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  1. She hasn't been a politician since 2014. Why would the DNC vet a high level campaign staffer?
  2. LOL, what?? AFAIK, Nina Turner hasn't run for anything since losing the Ohio Secretary of State race about 6 years ago. She is not being considered for VP. She hasn't been vetted as she is not a candidate for anything.
  3. Nina Turner hates Joe Biden. And while she's popular in Bernie world, IMO she generally sucks and is a bad politician. Any talk of her as an actual VP candidate is leftist fantasy bullshit.
  4. If there's a VP pick that could theoretically cost Joe Biden the election, it's Nina Turner.
  5. Doing God's work here, Mitch. Thanks.
  6. Agreed. We don't need two old guards on the ticket. Joe is enough.
  7. Maybe my biggest pet peeve with Twitter are accounts that post shit like "RETWEET if you think Donald Trump sucks!" and "how many retweet can this get?", etc. Just post your shit and let it go viral naturally. The desperate cries for engagement are red flags for disingenuous accounts that have ulterior motives.
  8. Typically a very strong ground game is needed in general elections, but this year seems to be an outlier if you look at the Democratic primary race. Bernie had the best ground game, millions of volunteers, phone bankers, etc. He split Iowa and NH with Buttigieg in two close races, Biden struggled in both of these states. Once the field got pared down, Biden beat Bernie pretty badly. And Joe had no ground game and wasn't even spending a penny on TV ads in states he easily won. I just don't think we can look at the typical campaign strategies as being significantly beneficial in this particular election .
  9. If you want to donate money to a candidate that has a chance , here is a link for Theresa Greenfield. Ernst has to go and this is definitely winnable. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/adopt-theresa-greenfield
  10. Also whoever Joe picks will get attacked mercilessly by Trump and the GOP. None of their smears have worked on Biden, and they are itching to shit all over his VP pick. It's gonna be ugly.
  11. I'd think Rice as VP would piss off the progressives more than Kamala.
  12. Spoke to my diehard Trumpkin friend this morning for the first time in about a month, just wanted to get an idea of where he thinks the election is heading. Trump's gonna get around 360 electoral votes, ANTIFA, fake news, China, he's handled COVID perfectly, etc. All the Fox/OAN talking points memorized. He's dug in.
  13. That's a low mark for him in polls in this race. I wouldn't get your hopes up too much. He's on the Abbot side of where suburban voters in this state have weirdly drawn the line. Fair enough, but COVID & being tied to Trump is not an ideal situation for him in November.
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