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  1. Secret auditions. Oooooooooooh. This idiots are going to the well like it's still the good old days. Libs have hidden agendas and are sneaky in the hatred of America.
  2. Fox brings on a pardoned war criminal and waxes like he's coming home with the Medal of Honor after saving a hundred lives. Disgraceful. Shameless.
  3. Helpful Hints for the President. Ten minute rundown of location of important countries and states.
  4. My dad used to travel the roads of Texas as part of his job. He loved local hamburger places where you could watch the proprietor cook the patty and other parts of the meal. You could see how clean the place was, and each one had its own feel. There was a shack at the four way stop where 1960 met I-45 north of Houston. I and a teammate used to go there to eat burgers before a game. It was owned by a local family whose name was on a few other businesses back then. Again, great and unlike any other burger place. DQs were best for icecream back in the day. I gained a lot of weight having dip cones. Maybe, as they close, another local enterprising person will open a unique place in its stead. I'd prefer that.
  5. I have to restate that any GOP officials with a brains repeating these silly arguments must be doing so only because they are a knowing collaborators in the the GOP criminal organization that recognizes no moral or legal restraint to doing whatever it wants. Their pockets are stuffed with foreign money. Their tactics are willfully against the good of the United States. They whore themselves out to enemies without and enemies (stonewalling recognition of the real threat of a changing climate) within. If it comes tumbling down, most will likely land softly because of their class and friends. I would hold a mass hanging. I think the people would approve a mass public hanging. This is treason at its core. There is only one best way to respond to treason: Hooded faces dropping and then stopping abruptly punctuated by kicking, twitching feet. We won't do that because the ruling class will think they are joined by the other 98% in the belief that men like these, men of such background (and color) aren't really, really criminals like the faceless people we throw in the slammer everyday to be raped and forced into committing prison crimes. Without that sort of punishment, where is the deterrent for future such acts? Spending time in jail, then getting out to live like a king isn't such a bad gig. Mass. Hanging.
  6. I'm sorry my post and position don't conform to what you want it to have meant.
  7. He's not wearing his tie which I can't ever recall him doing. I think there likely were symptoms, but they turned out to be gas or constipation.
  8. Yea. I don't think the concerns and anger are premature at all. Something is wrong. A banner just likely makes things worse. Scream on the radio, pour venom on Surly, or stand on a table at a sports bar and curse Herman and the state of the program. I don't enjoy reading a lot of it, but I also can't say I don't get it. Herman could still work out depending upon how he handles this crisis, but his seat is deservedly hot. I won't advocate changing head coaches at the end of the season because you never know what you're going get. May as well give Herman a full four years. If we lose out, well, that's another story. Hook "Em.
  9. No. It's premature and only indicative of Surly petulance. Something has gone terrible wrong. Every game is a shit fight no matter the quality of the opponent. We lose to teams that should be out of the game by the fourth quarter. The locker room seems to be a mess. I don't look forward to games. All true. I think Herman should get room to assess and adjust at least through discussions with the AD between the season and out crappy bowl game. If the plan to correct the course is not sufficient, then the AD should consider firing him. If the plan is promising, give him time. A banner would embarrass me as a Longhorn and do no good. Show some restraint. Public observing that the program sucks right now is not exactly a revelation.
  10. I meant income that doesn't come in the form of a paycheck. Their interests may have intersected coincidentally when it came to Russian/Ukraine money or maybe Rudy hooked Trump up for a commission. As you surely know, there's very little bono going on in this pro-Trump world.
  11. Was it the arrogance of assuming that no one would investigate America's Mayor? The fifty bank accounts, sloppy handling of the press, and headlong rush into the burning Trump Tower may indicate that he thought he was invincible. He could pull in some big dollars as a conduit for oligarch, and nobody would notice. The whistle blower has provided nasty, telling blow to the den of thieves operating out of the White House and maybe the whole GOP criminal organization. Well done, sir.
  12. I saw it live. "I Am Nailed to the Hull." Don't miss next week's episode, "I Am Eaten By Sharks."
  13. Shit asses on the right led by O'Reilly ginned up the notion of a war on Christmas. People have started saying Merry Christmas as a declaration rather than a happy greeting. Now you can weaponize the Christmas gift by wrapping it in declarative paper. I think I'd toss into the front yard of the sender unopened.
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