mentioned some, but I can’t find it. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. The structure was well worth the cost. It’s on the west side of the pool, so it provides shade in the pool in the afternoon. Can watch TV from the spa. Gets a lot of breeze and is pretty comfortable even in July/August. I try to recommend that when building a pool, try to add something that give you some shade. Feel it’s needed here in Texas. You will want to be out of the pool at times. Having some shade will let you stay outside even when it’s hot, keep an eye on the kids, etc.
  6. We have tumbled travertine pavers. They never get hot. My kids (now 6 and 10) can stand on them barefoot in the middle of the day with no issues. They are not very slippery. I think we have had 1 fall in 3+ years, and that was one of the boys running. Great way for them to burn off some energy and get away from the screens.
  7. It won’t happen, but I hope that all these videos of cops doing inexcusable shit -like shooting people on their porch, or pepper spraying while driving down the street- end up getting charged. Just like the violent “protesters” should be when they start destroying things. But you know every cop (or close enough to every cop that is doesn’t matter) is out there looking for opportunities to exercise their “authority!” And do whatever they want without repercussions. Some of the civic leaders seem to say the right things (like Atlanta mayor I believe), but they need to address the escalating police violence during the protests.
  8. These types of infection cases are difficult to prove for a plaintiff. They will need to show the worker was infected at work (rather than somewhere else such as grocery store) and that had the facility acted as a reasonably prudent faculty, the infection would not have occurred. There are significant challenges with that. With the number of healthcare providers getting COVID, there will be challenges to that part as well. You also have a high number of facilities that had (or still have) issues obtaining and supplying PPE over the last few months. With the surge of cases, the facilities could not just send the patients away if they didn’t have PPE for staff. So, what can a reasonable facility do? The changing CDC guidelines on PPE (and other guides de) will also play a role in these cases. Also, the decedent apparently was an employee, so you may have employer liability immunity via work comp. in that case, the family will need to show gross negligence, which is an even higher standard. There will be a wave of these lawsuits, but they will be difficult to win. I know several plaintiff med mal attorneys in Texas that don’t think the cases are worth it given caps and difficulties noted above in proving up the case.
  9. I know that in Dallas at least the ventilator death rate is now running 25-30%. Back in March it was closer to 75%.
  10. Found this in my backyard this evening. Rat snake?
  11. I meant that there is more comfort in the PCR test being accurate, versus a wider spread of reliability in the antibody testing. Yes, they are two different tests useful to two different purposes. PCR useful for active cases; antibody testing useful to determine if you previously had the disease.
  12. In Dallas I know Baylor Scott and White isn’t running antibody testing at the moment because of their concerns regarding the inaccuracies of the antibody testing, and the variations in quality from the companies creating the tests. Said PCR tests take a degree of technology and technique that weed out lots of companies. Antibody testing is “simpler” is being developed by lots of companies, but specificity and sensitivity vary significantly.
  13. Hopefully y’all can get tested when you need it. I know the front line healthcare providers still can’t get tested without the necessary symptoms. Hopefully the antibody test ChiTownDoc was able to get will be more widely distributed to healthcare workers in the near future.
  14. Very true. And you are of course correct that we don’t have all the details. Cause of death may be unrelated. Just reporting what I saw.
  15. Saw that an infant in Illinois died from COVID. Not sure age, but I’m sure under a year old. Youngest I have seen by far.
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