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  1. There it is. Somewhere along the line back during the Cold War, we became fighters for capitalism more than for freedom. We conflated (or were helped to confuse? I really don't know.) market economy with liberty. Nobody is threatening the market economy. Some people want to contain the power and greed of capitalists. Just favoring a market economy does not make you a capitalist. Hit the link. The meatheads at the MAGA rallies would all claim to be capitalists. They're not. They are cheerleaders for the capitalists who rob them. I've never used the word capitalist as I have in this post. OMG! It sounds Marxist! Burn him! One can distrust the GOP capitalists without being a communist. It would be hilarious watching the peons worship and defend the wealthy elite at the cost of the republic if it weren't so fucking tragic. Still funny if you can detach yourself, but it's hard to detach yourself from the decline of your republic which actually did stand for some good things much of the time. Now, not so much. The flesh and blood supporters of this disaster are traitors to our stated values even if they're too stupid or partisan to see it. Getting rid of Trump won't be nearly enough to stop this malign plague.
  2. Negged for lying. I looked up Tarrant,. Bowers, and Betts whom I didn't know by name. None are left wing. Betts was not political or racist at all, just a garden variety psycho.
  3. I saw a snail crawling along the edge of a straight razor and survive. That's my dream. That's my nightmare. #the horror.
  4. That we discuss these points is, indeed, the very point of the right's hate attacks. It's just part of the campaign of deflection and distraction while they do their whole reverse Robin Hood thing. Let's argue about Shirley Jackson Lee! Hey, where'd my wallet go? What do you mean I'm playing the race card unfairly? Then CNN and the boys focus on the wrong thing and everybody loses except the thief.
  5. Irony deafness. Actually, you're just disingenuous. You know you're stirring up trouble while hiding behind a horrendously dumbed down version of the Socratic method. The approach is at about the level of Socrates' toe cheese.
  6. So, you're mad that people call people names. Next, you call people who addressed your point "morons." Again, irony deafness.
  7. Man, this is such a load. The right has consistently chosen women of color as representative of the Dems and then held them up as idiots. They were pretty good at picking idiots until AOC who consistently outclasses them. The rep from Houston, the black woman, was ballyhooed by Rush and the boys who, of course, weren't addressing race, nooooo, it was about her politics. Bullshit. Most Dems in the country couldn't even identify her if it wasn't for the right's hate engine. Then when they get called on the racism, the right (now solidly Trumpist) gets all offended. If you'd be nicer, we wouldn't vote for racist idiots who don't care about the republic; you give us no choice! Just be nice like we are! Such baseless sanctimony. Irony deafness is a hell of a disease.
  8. Of course, he led us into the most disastrous foreign policy/war decision in memory, but W Bush spoke of American humility in his campaign. The hard core GOPs didn't like it, but I thought it one of his best notions. I think that's what "speak softly and carry a big stick" is all about. You don't need to puff your chest out if you're actually the strongest guy in the room. Trump, naturally, wouldn't know the feeling of that. He's all spineless posturing and bullying. It actually makes him sort of perfect for the war policy we've had under all the GOP administrations: Gotta look tough or they'll think you're weak. So weird.
  9. Closet queen. Very public about covering sports, watching sport, going to stadiums, and rooting on his teams. Self-loathing homosexual. I bet he makes the biggest deal out of their "hotties" threads. "She's hot! What I wouldn't do to her! You know what I'm talking about. I'd go full scale heterosexual on her because I'm a heterosexual!" Their archaic cult still throws out queer references like they're supposed to be the most profound insults in the world. What could be more self-repressive? Had then been able to get into tu, they could have been who they are and nobody (much) would care. But they had to go to A&M and fake the hate.
  10. The office has hit bottom. It can't go any lower. Trump can, but he's thoroughly ruined the office of president.
  11. Got to be money changing hands. Degradation of the office of the president has become an almost impossible task at this point.
  12. That was my hope for years, but I think it's become clear that the problems won't be solved from within. It's a bullying, violent culture where speaking out can get you killed or certainly ruined as a cop. It's up to us, but we're brainwashed by TV shows and movies that prop up the notion that the good cops can prevail and that the bad cops are just a few bad apples. I feel for a police officer who is on the force to make the community safer and has to swim upstream against the effluence of cops like the ones in the video. I'd be neither brave enough to want the job in the first place, nor would I likely have the wherewithal to stand against the united cops operating under the code. We make it worse for the good cop when we enable these POSs.
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