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  1. Who knows? Maybe Rhule will bring them back to relevance by recruiting kids from Nebraska & the surrounding states like Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, and Wyoming.
  2. I'm pretty sure you could have looked up exactly what he said pretty easily.
  3. We're gonna have to wait until after the SEC championship for Harold Perkins to enter the portal.
  4. The FIU WR coach changed this year to a guy named Brandon Marion (twin brother to our WR coach), causing his production to drop precipitously.
  5. He could go to Auburn. They don't give a fuck what a coach has done. What's Gundy, when you've got Bruce Pearl and Hugh Freeze as your head coaches?
  6. This right here. Lambo just needs to have its brand seem cool. Over time, eventually somebody is going to be deciding between a Lambo and a Ferrari, and the "cool factor" is going to sway their decision more than track times.
  7. Orange slices and Sally's cookies help to make sure that good kids are having fun!
  8. 247 and On3 both keep a list of players in the portal. On3's hasn't been updated for 2023 yet. Not every player gets added there, but it's better than nothing. https://247sports.com/Season/2023-Football/TransferPortal/ https://www.on3.com/transfer-portal/top/football/2023/
  9. My source tells me that JT told Billingsley to go get his shinebox.
  10. Hah. Way different take than the spin-job Looch put out there.
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