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  1. So not downtown, but what's the latest on the Brodie Oaks redevelopment? Is that going forward?
  2. Ashley stalking Gary after she raped him is about the most disgusting thing I've seen on any reality show. . . . I mean, slightly less disgusting than watching her eat spaghetti. But still.
  3. At least Hitler had been a corporal. So I guess he as at least minimally qualified to opine on battlefield decisionmaking.
  4. Fucking incredible. Absolutely fucking incredible to be where we are given . . . everything this season.
  5. Well, trust me--it's a far worse app than ESPN. I have yet to watch an event during which the Bally's app didn't freeze or crash at least once.
  6. Do you even Bally Sports Southwest, bro?
  7. The entire hockey world is cheering for Dallas in this series just to get more shots of Tits McGee behind Bowness for another series.
  8. WWII-era nothing. Those were developed in the 1890s and used widely in WWI. They were antiquated by WWII.
  9. Yeah--this is not a great outcome for Abbott. It affirms the plaintiff's injunction. And, perhaps more importantly, it reveals that he doesn't have authority to instruct DFPS to do shit. And really, that's right. Pretty much all of what Abbott does is performative bullshit without any real substance of meaning. And SCOTX kind of called him on it.
  10. Before modern formula was developed around the 1950's, there were really three possibilities for babies who could not breastfeed (either because the mother could not produce milk or because the baby would not latch (sometimes just because of trouble latching, sometimes because of something physical like a cleft palette)): 1) Use a wet-nurse. This was typically a servant or a slave. And it would usually leave the nurse low of milk, which would of course then leave her own children malnourished. So that's not ideal. 2) Develop a substitute. The American Indians would use a substitute using cow's milk and ground walnuts (among other things). It kind of worked ok. The challenge is getting the baby to ingest it when it's not coming out of the natural source. 3) The baby died. And that was really the most common outcome.
  11. Take this shit to the Uniform Porn thread (where they'll inevitably bitch about the pants not matching he sweater and socks).
  12. I guess that's my question. Would there be any treatment? Or would it be "Here's your little timebomb--enjoy!" when you left the hospital?
  13. So I imagine this will now be something they screen newborns for immediately after birth. But is there any indication of what the treatment might be?
  14. Good call. Because we're going to need at least one date night during which we just order room service for the kids and leave them behind with their babysitter iPads. Do they really enforce the 21-and-over thing if the kids are with their parents?
  15. The kids are definitely in tow. They'll be 13 and 11. They don't eat anything interesting. They want burgers, chicken tenders, pizza. Fuck them. I'm not catering to their interested on my fucking vacation. Give me all your restaurant recs. We're in DT because I got a killer rate at the Bonaventure. And it's reasonably centrally located. So that's kind of what we settled on.
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