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  1. Can anyone recommend a real estate attorney in Austin? I’m selling a home and want counsel to review my TREC seller’s disclosure form.
  2. Ginny’s Little Longhorn is in trouble. Link to their Gofund Me https://www.gofundme.com/f/keep-the-little-longhorn-alive
  3. I’ve fucked more than a few chicks who showed up in that old thread. Not sure what that says about me, but I’m happy to see this is back.
  4. Thank you OP for the reminder, I have a savage on the way. Been awhile, so many good pizza joints close to the north location.
  5. No they haven’t been bad here. Just looted stores, burned cars and fucking graffiti on every corner.
  6. Keep your head on a swivel. Snipers are looking to take positions in apartments along I-35.
  7. Yep, they had a huge new office on East 6th they share with Favor. 400+ employees with room for more.
  8. 3adays

    2020 Rain Thread

    1.5” here in 78757
  9. Rideshare game is serious business. This happened at 183/Burnet last night. We also had another rideshare shooting on Tuesday. https://cbsaustin.com/news/local/one-person-injured-in-overnight-rideshare-shooting-in-north-austin
  10. Isn’t the Fudduruckers on Slaughter Lane still open?
  11. So, Shaggy Law Dawgs, what’s the quality of defense Mr. Perry has bought himself with the Law Firm of Broden and Mickelson? I mean I’d be a bit concerned when my lawyers can’t even get the date of the incident correct in their press release.
  12. I’m surprised no one has released his name. You’d think someone could have used the cars license plate to look up the owner.
  13. I mean ALPP down 4%...lol
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