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  1. Brisket, if you fucked her in the ass in a commercial jet, I still wanna hear about it.
  2. Many people are saying stupid anti-science Maggot Covid big lie water carriers should go fuck themselves. Dunno. Not sure. Hear it a bunch lately.
  3. Liquid smoke barbecue discussion arose regarding his wake in Minny. Family had no choice.
  4. Add it to Viagra and put the info on page 32 of the FDA label. All those old white men now vaxxed and legally warned.
  5. Oddly, many think that medicine and science aren’t really political, but…..science. So maybe folks hate the lying, whining asshole because he’s a liar and a whiner and an asshole.
  6. B O B O D D Y “Belles”, “Bourbon” & a silent “Bullets” make up the Bs parts.
  7. The change to “Protocols of the Boomers of Zion” fooled millions.
  8. Was it a librul medical school - or some place like Liberty Faith Healing University that tells the truth?
  9. Found some Speer Gold Dot 124 gr jhp 9mm for about 65 cents per. Delivered yesterday from Target Sports. Sucks, but better than nothing.
  10. Hunter Biden stole mah bullets!!
  11. Folks on the right will say that all of those officer suicides after the attack were coincidental. I mean, they did not die on Capital Grounds on the 6th. Mostly I was referencing Jan 6 because of Wulaw dissing Brisket for saying that there would be violence. There was a fucking attack on Congress to stop the certification of the election that would have worked had they been able to kidnap some of them. It was close. Brisket nailed it. The response that this unprecedented violent attack on the Capital did not fulfill that prediction - because 1.5 deaths in a Capital attack proves the absence of Brisket’s far right attacks is - well, very Maga-ish.
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