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  1. Does the FBI usually moderate/high-risk residential warrants? I guess I always assumed state/local departments and/or US Marshals went in first and secured the location.
  2. FWIW the Navy has been increasing their capabilities to defend against large Iranian small-vessel swarm attacks in the Persian Gulf for several years now. Granted drones ratchet up the threat since they move in 3D vs 2D for boats. The Phalanx CIWS can take down smaller drones and patriot barrages could take down the bigger drones, but neither are scalable or intended to effectively counter swarms and both rely on ballistics to shoot down. However, cross-branch electronic warfare groups have already started developing non-ballistic methods to neutralize drones. I have my doubts regarding any ne
  3. Has any news or pictures of Cameron come out yet? I'm surprised a search and rescue team hasn't flown over that stretch yet.
  4. It's pretty amazing how a broke, starved, rogue nuclear state has by far and away the best counter intel. The fact that a pudgy Rodman fanboi's intelligence perimeter has outlasted Chapo, Bin Laden, Soleimani, etc. without practically any penetration is incredible.
  5. Did anyone else think Jordan's eyes were kind of jaundiced in the present day interviews? Also, college/draft Jordan sounded completely different- he sounded unsure, soft-spoken, and kind of stumbled on his words. His confidence and killer-drive completely changed his demeanor after that first season.
  6. For those who don't have an athletic subscription.
  7. The Athletic published a piece on GBIII today. Doesn't really discuss where he's headed, more of a piece illustrating him, his background, and his relationship with is dad. Paywall'd, but posted in my post after this one. https://theathletic.com/1738044/2020/04/13/greg-brown-could-remain-austins-hometown-hero-but-the-top-recruit-has-options/
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