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  1. First time over here, and that Ewers stuff was a very fun read. Where do I subscribe?
  2. The laugh at the end comes across as making fun of that style of dancing. "Hey, it's funny that we're pretending to be negroes. Don't get us wrong, we love negroes! Just don't negro Sully!"
  3. I'm actually a little excited with happy expectation for this game. We did what we were supposed to do against UTEP. A few exciting new entrants to the spotlight in Collins, Schooler, Money, and Bijan. It's also fun that everyone on the team can come back next year if they choose to. There will be good football (everywhere) next year if we can have a normal season. I feel a lot of winning in our future. That feeling has been dashed many times in the last ten years. Let's roll the dice again, my friends. Hook the Hell Out of 'Em!
  4. Is Oakland the Steel City?
  5. So ruthless that he championed the Civil Rights Act knowing (he's quoted) the Dems would lose the South. He didn't care about America at all.
  6. The Dem's best shot was after Nixon. People thought the GOP might disintegrate back then. What did they do? They nominated the great villain Jimmy Carter, Donald Trump's virtual twin, of course.
  7. I wasn't moved to respond to this at first. I made my point, you made yours; nothing wrong there. You're tired of my POV but you don't name call. Fair enough. I don't think Brisket is as self-scourging as you think I am, but that's just a quibble. But your response is kind of tired as well. Point to the worst example of a group of non-white men, and that's enough to dismiss my entire premise. You can go about your day without applying the lash to yourself. The status quo is just fine and wouldn't change if Roma got his hopeless wish that white men such as himself were to be disqualified from leadership. I think your post may reveal the same surprising element of prejudice that I identify in myself. I consider myself enlightened, but I learn that I'm actually too self-satisfied. I've got blind spots. I'm not a bad person nor do I suspect are you, but we just don't see the ingrained dispositions that lead us to act or tolerate acts that are hard on other groups. We just don't see it. Further, I'll go again to Henry Rollins: this man's world is a poorly run carnage fest. Maybe we should give someone else a turn who doesn't have the blind spot. I'm not self-flagellating so much as trying to be self-examining. I don't hate what I see, but there is some work to do. I don't think that makes me uncommon. Probably not much I can do about being tiresome.
  8. Trained seals. The president who swore to uphold and protect the Constitution just announced that undermining it is an option. Isn't our country the Constitution? Isn't this treason? It's perfect that our distracted world produces a reporter who follows that with a celeb question. It's all the same. He should have to station troops around the White House to keep from being torn apart by an angry, righteously so, tsunami of outraged Americans. What tiny percentage of Americans will even bother to know? How small a percentage of that percentage will give more than a moment's thought? Will we just roll over?
  9. I love it. It was recommended to me by a 33 year old woman, so it's not just for the aging. Sad to hear about Arkin. I wish he could live forever.
  10. The Kingdom The Koreans are really cranking out some good stuff. Set around 1600 in Korea, you have a power struggle for the throne where one side revived the dead king to delay succession until another son is born. The current heir isn't happy about that. Cool, new look to Asian history of the time. Oh yea, it also develops into a zombie movie as that disease erupts in one of the provinces. I'm zombied out, but this has really been good for the first handful of episodes. Alive A contemporary Korean Zombie movie. Good entertainment. A young man is alone in his family's high rise and sees the horror below. He's low on food. After a few weeks, he sees a living girl in the building across the street. Nice story. The movie relies more on the story than the carnage.
  11. Yea, that opening question of "Can Donald Trump tell the difference between the truth and a lie?" is dy-no-mite.
  12. The most amusing part to me was that the Aggies convinced themselves it was prestigious that it took a 10-year $750 million contract to land their coach. It's like a man bragging about his ability to afford to pay young men $100 each to ask his daughter for a dance. He's so wrapped up in his own image, that he misses the big picture. He even claims that the young men all love his pitiful daughter, and that's why they danced with her. Of course, then he goes to the bank and sees that he's overdrawn.
  13. You're fortuny to live in the Unigh Shaysh of America. LAW AND ORDER!
  14. Actually it's mostly white men. Rapine white men. Our good run was generally only good for us. White men should be banned from leadership of just about anything for ten years maybe 20. White women have advanced as far as anyone from under our foot, but you still have unequal pay, Me Too, and endless condescension. I considered myself fairly enlightened and aware. The last four years have relieved me of delusion. I wasn't seeing the world as clearly as I thought, and I didn't have a high opinion of the world to start with. I'm not a bad guy. A large number of my pale brothers are the same. It's just hard for me to have benefitted from the collective advantage of my skin color and sex and then say, "but I'm different!" Passivity is not a defense. Writing pithy shit on a message board is not enough.
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