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  1. The guy personifies callow. Where's Tyrion? Where's Circe? Oh yea. Here's the guy who controls the meds in Silicone Valley getting his.
  2. They're a soft hearted crew famed for caring about the sad plight of sick children (that aren't brown), the inhumanely caged (that aren't brown), and the plight of their fellow citizens (whose dark lives don't matter as much as their dark brains think they should).
  3. You're right. I also can't really blame the media too much for not finding a way to gain access to the ICUs since their infection zones and protective gear is so precious. The New York doctor did us all a big favor last week when she took time to give us a taste. I hope someone else can do the same again. It's ironic that the deplorable disaster comes with an invisibility shield to protect the culpable.
  4. We need video of patients on ventilators struggling and patients who need ventilators drowning in their own fluids to bring this horror into focus. I do not know what form variuos Americans' rage will look like, but it could get pretty fucking nasty. And it should. I can't imagine fancy tap dancing about the ebil WHO and the Chinese is going to get the government leadership off the hook when people have their family members and friends stacked in refrigerator trucks outside the over-crowded ICUs around the country. Trump will likely have to issue a shelter in place after the crisis passes just to try to keep the mobs out of the streets. After he's ousted, the shitstain will have to shelter in place himself to avoid peltings of excrement and rotten fruit. If Trump's successor grants a universal pardon to Trump, that successor should have to serve the time himself. No escape from justice and, frankly, vengeance over so many dead.
  5. Yea, this is apologist stuff. Trump didn't misread the threat to the nation; he simply prioritized the threat to himself politically. All you really need to hear to prove that are his comments about refusing aid to the cruise ship off San Francisco because he didn't want "the numbers" to look bad. He meant make him look bad and scare the stock markets. The mentioned bureaucratic mismanagement can largely be laid at Trump's feet as well. He was advised by all relevant government entities months before he was forced by the consequences they predicted to bow to the facts. He has only just in the last few days given up his fairy tale of everything being back to normal by Easter. Again, he wasn't being dumb. He was and is being true to his narcissist character of seeing this threat only in terms of its danger to himself and re-election not to mention continued criminal profit from his high office. As Bullneck wrote above, you seem to have assumed something written in a smart sounding way to be smart. No, it's not.
  6. I perhaps falsely assume that the above is intended to somehow make the president's performance not seem so bad. The criticism of the administration is partly lack of paying heed to warning. More of it is about dismantling government instruments that could have sped our response. Most of the criticism is about the absurd denial that the plague was on the way. This was made worse by saying the plague wasn't worse than a cold or the flu. The colossal failure is in responding at all to needs that, had they been met, lives in the tens of thousands could be saved. The ongoing failure of leadership is stunning to behold. Forgive me if I mischaracterize your apparent thesis.
  7. Um, I wasn't under the impression that the President typed up all the letters, made all the proposals and communicated policy all the way down the line to the IRS clerk or corporal in the Army. All administrations succeed or fail based on the team around the president. You do not describe a marginal difference. You describe a difference of great magnitude from the crookocracy we have surrounding the current Crook in Chief. Your post reads like some on the football board when things are getting better for the team. "Yea, I'm not fooled." You're entitled to your perspective, of course. At least, you will be under someone not putting us on the path to fascism.
  8. Yes, let's condemn the Biden Administration before it even starts. Whether or not he "wants" to go after profiteers, government institutions will move back towards traditional function. Federal, state, and local prosecutors will make prosecutorial decisions according to the law instead of loyalty to Fearless Leader Who Leads So Well That We Salute Him Always. If Biden is elected we should enjoy one of the rare moments in life when you can be almost absolutely sure that something will actually get better. Don't piss away that brief moment of light in the darkness. There'll still be the Trumpists and all the other shit, but Biden will necessarily be an improvement. Period.
  9. He is an ignorant man, no doubt, but he has a keen sense of survival and getting ratings. He also has skills when it comes to surviving his own missteps and dodging responsibilities. He's already moving goalposts and blaming the Dems hoping to do yet another bit of Razzle Dazzle. How many hundreds of thousands did I say would die?
  10. No doubt, the sickness of the content has been addressed by now. I'll focus on how interesting and revealing that photograph is. Which man is comfortable in his skin and in his place in the world? Which man conveys confident competence in the face of a plague? If Trump actually is focusing on Fauci (it's possible he's looking at something out of the frame), this so brilliantly captures Trump's disposition towards anyone who may be his better at anything. In every way except literally, it's easy to see who is the bigger man.
  11. There's definitely a wait at the Oak Hill HEB at the Y. The Randalls at Wm Cannon and Mopac has no line to get in and they seem to be very proactively keeping the carts and surfaces very clean. Downside: Randall's is out of a lot of stuff.
  12. My Dad was one of the few public Democrats in Lakeway until he died 7 years ago. A lot of really good older guys there who scheduled their day around the Rush Limbaugh show and O'Reilley. I imagine many of those retirees are also gone now, but that is a conservative area filled with older people. At least they have a big hospital handy to them when it hits. A lot of homes might be coming on the market by summertime. I wonder what the real estate market will do in these hard times. Any clues?
  13. Fuck! My yacht! Of course, my yacht! I should get in my chopper with my beloved and fly out to the yacht to wait this plague out. How could I not have thought of that? Fuck!
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