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  1. It’s still mostly based on merit. Just deciding earlier
  2. Not sure by I think Yulis OBP might be .999
  3. Solid opening day. Shagsters united, Astros won, beers were had and Mez's little brother got beat up by a bum and his legs shaved from the thighs down and him and his buddy lost their debit cards. All in all a success
  4. That had to have been beet juice but literally I said the same thing as Derks mom. Oh and Amber on IG doesn't hold a candle to how ridic pretty she is in person. I have a photo with her somewhere but I think it's on my sisters phone.
  5. Come to Truckyard after you see Biggio. Bout 10 of us here
  6. I definitely thought Kyle was gonna separate a shoulder
  7. Houston or Arlington? I'm assuming the Rangers since the Astros are off Sunday
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