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  1. Have or had two. First was also a 1960 - red but previous owner painted it black. I stripped it and painted sky blue. The one I have now is 1962 that has been either my Dad's or twin brothers since 1980. It is still the original sky blue. A picture of them side by side in 80's Sunlight does not do that color justice. it is not washed out like it looks
  2. How are you doing that? Been riding MTB since 99 and never hit knee on handlebar
  3. Hopefully that is all it is. There is an injury to the lining that usually occurs in car wrecks when the knee hits something like the dash. I had it happen in a marathon when the kneecap decided to take out everything nearby. Had to have all the scar tissue removed via surgery and not with a scope.
  4. Some related background info on it http://www.golfwrx.com/607310/golfwrx-exclusive-the-story-behind-the-new-costco-ks1-putter/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Trending&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
  5. Old timers were real good at doing that by ear/sound. Definitely a lost art. Exactly how I did the twin SU's. had a piece of tubing stuck in the ear.
  6. I can't imagine how much fun tuning a 6 barrell would be. Never enjoyed helping Dad with the four single barrels on a Corvair and my MGA had twin SU's which were a ton of fun (manual said "turn the adjustment screw until it sounds good")
  7. As long as big hits and names. The name is John Ruud and probably no one remembers him. However anyone who watched the Nebraska/OU game in 78 will forget his hit. Best video I could find has more content - go to 1:20 mark. I literally thought Kelly Phelps was dead on the field. They had one replay where you see his back expand backwards in shape of a helmet. basically Rudd got a 40 yard run and was untouched. Even more crazy was the refs ruling his "forward progress" had stopped before the fumble. Technically correct but a horrible call
  8. Username checks out????
  9. Used to carry multiple sweat bands on long road rides. For some reason my sweat poured only in the right eye but yep it was blinding.
  10. I may be wrong but IIIRC the officials had them move the cart and then the idiots moved it back later.
  11. This is better than the comedy channel
  12. Thanks for the link. I know I can get another brand but I also know that some of the other ones don't work very well. The first one I tried was the OEM Toyota one. Went down Parmer from McNeil to MoPac and pulled over to take it off. Literally thought the hood was going to detach from the shaking it caused.
  13. I remember getting them in mid 80's in Grapevine. Nice restaurant that used to be a house. Just remember going down a street and turning left at Harley dealership.
  14. Before moving I bought a ton of clubs there. Especially when you could pick them up locally. The some doofus decided golfers were a security risk and made locals use UPS to ship trade ins. Once I was in the area and dropped the club off at UPS main site - which is literally across the street from Callaway pre owned. Told em this is probably the shortest delivery you will ever make
  15. look up Tom McMillan - Rhodes scholar and Congressman
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