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  1. Started Zombieland 2 last night. Will finish it in a bit. Entertaining.
  2. As in all crises, the market adjusts, and you have winners and losers in the end. You have current businesses who's business will sore, and other businesses who will crash hard, and die out. Same with industry, not just business-specific. So, in your opinion, who or what are the winners and losers when this is said and done? No politics (plz try), and trying not to get personal (ie - people will die, they're the losers) if that makes sense. Winners Zoom - It's a buzz word now, and it will be how business, school, etc. is conducted from this point forward. Zoom is where it's at right now, so when other players enter the game, they better be ready. At home meal services - We currently are doing Hello Fresh. What are some others? Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc. Losers Brick and mortar Retail - Online shopping is very prevalent already, but I think this increases logistics of parcel services to get items to folks quicker, and folks will ditch retail Cruise Lines What say ye?
  3. White Boy Rick Left me wanting more
  4. Copa Airlines update - We booked in June 2019. We have until June 2021 to use the flight credit (no refund), but we have to arrange travel by June 18, 2020. A crooked fucking airline.
  5. In college I played White Stripes - Elephant over and over while I played Metroid Prime. I cannot listen to that disc without seeing Metroid.
  6. Copa Airlines has extended fare exchanges to December 2021. Still not offering refunds.
  7. - Rewiring some lights in my garage to get rid of fluorescent work lights - Playing tons of THPS 2 for N64. One of my favorite games of all time, easily
  8. I mainly just want one for security from ISPs, Cell Provider, public WiFi. Express VPN is what Shapiro always advertises.
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