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  1. Yeah Dani or Memphis of the 6 are the most likely to take the first shot. Enzo is in the best spot so probably the least likely, and he's literally ran with an alliance down to the final 4 so he knows not to rock the boat. Nicole might try but fail. Cody is in good shape as well and could probably survive a shot the best too. Tyler is a wild card in it all.
  2. Unless you're Dani, why even take that shot before it's necessary. Until you get to the final 6 of the alliance, why ruffle feathers that need not be ruffled?
  3. Davonne in real life is actually cool as shit, which is why her BB/Challenge persona is almost annoying. She's a social player (in both) and thats about it. She should just embrace that at this point.
  4. Absolutely one of the best of all time.
  5. UTPhil2006

    Below Deck

    Its arguably worse than what Pete said/did
  6. I don’t know that he could tank down.
  7. I’m up 1.0 on the day y’all need to chill
  8. If you win the title I’ll pay the whole damn league
  9. This is about .25 miles from me so I'm gonna have to finally try it.
  10. Cash out's are really good and well priced right now. Especially with UWM who has created a Conquest program similar to the ones mentioned upstream in this thread. You can pay off debt, home improvement, pad your bank account whatever with the Cash out. Appraisals are pretty straight forward nowadays, so as long as the home isn't moldy, torn apart, unfinished (the big one) from the flooding, you should be fine. You can PM me or email me with any specific questions in regards to your property specifically and I can run you a quick quote.. pdubord@prodigymbo.com
  11. Yeah but Grienke is gonna throw a 27 K perfect game tonight
  12. Ha was just about to say I’m the perfect anti jinx for you
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