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  1. I don’t agree with a lot of this, but banning the DH night sway me.
  2. Lee’s last words were, “Strike the tent.” It’s why I refuse to engage in the clearly racist pursuit of camping.
  3. Fried pickle spears end up with way too much pickle to breading/batter ratio. It’s just an overwhelming mouthful of hot pickle juice. Pass.
  4. I can guarantee that won’t happen.
  5. I think addressing people’s pain and humiliation is actually pretty important. I’d say it’s part of Biden’s appeal; it was part of Bill Clinton’s too.
  6. What do you think “undefeated” means?
  7. Ironically, I just received this text not 20 minutes ago: “Hey, formermav43. Sheena here with TX GOP. Im voting Republican in Nov Help Keep Texas Red. We sent U an absentee ballot application. STOP 2 Stop.”
  8. It’s mostly because they dropped all the B1G and PAC teams who were ranked in the previous preseason addition, so it’s a bit misleading. There were 4 of them ahead of us. We only jumped over Aggy and Auburn.
  9. Ironically, our own network was doing their best to try to stir up a controversy over it last night. Herman did well to just blow it off as a non-issue.
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