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  1. Yea it’s about as honest of an origin story as I have found— and it further supports my hypothesis that this is a smart play if the interest is in maintaining status quo. That said it’s also interesting because, as often happens, original definitions morph and evolve overtime through overuse or misuse. I think we are seeing that here with CRT being something that will effectively be an umbrella term for “anti-white racism teaching and pro-status quo” versus the original, rather narrow academic framework definition (much to the chagrin of people like Pancho). It’s like how “woke” star
  2. Interesting and fair/balanced article about CRT and it's origins as a political football and how the term/idea has morphed and is being applied and known. https://www.newyorker.com/news/annals-of-inquiry/how-a-conservative-activist-invented-the-conflict-over-critical-race-theory
  3. Zero chance the Tahoe will work. You need the Yukon XL or ESV or Suburban sized SUV's. We went to Destin in the Tahoe with only 2 kids and the luggage/bags barely fit. We looked at Minivans and even the cargo space in a minivan is very small when all seats are in use. Like everyone else in the 90's/00's I made fun of the Excursion or whatever that huge SUV was called, but man, I get it now.
  4. Just from a cursory glance (reading a few "notable alumni wikipages" of divine 9), if you are a black college student with aspirations to be a player in the American economy-- seems like being in a black fraternity is a pre-req. I think being in a fraternity might have been like that for white people once upon a time, whereas now it's more of a social/lifestyle choice versus a power incubator. Also a distinction I see is sorority girls usually stay close to a handful of close friends but participation dies off almost immediately after graduation. In fact, by the time you are a senior, few
  5. I think I agree with you. I also think he thinks he got an Epic W. He got almost $100k more than what he thought was possible, etc. He just is ignorant to what the top could have really potentially been, maybe. I guess if you want to move fast-- FSBO in a hot market will get you there the fastest and net you the most money in relation to speed. If you want to work the process and maximize every last dime, pay a professional.
  6. Had the '20 Tahoe. With 3 or more kids it's not possible. The cargo space is poo poo when you have the 3rd row up and in use, a city jogger stroller and 1 bag of groceries maybe can fit. Had to go with the '21 Escalade ESV which was a large amount of money but that size was honestly necessary, but with the new body style/trim, I think I can get my value out of it and be in the black if I keep it for a decade.
  7. Anecdote (your mileage may vary): A friend of mine sold one of his rental houses for $602k. He paid $500 or so to direct list it so it hit the MLS. I had another friend sell a duplex for $1mm that he listed on Facebook marketplace and didn't even have to pay that $500 so that's an option too. He offered 3.5% to the buyer agent because when they'd call he told them right off the jump: a) cash is preferred then conventional, nothing else will be entertained and b) you will be doing more little more work than usual because he doesn't have an RE. He took pictures with my iPhone and
  8. Just say you don't know anything about it instead of lying.
  9. I guess I'm an airline snob because a) I would never fly Spirit or Frontier as an adult with an actual job that pays me money. Those flights are full of either students/young rowdy people or people who never travel and don't have any travel etiquette or training, and the experience is like riding on a city bus for a few hours and b) I never fly SWA because I fly enough to routinely get upgraded to First Class and usually use accumulated points for international travel. Give me Group 1 or 2 boarding or nothing.
  10. Like you could even know that! Kingwood is cool, y'all are trolling me and getting my goat.
  11. No it's not. Kingwood is awesome.
  12. I honestly 100% know that I could not get into UT if I was a senior in H.S. now. The 90's were a more welcoming time, in that respect. It seems like just in how difficult getting into UT is these days and the candidate profiles that get in, if nothing were changed from the 90's to today you'd necessarily have to have a more diverse landscape of Greek culture because the student body isn't the same average Joe Sixpack from Plano or whatever. It's also become less about the social experience it sounds like and more of a place to learn and empower yourself for a career. I don't think it was
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