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  1. Spoken like somebody that never got up on stage so that a skeezy looking Mexican guy could pour pitchers-full of watered-down tequila shots on their face and chest, and then bask in the glow of the raucous applause earned via a third place finish at the Spring Break twerking contest.
  2. Ok, here's a copy of my notes, from the TexasSports website. Tell me which position coach best lines up with Burke's position.
  3. Thankfully, we've got a guy on staff named ... **checks notes** ... Kenny Baker, ready to develop him into that first round pick.
  4. I went on a weeklong cruise, where I purchased the Unlimited Booze package. I put on about 17 pounds in 8 days. Probably something to do with the 5 or 6 piña coladas every day for breakfast, binge drinking rum & cokes and beers for hours on end, and buffet eating like a starving hyena.
  5. We're in the Wild West days of NIL, where anything goes. Eventually, the power brokers in the sport will get together to try to do something to rein in some of the chaos and ensure that there's some sort of parity . (Maybe this time they'll skip Condaleeza Rice). Once they agree on some set of rules, then they'll need to figure out enforcement. Whether that's going to be through the NCAA or some other new entity, will be interesting to see. The professional sports leagues have much greater power over their members, that I don't imagine the colleges will be willing to sign off on.
  6. Austin ISD might spend more on athletics facilities if they didn't have to send $940 million in recapture money to the state this year.
  7. If we end up with some sort of salary cap (say $5mm just for fun), then I assume we'll be back to Texas abiding by the rules and maxing out at $5mm , while Bama, LSU, Aggy, etc. will max out at $5mm and then add in another $1mm of bag money. So back to the cheaters gaining an advantage by not playing by the rules.
  8. Unclear if he bought it outright or was provided a lease like the Longhorn players.
  9. For running backs or WRs, you can look at track times to help inform your decisions. But what about somebody like Leonard Davis? Sometimes it's impossible to know whether or not a 2A star is going to pan out or not.
  10. This is some revisionist bullshit. I don't remember a single person advocating for him to transfer out.
  11. Shead was a classic small school standout. He dominated in 2A, but there were question about whether that would translate against better competition. Obviously, it didn't. He was #2 on the all-time rushing yardage list (until Jonathan Gray eclipsed him), and most (all?) of the major recruiting services had him as a top 20 national RB.
  12. How sure were you that he'd be gone? Were you willing to shit a golden football and set yourself on fire?
  13. My brother grabbed one. I think it was $250. He hasn't cracked it open, yet.
  14. Liona Lefau played for Kahuku in 2022, before they beat St John Boscoe.
  15. Seatbelt? Is that cause he's in charge of Safety? #1 in Protection?
  16. This is somewhat disingenuous. Tennessee wanted to get rid of Pruitt for on-field results, and was willing to burn down their reputation and take the penalty to get rid of him. If he was winning SEC Championships, they would never have self-reported any violations.
  17. Imagine having Wadlington on for football analysis and BitterWhiteGuy on for basketball analysis. Would be amazing. Also, if anybody is confused about what is "official", there was an email this morning from OTF.
  18. The Venn Diagram of iPhone Evangelists and people in the Dunning-Kruger first peak has a staggeringly high overlap.
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