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  1. Louisiana and Alabama will both go to war to make the other state annex it.
  2. https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/Article/FSU-football-TJ-Rushing-defensive-backs-coach-Texas-AM-142487165/
  3. By "march", you mean wheezing down the road for about 800 yards before they have to stop and take selfies?
  4. Trump refuses to cooperate with Congress on their investigation, and has threatened witnesses, tried to out whistle-blowers, and prevented relevant witnesses from testifying and documents from being produced to the investigation. Obstruction. I'd love to know what the defense is. (Your comment is relevant Twice, but I just like that gif)
  5. I'm going to grant you unquestioned first-on-the-ledge status Brisket, but I take exception with your inference that I am a recent convert. I will say that AG Barr was a wild card here, and that his handling of the Mueller report and general disregard for the duties of his office went beyond any of my negative expectations.
  6. The Dersh was on Jake Tapper, selling his shit. He opines that even if Trump did what the House says he did, that is not impeachable. He agrees that because there is no Constitutionally supported impeachable event, there is no need to call witnesses. The unquestioned truth of the Trump fan demographic is that the less education you have, the more likely you are to be a Trump voter. And so, Trump has the advantage in that for his supporters to know that he should be impeached, they have to know that the GOP/Fox/Rush/Freeper version of Constitutional law is wrong. And the majority of Trump supporters could not tell you which Article of the Constitution says what and applied how, or to whom. Nor could they even begin to articulate the intent of the Framers on that issue, as Fox tells them what they need to know in a manner they can absorb - "Trump is allowed to withhold funds if they won't go after that dirty Hunter Biden, and he is President, so he can withhold them if he wants. Anyway, they got the money so no harm done..." There will be no pressure on any GOP Senator to do the right thing. Their voting base is secure in their knowledge that Trump did nothing wrong, and they do not have the education or capacity to understand they are being fed easily searchable and refuted lies. Dobbs, Carlson, Hannity, the Interchangeable Fox Blondes - they all conspire to keep that viewership as ignorant as possible. Impeachment is a political process, and the political optics mean that no pressure will be applied to GOP Senators. We have to count on their inherent patriotism and honor to uphold the institutions of our government. In other words, we are fucked.
  7. They left out the government controlled toxic jet contrails....which tells you that they are real.
  8. Not too many "Libs" here. Lots of old Rockefeller Republicans and disaffected former moderate Republicans who hate the current POTUS and the traitorous, gutless GOP who support him. And some traditional conservatives who can't hold their nose enough to support Trump, who rightfully see the dismantling of our institutions by a crook with narcissistic personality disorder a far more odious problem than a beef over policy with Democrats. But any true liberals please step forward.
  9. His absolutely contemptible and false statements about the Mueller findings in support of Trump make this statement a simple nod to the Trumpkins to accept what he says because, "He don't even like Trump, Libtard!"
  10. Decided to take a rare visit to SECRANT after Gata beat Auburn today, and there was a thread by some guy saying that only four SEC teams knew anything about Championships, and anyone else should shut the fuck up. He listed Bama, Florida, LSU and Auburn. This Aggy replied: " There are only 15 teams to ever win a women's basketball title. None of the 4 teams in the OP is on that list, but there are 3 SEC teams that are" So I knew he was really an Aggy. 😅
  11. How do we give up 90 to Missouri and hold Auburn under 50. #bi-polargata
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