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  1. Me, too. Leaders whom have shirked their duties get little sympathy from me if they get victimized by their own policies. Justice.
  2. Lovely sentence there at the bottom, RD. From the thread: Not bad, 2%er, not bad.
  3. Stone was treated horribly just like I was treated horribly like nobody's ever seen. It was a disgrace and part of the Mueller hoax that I won. The do nothing Democrat Party politicized everything. Roger is a great man. A beautiful man. And you will eat every turd I shit because it's just the way it is. You have a big one coming your way after I declare the election rigged. Nothing bad enough can happen to some people. Most of these people are friends. Like a cabal.
  4. My understanding back in the day was that the network bought a show for two showings and then it reverted back to the original producers. That's the way it was in the last century, anyway.
  5. Glad to hear it. I don't know when I'll have a shot at it. Submarine warfare was my favorite fiction as a kid. Run Silent Run Deep was recommended by my sixth grade teacher a million years ago.
  6. I assumed it consensual. Just a little joke not a vendetta. Liquor was never enough. I had to use tranquilizer darts and liquid benadryl.
  7. Hmmm. How drunk did you get your dates? No means no. Unconsciousness does, too.
  8. People taking telephone video: tilt the camera up! Give your subject head space. I spent a few years as a mediocre (at best) TV studio camera operator. I feel like Roger Deakins watching this stuff. It's a video age. Get better at it!
  9. That might be a more appropriate statue for our terrific, strong VP.
  10. I hate arguments about what's the best food on these threads. I'll give a pass to the sauteed rice recipe since it sounds good.
  11. I've slacked off on tipping clerks. I need to resume. I hope the small gesture of appreciation carries more weight than the small amount of money. So many try to refuse it at first, but then they seem to light up a little when I explain, "You're on the front line, man. You're taking the risks." This news makes me very sad. As you and Anastasis point out, this is a nightmare for those with few choices and grotesquely little support ($1200, take it and feel lucky, Peedro!) from a government flooding millionaires with PPP funds. Sad and sick and ashamed of the US.
  12. Concisely put. Children will be sent to regular class by the people who trust Trump as their leader. No matter how low my opinion of those people is, their kids don't deserve the risk of deathness, illness, and long-term damage. Trump will have parents with assault rifles and balaclavas escorting their kids to school. Maybe we'll have protester present because they actually care about children. Nobody ever gets emotional or even overwrought over the safety of children. What could go wrong?
  13. I always thought the 90s libertarian vision was such romantic nonsense. Repeatedly, I read about the notion of a homesteader taking responsibility for his own holdings. I think they imagined a cozy place on the plains or in the mountains. I see maybe a vegetable garden and a couple goats and chickens and a warehouse full of guns to bravely protect the place from the criminal. What you would have would be those who formed gangs eating your goats, pissing on your vegetables and stealing your chickens. You'd give up your guns from either your cold dead hands or warm trembling ones. Such is natural law. Such seems to be the reason for forming your own gang with cool rules. Always, though, these libertarians believed themselves to be unsentimental pragmatists. I struggle to be one of those, and their fantasy is one of my favorites.
  14. Not to mention their completely out of whack estimation of the importance of their endorsement. How many voters will think, "that guy who runs Goya, I think he's a painter so maybe it's a paint company, I'm going to go with him on this one." The presidents of Exxon or AT&T would likely have little if any impact on voting with their endorsements. They seem to know that it's best for business just to bribe everybody as quietly as possible and then pressure the winner afterwards.
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