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  1. Nobody is questioning whether or not Marquette is a better basketball program than Texas. They're asking whether Shaka was technically fired or not.
  2. He retired from coaching, staying on as Athletic Director. Perhaps the answer is Billy Wasmund? He fell out a window and died.
  3. TLDR. But here's a game for you to play. Name the last head football coach at Texas whose tenure didn't end due to firing or retirement.
  4. Interested to see what our top targets are going to be for 2024, and how many we'll take at each position. Here's some early wild-ass guesses: QB (1) Trey Owens RB(2) Jerrick Gibson, James Peoples, Jeremy Payne, Taylor Tatum WR(3) Aeryn Hampton, Micah Hudson, Bryant Wesco, Parker Livingstone, GeKyle Baker, Freddie Dubose Jr TE (1) ??? OL (4) Michael Uini, Ory Williams, Blake Ivy, Blake Frazier, Collin Cubberly, Nate Kibble, DeAndre Carter DL (4) Alex January, Nigel Smith II, ummm... Some Bo Davis guys from AL, MS, or GA Edge (3) Collin Simmons, Zina Umeozulu, Elijah Rushing, Dakyus Brinkley, Caleb Mitchell LB (3) Justin Williams, Payton Pierce, Aaron Chiles, Tyanthony Smith CB (3) Jaden Allen, Kobe Black, Eli Bowen? , ??? S (3) Corian Gipson, Jordon Johnson-Rubell, Ka'Davion Dotson, Myles Davis, Landyn Cleveland, Braylon Conley ATH (1) Hunter Moddon We're probably not gonna take 28. Who else do we have at the top of our board with a realistic chance at signing?
  5. Ketchum and Roach are definitely not equally weighted.
  6. The glowing spring practice reports are coming in early this year.
  7. tu must have paid off EsipN and the rest of media to wait until the day after NSD2 to announce it would be joining the SEC in 2025. That will surely pay off for the ... *checks notes* ... Zero recruits we signed on NSD2.
  8. I, for one, don't give a shit about a division championship. It's pretty meaningless. Besides, no telling if there will be divisions or pods or something else, and no telling which teams will be in which in the new SEC. Fuck, aggy is probably lobbying them to create two divisions named Legends and Leaders. But no conference could ever be regarded enough to do that.
  9. Yeah, but we're still in the Big XII, and OU still sucks (and is apparently poor).
  10. In other depressing news, it (again) looks like we won't be leaving the Big XII early. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-oklahoma-and-texas-unlikely-to-leave-big-12-for-sec-before-2025-134606965.html
  11. He'd probably get way more targets lining up as a RB in Jimbo's offense than if he lined up at WR. Doesn't matter, as Ian Boyd is reporting that he's going to move to LB this year.
  12. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! WHOOP!!!
  13. I know the Florida and now the HBCU both yanked his offer after the rap lyric kerfuffle, but.... Where in the fuck is the University of West Florida? Do they even play football?
  14. https://www.on3.com/news/marcus-adams-jr-down-to-5-schools-syracuse-oregon-ucla-mississippi-state-texas/
  15. It's been hashed and rehashed several times here and on TOS. I don't mind them in my chili. Wife prefers them. Happy wife, happy life.
  16. When it's icy, and the grocery store is closed, and you need to cook something on the stove for hours with no electricity. Just make some... Shit I had Around the House Chili. Ground beef (cause that's what I had) Chipotles in Adobo Diced tomatoes and green chiles Tomato Paste Onion Garlic Red Bell Pepper Chili Powder Paprika Hungarian Paprika Garlic Powder Smoked Sea Salt Oregano MSG Cumin Cayenne Modelo Negro Beef Broth Beef Bouillon Red Kidney Beans Worcestershire Sauce Turned out mighty delicious.
  17. There's nothing aggy fans love more than their backup rapist.
  18. I have it on good authority that she actually brings all the Legos as gifts for the pool boy
  19. Is moving from coaching under Saban at Alabama to coaching the Patriots under Belicheck considered a step-down or a lateral move?
  20. Played OL at Odessa Permian then at UTEP. Graduated in 2020. Has been on the staff at Permian as an OL Coach and powerlifting coach the last couple years.
  21. Yep. He was in Jasper on a top secret recruiting mission. https://www.kjas.com/news/local_news/article_5125cb46-9dc2-11ed-a328-939930ce0831.html
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