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  1. Wow. I used to fish there around 2002-2004. Largest I caught was a 5.3. Seems I need to plan a road trip.
  2. They need to have Reddick yell out "Woooo!" several times a game from the dug out, whether someone is on base or not. Do it at home and on the road. Have him stare right at the opposing third base coach and manager right before doing it just as the pitcher gets ready to deliver. Fuck with their minds big time.
  3. ss13, Just as well. Im strictly freshwater fishing and that one is mostly saltwater. I follow some other sites that will do for my fix. Good luck when you go out. Hook em.
  4. 2020 starting off like shit for me. Small tear in by left bicep, and sprained all ligaments in my left elbow. So my fishing for this year is on hold until at least March sometime. So, all you fishermen, post your catches and stories ( lots of pics please) so I can fish vicariously until I heal and play fishing catch up. Hook'em.
  5. Jimmy Carter Jerry Jones Prince Phillip Ozzy Osborne Takashi 6ix 9ine John Bon Jovi Deloss Dodds Alan Alda Sandra Day O Conner Ruth B Ginsberg
  6. Prince Phillip Pete Davidson Bob Dole Ruth B. Ginsburg Sean Connery Zach Smith Wilford Brimley Loretta Lynn Henry Kissinger Bob Newhart
  7. I've got three so far. Any bonus points for having the top 3 on my list? I guess Peanut 1 should be nervous...…..
  8. Hang in there Dobbs. Get well soon. Sending positive energy and vibes Dobbs' way
  9. No they wont... they sent me a letter saying they were no longer going to represent me......not enough money in it for them, I guess.
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