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  1. Meanwhile, they're putting a $350M bond on the November ballot to address housing affordability. That's right: at the same time they're pursuing zoning policies and holding up developments so as to ensure that there is a housing shortage, they're asking the taxpayers to foot a $350M bill to . . . address the housing shortage that they created. Basically, it's a gambit to get the taxpayers of the entire city to subsidize Central Austin's desire for low-density housing. Fuck that.
  2. Jesus--I had that on an Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Lusaka. There were only about a dozen people on the flight (a 737-700), but damned if they didn't cram us all in the four rows over the wing (and this was in the Covid Times, mind you). I'm sure it had something to do with weight distribution, but still--you could've spread us out a bit more. It wasn't that big a deal, except the woman across the aisle stank. Like the kind of stink you can only get after spending three weeks in the African bush without a shower kind of stink. It was the only time I was happy I had to wear a mask on a plane.
  3. You need to reconcile yourself to Wyoming's place in the college-football world. It's like when Vince Young decided to forego his senior year and declare for the NFL draft. Sure, we all would've selfishly preferred he stay at Texas. But playing in the NFL is a step up in a football player's career over playing in college, so it's understandable. And we all cheered for Vince and hoped for his success. The last thing we would've done is cheer any injury. Wyoming is a step down from Texas in the same way Texas is a step down from the NFL. I understand that you selfishly would want Neyor to stay at Wyoming. But at the same time, you do understand that it's a good career move for him, right? It's not a question of "loyalty." There is no "loyalty" anymore--this is a fucking J.O.B. But if Wyoming can prove itself as a place that can develop players to put them in position to transfer to Alabama or Texas or Ohio State, then that's the same as Texas putting players in the NFL. It's great for recruiting. And with that kind of help, Wyoming can contend for conference titles. But fuck, man--it's not like he transferred from Texas to Oklahoma. Texas and Wyoming aren't in the same league. Good for Neyor for getting the opportunity to step up.
  4. I really don't even understand this sentiment. Neyor was really productive at Wyoming; I don't know why a Wyoming fan wouldn't wish him well. It's not like he went to a conference rival or anything. He went to a place where he would make real NIL money and have a greater chance of being drafted when the time comes. If he were to succeed at Texas, it would actually help Wyoming's recruiting. They could point to him as a guy who shows that you can have a great football path that starts in Wyoming. I really don't understand why you wouldn't be cheering for him.
  5. I respectfully disagree. I really think DeSantis can beat Trump, especially if Trump is under investigation/indictment. Because, bottom line, Republicans care more about winning than they do about Trump. Well, ok. If I were to concede that the GQP was going to win both houses of Congress this year, and if I were to concede that they would win the presidency in 2024, then I might agree with you. But I don't. Fox hasn't brainwashed 100M Americans. Only a couple million people watch Fox News each night. And in the highest-turnout election in the history of the Republic, only 71M voted for Fox's preferred candidate. If the GQP takes both houses of Congress and the presidency, then it's far worse than you describe. A border wall is the least of our fucking problems. But it's far from a foregone conclusion that that's going to happen. And right now, the signs are pointing toward it not happening. The asset-forfeiture section of Section 793 is interesting, and is going to lead to some real investigation of (for example) that $2B Kushner got from the Saudis. And actually, one wonders whether that isn't the carrot that enticed Kushner to be a CI against his dear-old FIL.
  6. It was good of Patel to implicate him on the additional crime of intending to disseminate national-defense information. Where do you get "Fox News has won"? Don't the Democrats control the presidency and both houses of Congress? And are you under the impression that this is somehow good for Trump/the GQP/Fox News? Biden has passed meaningful legislation, the economy is improving, and Democratic voters are fired up about Dobbs. And in the meantime, all the GQP can talk about is how Trump thought about declassifying the documents that the FBI planted. All this has given the Democrats a real significant chance of holding the House and increasing their majority in the Senate. And there's no way a party in power should ever do either of those things in the midterms absent a war. And it leads to another issue: there are a lot of Republicans who know that Trump is too damaged to win the presidency in 2024. That's why the DeSantis train has gotten so much support. It's not that they like DeSantis more than they like Trump; it's that they think DeSantis will win and that Trump can't. But here's the fun thing--if DeSantis wins the nomination, do you think Trump is going to calmly accept that result and support the party's nominee? FUCK NO! He's going to go full Trump, screaming about how the primaries were rigged and throwing bombs at DeSantis all the way to November. Fuck--he might even run as a third-party candidate just to fuck over DeSantis. It's going to be great. Only if Fox News's actual goal is the total destruction of the GQP can it be seen as "winning."
  7. There is simply no reason for it to retain those materials unless to sell it. He's not intellectually curious. Would I like to read up CONPLAN 8044-2018? Sure. But Donald Trump couldn't read his PDB; there's no chance he's taking thousands and thousands of pages to read simply because he finds them interesting. Nor did he take the documents to just put on the mantle. I could see him taking gifts that various foreign leaders had given him and putting them around Mar a Lago. But this isn't that. You don't take visitors down and show them the schematics for the W87-1. Nobody would understand it, and anyway, what's the fucking point? Everyone knows you were president and as such had access to the holiest of holies. It doesn't impress anyone more to see that you still have it. No--the only reason for him to retain these documents is for him to sell them. We probably can't prove that he was trying to or that he was going to. But I have no doubt that that was his intent.
  8. Just fucking wow. I really can’t imagine what he was thinking.
  9. Trump being at the center of the conversation is great for Democrats. It increases Democratic turnout and reminds Independents what they hate about the GQP and why they can't be voted back into power. It's really a bizarre dynamic that we've never had. Usually, the former president has the good sense to go into quiet retirement and build houses for the homeless or paint portraits or some such. So you can't run against the former president, and nobody in the party that is out of power has a high enough profile to run a national campaign against. So it's always a referendum on the president, and nobody is ever happy with the president after his first two years. But Trump didn't retire. He's out there making himself the center of attention (and when he's not making himself the center of attention, the January 6 Committee and the DOJ are doing it). So it's not really a referendum on Biden. There's actually a choice in this election. So it has much more of a feel of a presidential year than a normal midterm would. And then you have the Supreme Court. Usually when the president's party loses in the midterms, it's because he pursued unpopular policies (either successfully as in the case of the ACA or unsuccessfully as in the case of Clinton's healthcare reform mess). But now that we live under the Dictatorship of the Judges, the biggest imposer of policies is the Supreme Court. And there's no question who controls the Supreme Court. So one should fully expect the GQP to be punished for the policy decisions imposed by SCOTUS. For his part, Biden has pursued (and achieved) largely popular policies. The biggest complaint was that he didn't actually pass anything, but that has been addressed over the past month. All of a sudden, Democratic voters are really energized by everything Dark Brandon has accomplished, and Independents generally support those policies. And, here's the thing--the Republicans aren't really attacking Biden for those policies. Bringing it back around to the beginning of this post, they're too busy trying to defend Trump to argue about the Inflation Reduction Act or the CHIPS Act or anything else. A vote for the GQP really is a vote for Donald Trump. And the fact remains that, just like in 2020, Donald Trump isn't very popular.
  10. I agree with that. It's rare for a president to have this number of solid legislative victories this close to the midterms, and even more rare for them to be on things that are so popular. Couple that with the fact that the Democrats have a single antagonist, which is unique in American politics, and things are looking up. If the Fed can just bring down inflation a scooch before November, the Democrats could be in a really decent position. Tim Scott doesn't know anything more than we do. It's just that Tim Scott isn't a moron. He knows that if the DOJ executes a search warrant on a former president, it's because they've already go significant evidence of serious criminality. So it's time to keep your damned head down and be cautious.
  11. Is that 26/38 favorability among Trump voters? Because last I saw, Oz was underwater among Republicans. And that's really extraordinary--I don't think I've ever seen a nominee for a statewide office underwater among his own party's voters.
  12. I think kevwun answers that: That's the "best" case, isn't it? It's not that the MAGAs would accept it. It's that the rest of the country--which is a significant majority--would then have the facts to say "shut up you fucking morons, your guy is a traitor." Yes--the search warrant has to identify the statute(s) that there is probable cause to believe was/were violated.
  13. So he is a brain-damaged child, but Scott Adams does make a point. There's a sizeable portion of this country that really needs answers as to what's going on. This isn't the John Wiley Price investigation (which, by the way, the Feds completely fucked up). You can't have a big FBI raid, crack a safe, go off with truckloads full of evidence, and then just sit there and do nothing until handing down an indictment two years later. All the MAGAs will freak the fuck out and say the search was over nothing and was just political intimidation. And I think the DOJ knows that. Maybe that is how they would handle a normal political-corruption case. But this isn't a normal case. They need to have an indictment ready to go in short order so that they can go public and explain exactly what Trump did and why a search warrant was proper. Otherwise, this MAGA shit is just going to metastasize.
  14. The North Korea thing has never made any sense. 1) Neither Russia nor North Korea have the airlift or sealift capability to transport 100,000 troops. So they'd have to go over the Transsiberian, which is congested in the best of circumstances. That's probably 150 trainloads, which would take months. 2) Even assuming they get to Ukraine, what are 100,000 North Koreans going to do? Are they going to be under Russian command, when they don't speak Russian? Are they going to be under North Korean command, even though the two armies have never conducted joint exercises and, to my knowledge, have never had staff talks? 3) So North Korea is just fine with loaning out a substantial portion of its combat forces? That's a bold move for a country that is ostensibly at war with its neighbor. It's a stupid move with no strategic upside. So of course destroying the nuclear power plant is exactly what the Russians are going to do.
  15. You remember how we lectured Muslims after 9/11 about how the moderates needed to reclaim their religion from the extremists, otherwise they'd all me equated with terrorists? Yeah, um @UpperWestside.
  16. The 2007 season doesn't get enough appreciation for just how absurd it was. Fucking Rutgers spent a week or two at #1. Kansas and Missouri played one another and both were in the Top-5. It was just a fucking absurd season. It's fitting that it had a fucking absurd national champion.
  17. That was almost certainly Kenya Airways. We flew several of those airlines when we were in Africa, and I thought they were fun. I mean, it's basic transportation--you're getting into a 10-seat plane with a pilot and that's it. But damn it's fun to land at a dirt airstrip while the giraffes and zebras watch.
  18. Kenya Airways is great. It's the little outfit that flies prop planes from Nairobi Wilson to all of the game lodges across Kenya. Those were some fun flights. Air Kenya, on the other hand, suck shit through a straw. I show up for my flight from Kilimanjaro to Livingstone (Zambia), and they all look puzzled. Apparently, they changed the once-per-week flight to a Thursday departure from a Friday departure and didn't tell anybody. So when I showed up on Friday, they told me I was about 24 hours late for my flight. No suggestions as to how I was going to get to Zambia. Nothing.
  19. Ghost of LL

    Austin FC

    That result was exactly what was deserved.
  20. Really great, and thank y'all for the recommendations. We hit up Grand Central Market, and it's fantastic. I really wish we had someplace like that (or Chelsea Market) here in Austin. We also did Daedo Sikdang in Koreatown and Osteria Mozza, both of which were really good. Best thing we did was splurged for really good seats for the Dodgers against the Giants. The Giants suck, and watching the Dodgers beat the shit out of them was really fun. But I'm not going to that game in the cheap seats. And, as an added bonus, I (accidentally) parked in Lot P, which is at the highest point right behind home plate, and I figured out that it quietly has the best view of DTLA in the City (yeah--it's much better than the observatory). But I'm also going to tell you--there's something really sad about LA right now. Its homeless situation is vastly worse than either SF or Austin. And the drought is really taking a toll. You may not notice if you live there, but as someone who hasn't been there in a decade, it's jarring to see freeway rights of way that used to be green now absolutely desiccated.
  21. Counterpoint: if DeSantis wins the nomination, Trump will run around yelling that the primaries were "rigged" and talking shit about DeSantis. Hell, he might even run a write-in campaign against him.
  22. Fetterman's going to troll his way to the Senate. And I'm kind of here for it.
  23. And I lied--it's not wind that has fallen off. ERCOT now admits that it is coal and natural gas generation that is not meeting estimates.
  24. And let me tell you something--this is the result of some real climate-denying bullshit. I represent a number of entities that are having to make billion-dollar decisions on investments. And out in public, those board members are all good Republicans and "drill, baby, drill" and all that shit. But when you close the doors and they start putting money down, every last one of them believes climate change is real and that it's here. It's not even something that needs to be discussed--it's just assumed. For ERCOT to run around saying that this is an "outlier" indicates that they're either 1) lying or 2) so far in the tank for a bullshit political narrative that it is endangering lives. Yeah--wind has dropped off considerably over the past hour or two. We may have a real shortfall within the next hour.
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