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  1. Negative. By all accounts, these will stand separate from the DCEU.
  2. You are allowed to have different takes on a character. This is supposed to be more along the lines of The Animated Series. Also, Joker was just nominated for Best Picture and had its second actor win an Oscar for his take on the role. Hiring directors for their vision is what separates DC from Marvel and why I’ll give these more of a chance than Phase 4. Matt Reeves is a terrific director. Also, the bat symbol is rumored to be based off of this:
  3. Unfortunately, his production studio just inked a deal with WB. Superman or Green Lantern Corps are his rumored next projects...yikes.
  4. I actually think this season has been much better than the last several seasons. That being said, the zoo episode was my least favorite so far.
  5. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2001/05/21/bad-cops Pretty sure they based some of The Shield off of this. But it’s late, I’m smoking, and I’ve seen a lot of cop shows so they run together.
  6. One of my favorite movies this year. Really dug the way they mixed comedy with dread. 8 out of 10 hitler mustaches for me.
  7. Film Rental Fee will be anywhere from 250-500. Auditoriums usually go for ticket price of every seat plus a rental fee for the public movie that it will take the show from. And sometimes tech fees. That’s what I’ve seen from Regal, Cinemark and AMC at least.
  8. There has to be a chance Disney changes their mind on the D&D trilogy, right? How could you look at their record, mixed with the reception of TLJ and Solo and see that this could be a catastrophic hire, right? This final season is a complete embarrassment and it comes from the top.
  9. - why was Spider-Man and fat boi still in HS? - how did Cap return the reality stone into Natalie Portman (can I see that scene?) - by Cap staying, wouldn’t that create 2 timelines like they were talking about during the battle of NY? - wouldn’t Loki still have the stone if they returned it to before the battle of NY? - I thought it was pretty clear that you blow up if you mess with the infinity stones (see the collector’s assistant from GotG). - dumbest part was when Pepper shows up with team female for no reason. I liked it overall and I’m sure it will continue to grow on me. But it’s very messy.
  10. I was wondering about this. His face looked fucked after last years finale.
  11. Love that he narrated some of the newer Bosch novels on Audible.
  12. How am I going to explain a $400 meat bill to Peggy? It's not even a three day weekend...
  13. Hope we get a Mickey Haller crossover in the future seasons. Wonder if they could get Matthew McConaughey to reprise his role.
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