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  1. No. It really was an outlier. Other polls from that time showed it a 5-8 point lead for Biden. So it was a head-scratcher at the time, and is even more so now. Hugo's right. It's an outlier probably caused by some problem with the sample. At this point, it really should just be ignored.
  2. There's a big difference between SCOTUS reaching a decision with which you disagree and SCOTUS "stealing" the election. To "steal" the election, it must have been Al Gore's to begin with. But the election was never Al Gore's. He lost. Ownership may have been uncertain at the time, but that's exactly what the courts are for. And, as it turned out, the election went to the rightful owner. It's a completely false narrative to say that the 2000 election was "stolen." And it's a dangerous narrative. It says that there's precedent for stealing an election. And so it normalizes that action. It implicitly creates a permission structure for Trump to steal the 2020 election. So stop it.
  3. And this is part of the derangement that leads to the false narrative that Trump isn't in really, really bad shape. SCOTUS didn't steal the Presidency for the GOP in 2000. And the repetition of this false narrative isn't useful. There is no count that ever had Al Gore winning Florida. The most comprehensive recount, done by The New York Times, had Gore losing by 509 votes. Gore fucking lost. All SCOTUS did was end the suspense.
  4. Probably July. Just want to get out of the damned Texas heat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Whelp--my trip to Africa is officially canceled. So we're looking to do something else. I am tinkering with the idea of renting a recreational vehicle and driving from state to state (no papers). And if we do that, we'd definitely head up to the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone/Glacier. I mean, I hear the concern. But isn't Yellowstone a shitfest every summer? And with the lodges closed, with a lot of people who would ordinarily be going to Yellowstone out of work, and with no foreign tourists, I wonder if they won't be less crowded than normal.
  6. Unfortunately, I don't really know enough about workers' comp to tell you. If it is a compensable injury under the Texas Workers' Compensation Act, then that's the exclusive remedy. You get workers' comp and you can't sue in court. If it's not compensable under TWCA, then the employee can sue. I just don't know if contracting a communicable disease is a compensable injury. I would suspect that it's not. But that statute is incredibly broad. Only if negligent conduct that injures people is part of the first wave.
  7. No--there's no nuance. It's a pretty extreme position. And his problem is that for the Court to adopt that position, it would have to overrule its precedent in Clinton v. Jones. Probably end of June. Well, ok. I'm not sure that I said that he's a good lawyer or a skilled advocate. I think he is probably the latter and definitely not the former. But regardless--he is a fairly experienced Supreme-Court practitioner.
  8. Yes. He's a very experienced Supreme Court advocate. The trouble is that he has really bad precedent to deal with here (Clinton v. Jones).
  9. Thomas always said that he didn't ask questions because he didn't like to interrupt the advocate. He says that other justices use it less for legitimate questioning than to try to persuade other justices, and he prefers to do that in conference and not out in the courtroom while an advocate is trying to argue. Since the Court has gone to remote hearings, it has adopted a new process whereby the chief justice asks his questions and then goes down to each justice by seniority. So now each justice gets a dedicated time to ask questions. And with that format, Thomas has asked questions in every case. Breyer was (surprisingly) the first justice to pass when he did so in a case yesterday. So that indicates that Thomas was honestly stating the reluctance to ask questions. But now that he's not interrupting the advocate--now that he has his own dedicated time--he has no problem asking questions.
  10. Donald Trump just ran away from Kaitlin Collins. Ha.
  11. Ok--so I'm clear, this is not the anti-vaxxer Kennedy right? Too many goddamned Kennedys to keep straight.
  12. I'm reasonably certain it is still available for such use. More often, though, it's used as a film set. The plan seems to have shifted to trying to cover up the extent of the pandemic. That's what's behind the refusal to allow Fauci to testify to Congress. And I'm sure that's what's behind the abortive moves to try to disband task forces (both federal and in Arizona). Seriously--our entire gameplan is to pretend the disease away.
  13. So you get into a whole civil contempt/criminal contempt thing that takes a long time to sort through (and I'd probably just screw up anyway). Late last year, I was in court in Collin County on a civil matter. I always show up a bit early for hearings because I want to get a sense for the judge's demeanor/mood. So on this day, the hearing before me was on a child-support non-payment deal. Mom--yeah, no shit--mom--was the non-custodial parent who hadn't been paying child support. So there was a whole evidentiary hearing. And at the end, the judge said she'd take it under advisement and called a 15-minute recess. So I'm sitting there in the front row of the gallery behind mom. Sure. No big whoop. I'm reading my own notes for my hearing that's about to be called. And then it happens. Judge comes back into the courtroom and takes the bench. And I watch as very quickly the sheriff takes up a position behind mom. That's when I put away my notes and started paying attention. And Judge then holds mom in contempt and the sheriff has her stand up and he cuffs her right there. And I'm just sitting there like "oh, fuck--now I have to go before this judge who just sent that pretty little blonde Collin County mom to jail."
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