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  1. Mando went full MacGruber on this. No reason to let MG know that he’s coming for him.
  2. I like Kaysar and Jannelle, and I want to believe that they could have masterminded an interesting dynamic had they not been very early targets. However, their games deserve very honest criticism on each of them having a huge blindspot for Memphis. Memphis was at least their 2nd or 3rd closest ally (in their minds), but Memphis was a central figure in the alliance that was their own ultimate demise. They didn't get robbed; they got played. Also, as alluded to, things appear to be heating up this week.
  3. I agree on all but Dani. I think that she's making some subversive moves. She recognized Janelle as a massive target up front, and now she's gone. For what it's worth, the knock on Dani is that she can go too hard too fast, so I think she's trying to pace herself. It is interesting to see Nicole F without a showmance. She has a very logical and strategic mind, but her social game is really poor. It's like the act she puts on for America doesn't hold up in person. Getting Janelle out this early is a big move. The drama that fans like comes in the form of backdoors and suspense.
  4. I didn't watch the Memphis / Dan season, but I did watch the Ian / Dan season. If memory serves, Ian was a huge underdog, and the coaches (Dan, Janelle, Britney, and Boogie) had a pretty distinct advantage. Though Dan made maybe the greatest move in all of BB history (Dan's Funeral), Ian was very impressive and ruthless in his own right to win. Production also favored Frank, so Ian had to contend with that threat as well. TLDR: Ian didn't steal anything from Dan, tied the record for HOH wins, and overcome huge odds to be a deserving winner.
  5. She was the mole. But seriously, Keri Russell is the GOAT for me. One of my favorite series of all time, which I put below Breaking Bad but ahead of the Wire.
  6. Please refrain from commenting while we determine whether or not there was an aggressive honk involved. Thank you. My factory model has a standard, passive-aggressive honk. The dealership said the aggressive honk was unavailable.
  7. I agree. Many Americans are going to dismiss protesting, a core democratic right, because they are going to confuse it with rioting / looting, a crime. That’s the shame, and the result will not be that both “sides” find some common ground, but they will be further divided.
  8. Same. The Americans is underrated and fantastic.
  9. Team TSA here. I’ve got a trident and a stick of dynamite for the rumble.
  10. Our moms have the same taste. I was just sent the newspaper clipping.
  11. Looks like my trip is a little ahead of yours. Give me the cards and I’ll make sure they work, then I’ll give them back before you go.
  12. I’m going to Tulemar in a couple of months. How’s the Wi-Fi for streaming Netflix and such? Also, is the food at the restaurant onsite pretty good or did you leave the property or cook to get most food? I’ll hang up and listen.
  13. That’s a great narrative. My guess is that the Iranian PR guy was canned and this was written by the front-runner applicant?
  14. I’ve read other opinions here, but I go to LH all the time and only once had bad service. They were slammed that night, so it’s was just forgetting some stuff we ordered. I normally comment on how friendly and accommodating the staff is. I’ve lived here for 12/13 years and only started going here a couple of years ago. The food is very Tex Mex and not spectacular, but it’s passable for a quick meal with the kids and wifey (no pics).
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