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  1. I wanted Bryson Washington in 2020, think he is a really good player. I personally liked Eaton.. the video of him getting offered by Jason Washington unexpectedly made me a fan. However I knew he was going to be a project that would need a RS season and push for a starting spot his Jr season. Think ou will immediately have him on the field this season, which could mess up his confidence.
  2. Yep starting week 0, then giving two weeks for the first conference game in Week 2 seem to be the better plan.. 10 games in 14/15 weeks
  3. there were plenty of really attractive young women running along the hike and bike trail when I was in Austin last month. Do they have to be thots?
  4. I hope the kid flips to arkansas and balls out.. Be awesome to troll ou when they are again allowing 40 plus points a game with a swiss cheese defense.
  5. Outside of Tommy and D Jackson.. isn't the 22 OL just as deep with really high ceiling players too? Banks, Dewberry, Ealy etc
  6. This mean his transformation to a cube is all but complete if he chooses aggy?
  7. I'm actually good with Burris going to aggy. Better than going to ou.
  8. yeah you are right, Big 12 is the weakest.. the attendance is weaker than the PAC and ACC. Schools are literally operating in the red unlike the powerful PAC conference. We should hope and pray that Larry Scott and his new LA Times power merger saves us from the lowly Big 12 conference.
  9. The dumb conference championship game has ensured that the league gets a spot in the CFP
  10. LOL.. bet ol Billy is typing up a piece to compliment that statement as we speak
  11. Like many said outside Earle, Davis and I guess Jackson.. it's not a real big year for WRs.. seems like 22 is stacked tho.. Nice to have one committed this early and us being near the top for two more bluechips.
  12. 6'4 200lbs?? Terrific.. gotta clean up along the WR and OL in 2022
  13. Will they begin to blame bama more than they still blame UT for everything that goes wrong?
  14. They aren't going to turn on him just yet.. they make excuse after excuse for Jimbo. Looch will spin this season as the greatest tragedy to hit a championship favorite team, in covid.
  15. I'm sure WV would love making that trip all the way to Utah.. actually i bet the conference would make BYU travel to WV
  16. Bowlsby was getting applauded for being patient just a week ago, now he's behind the curve. Wonder if BYU buys it's way to play this one season in the conference... or maybe we just play one OOC game (vs Utep)
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