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  1. When you kick on a cruise ship turned hospital, you at least have a shot of dying from Legionnaires Disease - which sounds way cooler than the "Shy-Knees Virus".
  2. Chazz Michael Michaels' brother????
  3. I was considering caring until I saw the ‘no pics’....
  4. Stanco is right.....there is always that risk of cars deaths doubling every two days for a month. Great analogy.
  5. This. Felt I was gonna die and noticed my car getting yellow from oak pollen. No fever, just death allergy shit.
  6. Like Rock-n-Roll, the internet never forgets.
  7. Have you asked their hookers? But your point is spot on
  8. The issue in Ohio that set them off was the fact a court had ordered the election to continue - and the Gov responded to that legal defeat by cancelling the election anyway. Some nuance there.
  9. Some people say he was the second best Republican President. Had a HUGE military parade in D.C.
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