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  1. A lot better than this piece of shit, but yeah it's terrible
  2. Big ups to me #1 homeboy Derks over here for taking pity on me and finally trading me Whit Merrifield, who I've been trying to get all season.
  3. Once. You have to travel back at least 200 years, can land in any location on Earth, and you can never come back. Where do you choose to settle, and why?
  4. Evening, gentlemen. I recently got super high and ordered some of those expensive underpants that have a built-in ballsack. You know the kind. Cradles your boys. I got the ones with the big fucking eagle on the dick, because why not. And they're nice. But I was thinking about it, and I realized I don't really notice the sack bag as much as I thought I would--my nuts just don't seem to sag as much during the day as they do at night.. This, of course, boggled my mind. Maybe my scrote expands at night. Maybe my balls get bigger during the day. I don't know, but it's some laffy taffy shit. I keep waking up because my nuts fall down into my taint, and are inevitably crushed by my legs. I could be imagining this. tl;dr: My chain seems to hang lower at night, and I'm not sure if that's a real thing. Anyway, that's not the point. I know there are some doctors on this troll-infested third-rate ad farm. I'm also certain there are others among us who know their way around a mudflap. I'm far from an expert, because I pound that front bottom. I also don't really know anyone who I can ask honest medical and biological questions about my boys. So can we talk about our balls?
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