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  1. 1. NKOTB- Please Don’t Go Girl 2. Barry Manilow- Mandy 3. Mili Vanilli- Girl You Know It’s True 4. Eddie Murphy- Party All the Time 5. Jermain Stewart- We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off Honorable Mention Dirk Diggler- You Got The Touch
  2. 80. Sanford & Son- What the actual fuck? Wash your ass and put some respek on Redd’s name. Waaaaaaay too low. 60. Good Times- On the Black Jesus and James dying episodes alone, this should be in the Top 20. Why!?! Why?!? Why?!? I didn’t see the following (but #50-#41 didn’t show in my feed), but just off the top of my head : The Jeffersons- Even after moving on up, a brotha can catch a break in the rankings. Different Strokes- What you talkin bout Willis? The Brady Bunch- Erbody knows about the George Glass and driving contest episodes. Alice- The Rolling Stone can kiss my grits. Happy Days- they really jumped the shark by missing this one. Gomer Pyle- Golly! Facts of Life, The Fresh Prince, Welcome Back Kotter, Barney Miller, One Day at At a Time, Eight is Enough, My Three Sons, Hogan’s Heroes, Leave it to Beaver... so many more they left off that should have been on the list.
  3. Co-signed. The blues and flatheads kill em too.
  4. I submit the following 3: Livingston: Kountry Krazy Kornfed Karen... who really lives in Goodrich, Onalaska or Blanchard. Beaumont: Huband’s Oil Employed Karen... who really lives in Vidor, Nederland or Lumberton. B/CS: Stanky Taint Dumb Karen... who really lives in Navasota, Iona or Hearne.
  5. I’m pretty sure that will be on @Uncle Boobs obituary and/or tombstone.
  6. I’m here for the discussion on flat sheets and duvets. I dare to dream that big. That’s all that’s missing.
  7. Really? For some reason, I believe she’s from Alabama.
  8. Thought he did well in The Accountant. But yeah overall, he has the suck.
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