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  1. Federation? I think you mean generation, gramps. Looks like cognitive impairment to me.
  2. Don’t ruin my facetious response with a serious answer!
  3. Why should urban patients get priority given that their proximity to each other exacerbates the spread of the virus?
  4. Spread it before you put it in the pan? Not sure what’s so mysterious about that.
  5. Your prior question should be where are all the “just live life and let the virus run unabated” folks. I haven’t seen anyone argue that on this thread. Despite it being the most overused term on the internet, that’s an actual straw man.
  6. That’s doesn’t really reframe the question. The issue in this thread as I see it is not, “Does one gave a moral duty to care for others?” I’d say it’s already implicitly answered that with a “Yes.” The question is: What is the best way to care for others? You’ve defined care too narrowly by limiting it to health. You’ve arguably even defined health too narrowly by limiting it to physical health.
  7. Even if we stipulate to your “inside info” (that, to be clear, I don’t believe), this is still a terrible trade. Having to take back David Johnson makes this worse than the Clowney deal. He’s a net negative with that awful contract-his production could easily be replaced by a RB taken with that surrendered 4th round pick for less than a tenth of the cost. Calling him a has been is too generous, given he has one good season in his career. He’s a never was.
  8. He’s not even the best pass catching RB in Houston named Johnson.
  9. Death looks pretty appealing in comparison.
  10. Maybe. But some of the rhetoric on this thread indicates otherwise.
  11. It’s fascinating that the highly successful doctor chimes in essentially agreeing with the op in theory (even if it’s unworkable in practice), while the mob shouts him down as ignorant.
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