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  1. Winners: People who refi Losers: People who don't
  2. As long as they have a strong stat line (good LTV, credit, DTI) they're fine. Now FHA (and all gov loans) are gonna tighten up pretty soon. By April 15th soon.
  3. 45% for conventional 50% for FHA. UWM (one of the bigger lenders) is at 40% DTI unless you have 3 months reserves, then its normal. Haven't seen anything from any other lenders yet.
  4. UTPhil2006

    Below Deck

    Lol at Madison "I've had a manicure that lasts longer than that" Also Jenna is unncessarily petty
  5. Actually hang tight til tomorrow he said, they have some new software/system/something like that that the machine that does inspections won't work until April 1st (tomorrow)
  6. My dads Lambs Store at 183/Braker is open. Ask for Pat.
  7. Construction is fine in Dallas/Houston/SA so I wouldn't necessarily follow anything Mayor Adler/Austin does as gospel
  8. Boredom and no sports the biggest thing. But during the week I'm pretty slammed with Refinances and whatnot so not much different there. So all in all not bad at all.
  9. It’s almost as if they’re acting like the Yankees
  10. No sports probably will save me easily $1000/mo all things included
  11. 10 year down .07 to .67. DJI up 690. Also, we may start to see things tightening up as far as the low end of things from traditional lenders. If you're 680 and up, and a solid DTI, you're still for the most part set. If you're getting the fringe limits of DTI, they're gonna want more reserves (ability to repay), etc. Self employed will face a bit tighter restrictions. Nothing over the top quite yet, but just leaning towards stronger loans. If you've got a good stat line (good credit, good DTI, reserves/down payment) nothing to worry about as of now. And this is only one lender so far, but I'm willing to bet their stance starts to trickle down.
  12. @troph has had pretty solid advice on the Surly owners thread so they may be who to ask better, but my initial thought is probably not
  13. Sports Playing golf Client lunches Happy Hour Sports Traveling Sports Eating out Sports Normalcy/routine Sports
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