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  1. Yeah, well, Kentucky didn’t even secede. I think you’re missing Mr. Crowder’s point.
  2. Even if she were real, you wouldn’t find another teaching job like Barbers Hill. Pretty sure its teachers are the highest paid in the state. If not, it’s close.
  3. “I don’t really have a dog in the hunt” claims man with more than a quarter of the posts on a 200+ reply thread.
  4. There ought to be an automatic banning for overuse of terms like “McMansion.”
  5. I’m sure he meant the famed Guadalupe River valley.
  6. That depends. IF there are any instances of all caps for emphasis, or [checks notes] references to checking notes, it COULD still be him.
  7. I’d have been thrilled to have a legit excuse to not walk. I tried to skip it in HS, but my mom wouldn’t let me. I skipped graduation at UT to play in a flag football tournament.
  8. I was just referring to paying for one vs the other in general. But yeah, I can actually see some advantages to the hereditary one.
  9. I don’t see any real difference between a hereditary head of state and an elected one. It’s not like US taxpayers don’t pay millions of dollars for the upkeep of the President and his family-including redecorating the White House every time there’s a new one.
  10. It’s a thread solely devoted to celebrating a spicy mayonnaise. What did you expect?
  11. They could. But they’re not “easily” beating anyone from here on out.
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