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  1. Terry Gilliam was a prophet. Check out Brazil as well.
  2. This is horrible. I bet she never expressed mass murder as a solution. We need to bring back the militant wing of the Panthers. (I know, that would be stupid because the white establishment would indiscriminately slaughter the outnumbered black population.) Malcolm X expected to be killed just as his father and grandfather were. Sure enough, he gets gunned down. Same. As. It. Ever. Was.
  3. The news networks don't even need to send a crew or reporter. I haven't seen the coverage, but here is what it will be: Aerial shot of location. Two weeping people hugging each other. SWAT cops going back to their vehicles. (This and the above visuals will run on an endless loop.) A few eyewitnesses. It will take a long time for this community to heal. (Spoken with intense solemnity) Thanks for the report, Leslie. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. (Spoken with intense solemnity) Inquiry into how the assailant got the gun. Round up the usual suspects for lengthy, consecutive panel discussions on the politics of gun control. Will there be legislation? Will this hurt the GOPs? Can Dems get the votes. They'll have black panelists discuss racism. Some will get to the point that should be mentioned then their turn will be over. Do we have a white supremecist crisis? They get quotes for either side. They don't dare state it as a fact because they are timid and hostile towards actual news. They tut-tut solemnly, Now it's back to covering the midterm election trivia which is safely predictable in terms of how to cover and how to have panel discussions. We'll find plenty of useful information and reality from various written media. We'll quote them here. We'll rage about them or deal with the sickos who deny reality to defend their beloved death cult. We'll do it here, because 90% of the people we know by their real names in reality have only passing knowledge of events and just about no interest beyond that. We know the drill. It leads to a broken, moribund republic.
  4. There it is. Exactly how I feel. I just sit and read with a sinking in my chest and gut. Representative government is built on some sort of discourse and some level of mutual respect or at least tolerance. The right has been using the word war for decades to describe every gripe they have. They're transitioning from death cult to jihad cult. The day may very well come where the question of where the Army stands is all that matters for this country. The left isn't ready for violence. They largely don't see what's coming because they're just as distracted by trivia and base entertainment as the virulent ignoramuses on the right. I've got my mom's S&W .38, but I don't have nearly the inclination to take to the streets and start killing cult members. It will take more horrors to leech out what's civilized in me.
  5. I've new respect for Gangs of New York. I was too dull to read it as a recurring prophecy. I just took at as a period piece. Dumb.
  6. But they say howdy even to the negroes on campus, except, of course, for the misguided ones that protest the Sully statue. They are likely going to end up being right about them being the most Texan university. It's trending that way, and I want to puke.
  7. And heah de lamentions of de wimmin. I'm sure the right political message countering this would have just the desired effect changing hearts and minds. They're weaponizing the hate engine.
  8. It's fucking nuts. What was the line in Fight Club? We go to jobs we hate to buy shit we don't need. Truth.
  9. To me, the class struggle is over. The super-wealthy, won. Again. I guess they know they're all safe as the little people speed full out in big pick-up trucks purchased with 6-year loans towards over-heated oblivion. Class warfare seems almost quaint. Global warming is on a non-stop path floating on a cloud of denial. The United States republic is rotting from the inside with the main agents of rot sure that they are saving it.
  10. Any quotable "rationale" will do for the fanatical faithful. In their minds, now satisfied with this explanation, they can turn to outrage that poor Elise is being persecuted by the socialist baby-blood-bathers. That's, of course, if they had any problem with what Elise said in the first place. Narrator: They didn't.
  11. It's odd how you just get accustomed to some images no matter their original impact. I passed over this a second time in this thread and stopped to review it. The police losing their ground at a barrier with the squad on the right in danger of being enveloped. The sheer size of the mob and it's fury. This must have felt like the Alamo. Where's the relief? Where's the national guard? Surely they'll be here any minute. Pushed past exhaustion and still fighting. I still believe the most dangerous aspect for Trump is his interference with the chain of command and ultimately trying to cancel out the Army probably using the Flynn brother as well as the toadies he installed to head Defense. These are the men and women he abandoned on the front line. He abandoned them in hopes of doing whatever necessary to the men and women in the building to maintain power. No wonder so many of those cops have suffered PTSD and other mental health issues. Let us not forget the visceral reaction we had. Let us not let these images get lost in the shuffle of the thousands we process each day. A gathering of harmless tourists. Trump's cabal should hang. Here's another visual contrast to keep this post mildly on topic. See if you can pick out the serial liar who can only stick to a script vs.... well vs someone from another universe altogether.
  12. After leaving the Mother, Grandfather, and Me, the gentleman Aggie made it to Paris with the Texas A&M Corps supplemented by a few units of the US Army. All the Parisians were awed by the courtesy and gentlemanliness of these proud Aggies whose rings shined like golden stars fallen to Earth. The Aggie rings and uniforms were spotless as they had avoided any fighting from Nomandy to Paris. They wanted to remain undefeated. A Parisian woman wrote a letter to Le Parisien. We had heard terrible things about Texas Aggies from jealous Texas Longhorns. Imagine my surprise to find myself among the friendliest people I've ever met. We were charmed when they said Howdy and then whooped like manly men. I couldn't find Eiffel's Tower. The Aggies took my hand and guided me there. Our daughter has a scholarship to the Sorbonne, but now we kind of wish she would go to Texas A&M! Aggies all say it's the most heavenly place on Earth!
  13. It really sounds insipid rather than weird.
  14. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. I can't tell the ethnicity of many persons seated there and there is no shortage of women. Are you trying to make yourself feel better about the openly racist persons you count as political comrades by saying, See, they're not perfectly diverse, either? Does this suggest that inclusion not done perfectly should not be attempted at all? It would fit the dogma. We don't do it at all, but you do it poorly! Or, are you scorning the actual diversity in the picture which would also align with the right's actions? Very strange. At least you guys don't have a pedo ring that fucks and eats babies like all those socialists on the left.
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