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  1. You're using way too much logic for the Looch 44. He doesn't care what anybody else has players rated. Besides, Looch is a better talent evaluator than this so called "industry composite" of experts around the country. If he says TJ Shanahan is the #1 player in the state of Texas, he's by-goddurn-right. Because he knows better than everybody else. And Aggy should be super excited, because not only is he the best player in the state, but he's also going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder from being under-ranked.
  2. Only if Hicks commits to them before the Looch 44 comes out.
  3. Yeah, not for polite company. But, if the woman in question is rude as shit, then by all means use the second word.
  4. He ran a 10.22 this past weekend to take 2nd at the AAU Junior Olympics, and won the 200m in dominating fashion with a 20.96.
  5. Yeah, Sark has already worked out a deal with Saban for us to have a ton of recruits on hand that weekend, and for Bama to let us to beat them. They both realize that this is the only recourse left if there's to be any chance of stopping the juggernaut being built out in College Station.
  6. *Dillion, for the spelling nazis. Also can be found by searching for Dillion Uniboob.
  7. Of course he's not made up. He was a contestant on 4th and Long, the Michael Irvin reality show.
  8. Maybe a Co-Op Statue, but Mack Brown won a National Championship and played for another, and he doesn't have a statue.
  9. There's no harm in saying nice stuff about Card. That's how puff pieces and propaganda work. Even if Card isn't the starter, he's likely gonna be needed this year. So tell everybody that his footwork looks better, he's more decisive in the pocket, and that his hands have grown 3 sizes bigger in the offseason. And then when Ewers is named the starter, everybody can feel happy.
  10. Cool. Cool. Cool. Wait. Why is Jamison catching a ball 2 feet inside and 3 feet over JWhit's head? That's a terrible throw.
  11. I believe this was the pitch:
  12. ESPN's Tom Luginbill explains Arch Manning's fall from top spot in recruiting rankings https://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/08/01/arch-manning-espn-dropped-manning-no-1-recruiting-ranking/10188140002/ TLDR: We wanted clicks, but I'm going to say that we dropped Arch to #2 because of the level of competition and because he didn't go to camps.
  13. I guess there's a reason I had no recollection of that dude. rick_perry_oops.gif
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