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  1. Still convinced that the Biden administration should have made marijuana legalization a priority. It's a slam dunk victory without any real pushback from the GOP. Show people that common sense change is good and effective, then more voters will eventually get on board with more change.
  2. That's the quandary. If Dems or the left fight back with similar disingenuous bullshit to get what they want, I don't know how you put the craziness back in the box.
  3. I know a doctor in her 70s that has been a milquetoast conservative her entire life. She now gets NewsMax alerts on her cell phone. There isn't a place in the world anymore for rational Republican voters. They are told the fights they need to fight. CRT is the newest addition.
  4. Number 4 doesn't exist anymore. Or if it does, it's a minuscule and irrelevant amount of people.
  5. My parents came over for Father's Day lunch yesterday, and my mom informed me that Raisi - 20 years old at the time - was the prosecutor that ordered the execution of my grandfather in 1981. 40 fucking years later and the dude is President of Iran . Unbelievable.
  6. Also prepare for the first OF Barrel Strength Rye drop to be EXTREMELY limited. Like, don't bother even chasing it. If I had to guess, they will do the real release with ability to actually find it in the Fall/Winter.
  7. I'd bet good money it's a teaser release.
  8. Lux Row bottles have been hitting a lot of Total Wines in Houston this week. If you like Old Ezra 7 or Rebel Yell 10 year Single Barrel, you very well might find one this week at Total Wine. I doubt availability will last. I got super lucky and picked up a Blood Oath Pact 7 (also Lux Row) at TW earlier today.
  9. The Hatch Chile Willy vibrators come out in August I believe.
  10. Yeah, I think we'd even want to go inside the house before him to confirm they are properly secured in a safe. We have no patience for this shit, but prefer to handle it in a respectful manner if possible.
  11. Question for y'all and would appreciate any advice. Quick background: My Trumper mother-in-law has purchased a couple of handguns recently. She's been going to the shooting range with one of her good friends. She's 69 years old and not in the best physical/mental shape for her age. She occasionally takes our 4 year old son during the week to hang out at her house for a few hours. My wife and I hate guns. We don't own them, we don't want to be around them, we don't want our son around them. What's the best way to approach her saying that we are concerned about guns in her house w
  12. Still hot at 115 proof? Bummer. My bottle is at 122. Need to dip into it again, but I haven't liked the first few pours.
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