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  1. What originally did Javonne say that Princely called him a liar about
  2. .75 is a pretty decent jump down, but like mentioned above it's a matter of how long you're staying in the home. Also, theres also the option of buying points which again if you're staying in the home a while may be beneficial. I can certainly run these scenarios for you if you want. PM/email
  3. UTPhil2006

    Below Deck

    Very aptly named episode
  4. Oooh yes that's fine. I'm not looking to resell or anything just more for a collection for myself and one for my pops. Beers on me whenever.
  5. Yeah no clue. More importantly why was I surfing Shaggy at 240 in the morning lol
  6. So we’re not gonna talk about derka
  7. In addition to not carrying the bags on the gurney, they also switched out people carrying not at a checkpoint. So should have 2 penalties.
  8. I definitely laughed at Cara losing her shit. Twice.
  9. Yeah there are some pretty "dated" docs like that out there
  10. December TOTM - Naughty Santa (personal fave)
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