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  1. 2024 Transfer Thread - Aggy goes off the rails, Elko goes off the rack.
  2. I would assume the "Begun reaching out to recruits " part.
  3. @SydneyCarton obviously hasn't yet introduced either bread or sugar to his kid, the heathen.
  4. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/vet#dictionary-entry-3
  5. Deion would look good in the candy-striped Indiana pants
  6. We do get two conference games next year that should be gimmes. Home vs. Miss St. and away vs A&M.
  7. Florida is trying to flip Jerrick Gibson and D'Antre Robinson.
  8. The incentives work out great for A&M, since they know there's no way they'll ever have to make any of the $1M , $1.5M, $2M, $2.5M, or $3.5M payouts.
  9. Ehh, he was a true freshman behind a shitty UCLA line. There's a chance he can be a good P5 QB.
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