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  1. I remember in the late 80's you could pick and choose the manufacturer of them. Spent 30 years with IBM and wanted the IBM stamped version back then - just to carry it into the building and such
  2. Dad bought several WW1 Enfield bolt actions - new in cosmoline for 5 bucks each when he was in the Army in 50's. Never fired em for some reason and sold one for about 600 bucks around 2000.
  3. I miss Auburn/Ga Tech. Very underrated rivalry. They always seem to come over and win as underdogs. In the late 70's they put a bounty on the mascot - who got mugged when he came on the field.
  4. Pfizer number two last Saturday. Was expecting side effects and had zero. had zero on first shot also. Very lucky and happy
  5. It is just amazing how many difference there were in design styles back then. You instantly knew a Mopar from a Ford etc. Not talking muscle cars but general purpose sedans. No one confused a Galaxie 500 with an New Yorker etc. Today most middle of the line sedans look the same (accord, malibu etc). Maybe because of the crash standards but there isn't a lot of diffrence
  6. I would think that, if true, it would also happen to jet fighter pilots or folks riding some of the free fall amusement park stuff.
  7. Found em! No idea how they got packed in a box with Christmas wreath but I was in the attic and decided to really look. My Rocket fins and Dad's Jet fins = both plus/minus 50 years. I think these are indestructible if you store them indoors
  8. Phizer a week ago. No side effects. Actually wondered if I got saline until the next days I had a very slight pain with the arm above head. Went back and forth since I had an option for the single J and J shot but I liked the 96% vs 67% even though it;s apples to oranges
  9. Also just discovered that one item got lost moving back to Huntsville. I had my Dad's old Scubapro Jet Fins and can't find them anywhere. He got them when he started diving in late 60's. At that time NASA had neutral buoyancy tank in Huntsville and they asked him and others to help out. They qualified them for free and they got to be scuba diving "lifeguard" for the astronauts a couple of days per month. Those fins saw a lot of hard work there and in regular scuba around the south. No clue how they got lost - my wetsuit and BC are fins were all on hangers in same closet and only two of the thr
  10. As far as I know yes - haven't looked at tanks in a few years but I know the tank valve was the same for decades
  11. anyone ever dove with one of these. dad got it for 5 bucks at garage sale in 70's. I dove with it at least once in a north Alabama quarry where I could get to surface if anything failed. Recently got a quote for about 250 to restore it. From the serial number it is late 1940's.
  12. Don't get the plastic assemble yoursef ones. Texas heat warps them in no time
  13. In the late 70's some stores actually cut the potatoes into frys at the store - those rocked. They even had a commercial telling you to get an extra order to enjoy on the drive home from the takeout window.
  14. Paint jobs are expensive... Gonna run in 5 figures for this. Not surprising - that paint job was done in our garage in 1980. There are at least 20 panels to remove. Luckily the fender are bolt on. A lot of body work that you can't see -rockers, rear doglegs etc have to be replaced. Plus doors, trunk and hood are aluminum which is different process. Everything has to be stripped first. And that is not my 911 in background. Picture was when we were loading it in the truck to ship to the people doing the work. 911 shared the truck
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