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  1. Rare Breed Rye is on the shelf everyday at Total Wines I visit in Houston. 59.99 I think.
  2. We are in the early, experimental stages of NIL and these players are taking advantage. Good for them. The upcoming seasons will determine if these big money guys were actually worth it. Rates/payments will be adjusted accordingly. Some people need to calm down.
  3. What if Mathis is just trying to max out is NIL deal with us? Can you blame him?
  4. Biggest takeaway from that game is Sarkeatin' needs to lose some weight.
  5. What an amazing brain Kurt possesses. Surprised he didn't say Reggie Bush-sized.
  6. Last year the goal should have been to score 50 points a game once we fully realized the defense was shit. If the defensive talent isn't there yet and they can't make timely stops again this year, the goal should be to score 60 a game. All gas, no brakes, right? I'm very happy to win games like we did vs. Tech last year.
  7. I walked into a Total Wine last week for the first time in a couple of months, and they had Blanton's on the shelf. Picked one up, opened the box in the car, and saw the dump date was November 3rd 2021. So probably a left over Blanton's that a shit load of people "won" from last year's rewards system.
  8. Of course he has to earn it. He's way rustier than Card at the moment, the expectation is he'll catch up.
  9. I generally agree with the sentiment, but I want to eliminate the losing culture at Texas. Sark is a QB guy, he knows what he's doing with that particular position. Pick your guy and run with it.
  10. I'll be surprised if Ewers isn't starting from Day 1 and the entire season (barring injury). Don't think Sark wants a replay of last years QB situation. The Arkansas game seemed to fuck up his initial plans, and after Casey got hurt in the OU game it was a total clusterfuck. If Ewers plays like shit against Alabama there should be a much longer leash and not as much screaming about it from the fanbase/higher ups. Embrace the blank slate approach with a brand new elite QB and hope for the best. Might be some short term pains but long term it's the right move.
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