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  1. Used expensify at a start up I was at once and thought it was great.
  2. What's funny? Kingwood rules if you like nice homes and to play golf.
  3. Not really. I mean, I think there are good arguments for the $15 min. wage, but because the small finite number of billionaires grew 10x during that time frame and the minimum wage only grew 2.5x, I don't think tells a story in and of itself.
  4. Atlanta is already this-- or at least trending that way. I remember watching a clip about Theo Vonn and a rapper from the ghettos of the South, talk about when he went to Atlanta and saw all the black people, and they didn't have to be drug dealers or pimps to be rich, it blew his mind. Rich black people in suits, in nice cars, with middle management jobs and corporate jobs and C-suite jobs. Nice homes and with fancy dinner reservations. In government positions and setting strategy for the city. He said it was amazing. Then when all the riots and looting was going on during the time of t
  5. Really? Maybe the term as I’m thinking about it is overly broad, but seems like “cyber security” is a very crowded space. I’m thinking of all the software that gets sold under that heading and the subverticals that Gartner cares about: application security, IAM, DevOps security, micro services and APIM security, Security as a Service, Network detection and response, etc. Seems there are probably a hundred narrowly focused software companies trying to tackle specific use cases and problems and a dozen large platforms like IBM or something who are trying to sell the full solution?
  6. I got the do-it-yourself vaccination, so I'm not in a hurry. I can wait behind all you guys who haven't had it yet. Good luck out there!
  7. Id just be worried about takin a vax road trip and showing up and them seeing an obviously fit and healthy looking young guy (not me, them) and then being told “yea no. These are earmarked for olds and obese. Be gone” I am not engaging in this activity and think it’s silly, by the way. I’m happy to wait and get it when it’s convenient.
  8. I’ve got friends from work and on group chats, running the spectrum of age, from late 20’s to early 40’s, driving out to Tyler amd Beaumont and even Midland, because CVS will vaccinate them there. They said they signed up and just said they had asthma and that was enough. Anyone heard of this? Are we opening up the aperture this wide and this early or are they being stinkers and loop holing it?
  9. Easiest way is to get a sales job selling cyber security. Before you neg me for insulting you, hear me out. You will have to be trained and learn from the inside out, bottom-up, and then maybe you can work at nights/weekends to add depth and breadth to your technical skillset. The benefit of this route is trifold: 1) you probably won't lose as much earnings on your W2-- sales people, even bad ones, generally make much more than a basic/entry level analyst 2) you can look to internally transfer/upskill from a non-technical sales job to a technical role a lot easier and 3) you get a lot of
  10. Let's say hypothetically there is only one vax, the JnJ one. And let's say you live in Boston and are a big time Catholic. The Catholic church comes out and says it's immoral because the vax was made with cells harvested from aborted babies. Are you legally protected by claiming you can't get vaxed as a devout Catholic? https://www.npr.org/2021/03/03/973428720/christian-groups-resist-johnson-johnson-vaccine-for-using-abortion-derived-cells Serious question/thought experiment on how this would legally work (and I assume that because in reality there are two other options, both of
  11. The outrage over Dr. Seuss is the worst. It's so dumb. I'm convinced it's a victim that got caught up in the wake up of the stupid coca-cola racist gaffe and the gender thing with the potato head.
  12. Alright, try this one on for size: https://www.forbes.com/sites/abrambrown/2021/03/04/maybe-the-square-tidal-deal-is-all-about-creating-jay-z-nfts/?sh=3bc42cff1d8d Every day, another NFT story, bringing the concept of an NFT to the kitchen table of mainstream America. Once someone like @hayden_horn hears about NFT's and sufficiently understands the concept you'll know that NFT's have been normalized (and there isn't much easy money to be made anymore) but for now there is still a lot of nose-cone, early entry type ways to make money I think, if you smart and connected enough...EVE
  13. I find your handle to be problematic, based on your identity. Ever heard of blackfishing? Just Kidding, if I wanted to really stir up trouble with you I’d say “why are you overcomplicating your identity when clearly you are LATINX”
  14. In both subtle and explicit ways, technology is also changing what it means to be human.
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