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  1. Just post the details about how it was set up so we can look at the details of how it was setup.
  2. Anyone have a side-by-side of this? Edit: https://twitter.com/GarrettMcDowel1/status/1194236198774022144?s=20
  3. I have a friend that always calls people "bud" in his texts. I fucking loathe when people call me bud. I think it is condescending as fuck. Insert south park meme.
  4. I might need to give season 3 another try. Just so damn slow.
  5. Anyone have info on when you can sign up for the Hulu + ESPN + Disney package? Any early signups for that?
  6. Speaking of ass stuff. I am pretty sure Richard Gere wrote my daughter's math homework. 1st problem is talking about gerbils, and the 2nd problem is talking about beads.
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