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  1. Mf this.. I was thinking for sure this week
  2. That’s what Native Horn is alluding to in his post as getting paid after closing, we can help you out. As mentioned by Wulaw, they’ve actually came down to where they should be too rate wise (compared to beginning of COVID). PM me and I can get you taken care of.
  3. My balls look lonely in this case. Anyone selling some older/Astros/unique balls?
  4. Guys Left: Nelson, Fessy, Cory, Bananas, Rogan, Kyle Girls Left: Dee, Melissa, Bayleigh, Jenny, Kaycee So I'm guessing the girls final is probably set and then they do the hall brawl to get to 5 guys. I'm guessing Kyle goes in then if Nelson/Cory/Fessy can stick together they could throw Rogan in.
  5. They should do free beer night again. @Mez2, @tx 3 putt, @Ldogg53, @Scraps, @ERhine what's the worst that could happen...
  6. UTPhil2006

    Below Deck

    A lot of that sounds miserable.
  7. He says he's hearing from a lot of schools, notably the Horns. "Texas is working on something big and that's all I'll say," Alexander told IT. Any clue what this line meant?
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