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  1. Really like the sword hands and dark blue bezel. Can't stand the date position.
  2. Dad bought three new in cosmoline surplus rifles in the 50's for 5 bucks each. They were WW1 Springfields and never fired. He sold one for 500 and told me he wished he had the same offer for Garands. Five bucks each for unfired Garands would printing money. I remember in the late 80's i almost bought an IBM built rifle for 100 bucks (worked for IBM and thought it would be cool). Advertised in Shotgun News
  3. Sure does - and IIRC for anything in the 80's - buy about a half mile of vaccum hose.
  4. I can't imagine why it is cheaper or CAFE. CAFE is driving 0W-20 oil which is really thin and hard to see in general but Honda already had the metal dipstick. It has to be more cost to stick the plastic piece of junk on the end. I just rechanged the oil and this time only put 3 quarts in since I kept the filter. It is impossible to see an oil mark even in bright sun. Laying it flat on paper gives a good guess that I am between the marks. The other issue is they carved an oval in the plastic and put the two marks at each end. 0W-20 isn't thick so as soon as you hold the stick level it fills the oval up. Just a really stupid design all around. Going to drive it a day and let the oil darken and see what I can see. Also I guess CAFE related but just saw 0W-16 ( yes 16) at the store. Maybe an oil engineer can explain why a 16 weight is worth manufacturing versus a 0W-20.
  5. die in a fire. Especially Honda for the 2018 Accord. The metal dipstick with 2 holes worked fine for almost 100 year so they added a plastic tip with grooves so you have zero ability to actually see the oil after changing it. And made the plastic tip orange just for fun.... The surface of the tip retains oil which surges when you start the car so it is literally impossible to determine the oil level. Even placing the stick on a towel fails since the oil flows in the grooves of the plastic tip - even when held level.
  6. Dreading that when I get my MGA back. Guys working on it are very high end and their paint is 20K. The current paint was done by my Dad after taking courses at community college to learn how. Can't complain - it has lasted 40 years
  7. Tuberville has also said Alabama fans should love him because he was the reason they got Saban.
  8. Griots - in early 2000's I wanted their random orbital polisher and found out it was rebranded Porter Cable. Walked into Lowes and they were dicontinuing that model so I grabbed 3 of them for about 30 bucks each. I still have one for appying wax or polish and one to remove it and a spare just in case
  9. Was not going to mention the lack of anything resembling a safety guard or similar stuff.... My dad built his own table saw back then. Made a stand from plywood, attached a motor etc. Can't remember if he had switch or just plugged the motor in
  10. It was in Austin a few years ago and very cool to walk around at
  11. Actually get an old can or something to catch the solvent as you use it. I always use a lot on the tape but catch about 90% of it to use again. Other tips - after sliding grip on - bang the end of club on ground. Nothing worse than a small gap on the top of the grip. Quickly line up the marks or texture so it doesn't look corkscrewed. If you are putting a long putter grip on then pay someone to do it. Those things are incredibly hard to get on without the grip drying out and leaving a lot left to be installed. Make sure oyu have a vise - I did four grips once in a hotel with nothing but a dinner knife to get old one off. Not fun. Also get a hooked knife blade to cut off old grip - I got mine at Golfsmoth before they closed so no idea where to get them but they are required for graphite shafts
  12. I know -we discussed that trigger before. I did send pictures to Dave so I am thinking of it
  13. Harbor Freight probably has one for less
  14. They do hidw the misses. A few years ago Avery had a few weeks of mats only. Man I was hitting really nice irons because you could hot behind the ball and still make almost perfect contact versus the real grass grabbing the sole
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