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  1. Bro - don’t you even pay no taxes to own the libs?? Plus, using the word ‘socialism’ - even incorrectly - trumps facts or reality. Clearly, Onboard wants no socialisms - or killer robots out and about, grabbing olds in their cold strong steely grip!
  2. I like the idea of only really skinny people trying to block bullets meant for him.
  3. U.S. Fifth Circuit “Hold my beer...”
  4. Fournier flipped. The smarter one of the two.
  5. A life of twins and pestering Earl Jr. not to forget the store-brand hamburger helper awaits.
  6. “Remember a few years ago when we were at a saloon in Denver? We got to talking to some gambler that night, and he told us about an Indian. A full-blooded Indian, except he called himself by an English name. Sir... somebody.” “Lord Baltimore?”
  7. Honestly, the THC tincture is niiiiiice. My asthma has always made me an edibles fan.
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