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  1. I think those are in different categories than Redskins, personally (Chief Wahoo was in the Redskins category too). I’d liken Braves and Chiefs to Trojans, Spartans-even Fighting Irish. The terms aren’t inherently derogatory, and, in fact, are intended to evoke positive associations of a fighting spirit.
  2. That’s literally a verbatim quote of your post. And they pull posts to start new threads often, in just that same way, on posts that aren’t political.
  3. I’m not sure how you could answer positively for either of them on that question.
  4. I’m not really in your dreaming camp. Or talking about any sort of large scale shift. I’m just saying that Patrick, personally, is strongly disliked, even by otherwise reliable Republican voters. No one who has an educator in their family voted for him.
  5. Agreed. I know lots of people who voted GOP down the line even in 2018 except for Patrick. There’s a reason his race was so much closer than Abbott’s.
  6. Yeah, calling it hot sauce is old school. But that was standard up until say 30 years ago.
  7. I’m just here for all the redundant Chris Elliott jokes.
  8. Zero chance. Those two are more than a decade away from retirement based on how long most justices stick around these days. Eighty Is the New 70 as Supreme Court Justices Serve Longer and Longer
  9. You know this is the fake hate crime thread, right?
  10. If the alma mater is indeed to symbolize unity, then we should not even attempt to write a new one. The act of removing The Eyes is in itself so divisive that I don’t see how any subsequent song wouldn’t be tainted with that shadow hanging over it.
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