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  1. Goddamn this is powerful. Please watch.
  2. The breaking point is hopefully upon us. America has had a good run, but nothing lasts forever. We'll know within the next 5 months if we're willing to rebuild this country or let it fall into absolute ruin for a least a couple of generations. This is righteous anger. Let it all out.
  3. Won't disagree with that. You are obviously a huge Warren supporter and there understandably seems to be an emotional attachment with your argument. I never cared for Kamala during the primary, and IMO my guy (Buttigieg) would be a terrible VP selection for Biden if he was theoretically in the running. Biden won the nomination with a below average campaign and poor organizing capabilities. I think this upcoming election is an outlier and you can throw away the typical beliefs on how to win. Whether we like it or not voters have clearly spoken that 2020 is a referendum on Trump, and I think Biden should pick whoever he thinks can boost voter turnout. That should practically be the only qualification. My gut says Kamala. If his campaign thinks it's Warren, go for it.
  4. I know Biden is old as fuck, but playing the game of "who is the best VP if Joe croaks/falls ill" seems foolish to me. It's like picking a head coach-in-waiting. Shit rarely works out the way you hope it will. Let's not put the cart before the horse. Biden is the presidential nominee. They should campaign with him as the #1, not 1A to the Vice President's 1B. Let's make sure he's President for the next 4 years and worry about health considerations or 2024 later.
  5. This is a good point. Kaine was a completely uninspiring pick, and added little value. The candidates currently under consideration are much better (outside of Klobuchar, lol).
  6. To be fair, Kamala ran a terrible presidential campaign. She's much more appealing as a VP candidate, at least for this cycle.
  7. I don't think Biden at the top of the ticket is enough. His dominating with the black vote was also due to going up against Sanders, Buttigieg, Warren, and Bloomberg, candidates that all had their own particular struggles with POC. Berners have already turned on Elizabeth Warren. I don't believe there is a candidate that is seriously being considered who would appease them. I'd rather call their bluff instead of throwing them a bone that they'll just ignore. To be clear, my argument here is strictly about voter turnout and the importance of decisively whooping Trump's ass at the polls. That is paramount to me when looking at VP nom for this specific general election.
  8. Yes, because she's not black. It's an issue for Klobuchar (even moreso) and Whitmer as well. I don't think it's "tokenism" with Kamala Harris. She is qualified for the position. The polling data in October had Warren as a favorite for the presidency. Things change. I don't put much stock in VP preference polls. She definitely has the most name recognition and was the last woman standing in the primary (EDIT: sorry, Tulsi), so it makes sense she'd poll well. If Biden picks Warren, I'd obviously fully support it and hope I'm proven wrong if she ends up exciting POC voters. I just don't agree that Warren as VP would maximize Biden's chances at a dominating victory. Is it a better governing ticket? Most likely. Best chance at a Biden blowout win? Nah.
  9. I admit to wanting to be argumentative a bit here, but I question the polling data that says Warren is the preferred VP candidate for Black and Latino voters. I just don't buy it. She did poorly in the primaries with POC. Her base has been college educated whites. For politicos, Warren makes sense. But most voters aren't heavily invested with policy specifics. I'd expect significant backlash from Black voters if Biden names Warren (or any white woman) as VP, especially with the racial injustice cases that have been rightly amplified recently.
  10. More Klobuchar bullshit. Scratch her name off the fucking list. I just laughed remembering the the NYT endorsed her for President!
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