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  1. Behind divorce and bankruptcy lawyers...
  2. Get an ent to put in a t-tube and vacuum out that viscous honey from the one ear. Steroids and antibiotic won’t clear it all i got
  3. Does that mean we get to have a joint Inaugural and Quadroon Ball??
  4. While cops routinely lie, suicide by cop is a real thing too.
  5. https://today.statesman.com/express/monday--aug--10--2020/2?utm_source=express-edition&utm_medium=email
  6. Well, yours was Confederate rep, so it did lose value...
  7. Yeah, what goes on in the world does not affect my church life. Besides, the Women's Auxiliary brought strudel for after the sermon!
  8. This. Biden needs to keep saying that Trump's failure of leadership on Covid is the cause of the economy being shit - and we can't get back to normal jobs and schools so long as Trump is in charge and failing to do anything about it. More importantly, Americans are dying needlessly, and many thousands more will have life long medical problems because of Donald Trump's failures. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat
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