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  1. So this is the ad that pops up when I click on the football board??? Has Surly been hacked???
  2. Tennessee has now guaranteed themselves 5 more years of not winning an NCAA Title! Will Vegas take that bet, because I would bet literally my entire house on that. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee has rewarded men's basketball coach Rick Barnes for winning the Volunteers' first SEC tournament championship in 43 years with a contract extension through the 2026-27 season.
  3. No dumbass! Rick Barnes has 0 titles and that is a direct quote from a man paid literally millions of dollars to win titles. Please let me know which of the above are incorrect. I’m waiting….
  4. Wow! So the coach not obsessed with winning titles does not win a title (again). Who would have EVER guessed? Anyone who expects him to win a title should look up the definition of insanity. "We would love to win a national championship, but we're not obsessed with it because we're obsessed with these guys trying to live their NBA dream.” Rick ‘0 Titles’ Barnes
  5. Ha! Biggest fraud in college basketball history! And now the biggest loss to go with his fraudulent legacy!
  6. No doubt! The aggy physics department and cold fusion say hi!
  7. Since nobody has signed Coach O, can we send him overseas to teach English and then watch the hilarity ensue as everyone will be speaking Cookie Monster.
  8. BFD! One d-back goes to a team with no D coordinator. The 7-8 plays a game he’s involved in will really make the difference between 6-6 and 13-0! Ha! Let’s look back on the “best d-back recruiting haul in history” and see where that got us. To quote one website: “After a lackluster first class where Herman only had a short amount of time to recruit after taking over for Charlie Strong, Tom Herman reminded everyone that 2018 would be the class to watch out for. The result? The 2018 class has National Championship written all over it! The 2018 Longhorns class finished No. 2 or 3 in the major recruiting tracking services. Included was one of the best group of defensive backs in the history of recruiting. And, Tom Herman snagged all the top recruits in the state of Texas (according to 247Sports No. 1 in Texas: B.J. Foster (safety) No. 2: Anthony Cook (cornerback) No. 3: Caden Sterns (safety) No. 4: Jalen Green (cornerback) No. 5: Brennan Eagles (WR) No. 7: DeMarvion Overshown (safety) No. 10: Al’vonte Woodard (WR) No. 12: D’shawn Jamison (cornerback)”
  9. Hey Jumbo's got this. The culmination of these three recruiting classes led to a 5-6 season. I'm predicting a solid at least 6-6 with an invite to the PUBG (that's still a thing, really?) Mobile New Mexico Bowl for 2024. jig 'em
  10. Officially(?) on The Ocho saying it is a done deal! https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32839321/sources-duke-hiring-texas-defensive-coordinator-mike-elko-head-football-coach
  11. Totally down with the Clown Shoes in a non-Juggalo way - Space Cake variety. Did just get an unexpected gift delivered out of the blue - $1,700 worth of whisk(e)y, so apparently gonna have to start drinking the aqua vitae in addition to my Space Cakes.
  12. God how embarrassing. They actually take the buggy (or whatever the hell they call that thing) to the airport to welcome the new coach. And think that welcome wagon will impress. Reminds me of Jimbo greeted by the yakkity sax players. If that is the first thing I see getting off the plane I am hijacking that plane to Cuba.
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