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  1. So I’m looking for 3 months, which is short enough that I don’t really care about the government, but I definitely care about the food and weather. The time zone, however, makes Ireland attractive as I am going to continue to do work remotely and the kids will be in remote school. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So we are currently looking at Turkey or Ireland. I like Turkey, but Ireland would be a lot easier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Depends on what you want to do with your life, I suppose. If you want to be a senator for the rest of your life, you can do that. But if you want to put the Trump cabal in prison, then you become AG. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I think that's the obvious call. But if you don't have Harris as VP, you damned sure as hell ought to have her as AG.
  5. I'm not making an argument. It's really a set of disjointed observations. But regardless--what is "stupid" about what I wrote?
  6. Not even talking about their voting behavior, Biden was right about the relative diversity of cultures and experiences. Black people in America--with limited exception (as Biden noted)--have a shared experience. They are descended from West Africans who were captured, forcibly transported to the Americas, held in slavery, and oppressed under Jim Crow. Hispanics in this country have a lot more diversity. Hispanics generally don't have that same kind of shared experience. Some are nearly full-blooded Iberian; a lot more are nearly full-blooded Native American. A plurality is some blend. Some come from countries that have had left-wing dictatorships (e.g., Cuba, Venezuela); others have had right-wing dictatorships (e.g., Argentina). And some have been here before here was here--there are plenty of families in South Texas, New Mexico, and Southern California who have been in those locals going back to before the War with Mexico. And, as one might expect from those divergent experiences, they have quite a lot more diversity in political opinion.
  7. I have thought Collins was dead for a long time, even before Gideon was the nominee. You can't just destroy your entire political brand as she did with Kavanaugh and impeachment and go on to win reelection. And I really think you're sleeping on Bullock.
  8. By the way, this would be a very interesting lawsuit. I definitely think your friend could file a negligence claim against his cousin to recover medical bills and whatever other damages he may have.
  9. I'm really wondering where they're going to find all the teachers to do all this in-class instruction they think they're going to fire up in a few weeks. At my kids' elementary school, they've had two of the five kindergarten teachers retire. There are a bunch of others, too. There's going to be a real teacher shortage this Fall.
  10. Has anybody come up with a good explanation as to why the NRA is organized in New York?
  11. Keep in mind that plenty of schools are going to open, with predictable results. We're already starting to see it.
  12. I think I estimate the stupidity of the average citizen correctly--he is very, very stupid. That's reflected by Trump's current 40% approval. And what I'm saying is that those stupid people were voting for Trump with or without this announcement.
  13. Pfft. The people who would take this as a rallying cry are already going to vote, and they're voting for Trump. This has no impact whatsoever.
  14. I mean, we all want fucking schools to reopen. At the end of every summer, parents everywhere want to be rid of their kids. And this summer has gone back to spring break. But suburban women are also, generally speaking, reasonably well-educated. And that means that they understand that we're not sending kids back to school while the pandemic is raging unabated. And then they look at the Administration, which still lacks a plan for combating the virus. It doesn't fucking matter how often you scream "OPEN SCHOOLS NOW!" on the Twitters. If you do nothing to lay the conditions predicate to reopening the schools, it's meaningless.
  15. I'm not. Being married to a suburban mom, I have a touch of insight. They recognize that there are no good options and that there is a lot of balancing of concerns on this. "OPEN SCHOOLS NOW" does nothing to address those concerns.
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