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  1. Another guy that hasn't been mentioned a ton at A&M is Jalen Preston. Dude was a beast at Manvel in 2018. He'll be a RS Soph this year. I'm interested to see if he hasn't seen much time due to being behind Davis and Ausborn or because he hasn't translated. I mean he's the same year as Eagles, Moore, and Woodard. Eagles and Moore were behind Johnson, LJH, and Duvernay, and even Woodard has had more production than Preston.
  2. I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t get offers. Everybody who I show his film to (full game film not highlights) is pretty blown away. I haven’t asked, but I’m guessing that they want to see him in person or something because even though he’s from the same school as Wheaton they may have not looked at him while there. It has to be something beyond his film.
  3. You could take Myslinski and still take Ezra Oyetade. Oyetade is a guy they should have offered yesterday.
  4. This. How do you think they won Bryson Washington? There is a reason he believed the DC when they told him, "Everybody here sucks. Come play right away."
  5. I think they're both shades of Murray when comparing Murray's Junior film to theirs.
  6. Blackwell is the type of LB that Texas has passed on in the past (see Kenneth Murray and DaShaun White). Him and Cooks will kill it.
  7. Sorry I look at the bad things as well as the good things. I am also not the only one of Twitter voicing this. Also I think Jackson was a lot closer to choosing Texas until it became LSU. There are also a few guys that will drop that will boost Texas' class. It just sucks they couldn't pull those guys in because they were leaning Texas hard at one point or another. I am super hyped about Jonathon Brooks. That kid is being slept on hard. There are other guys out there for Texas. I think Shemar Turner is a beast (thought so before I started a show with DT). Texas is doing a good job of looking past the stars and finding guys. I will be honest, though. No clue what is going on with WR recruiting.
  8. It fucking sucks... And they're not done...
  9. I've never been more insulted in my life.
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