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  1. It's a distinction that Christians might be kind of interested in. It's kind of what this thread is all about (at least initially).
  2. I know they have a lot more tools to analyze this than we do, but the publicly available metrics all say McCormick is more than adequate defensively.
  3. Not as open as spots 3-5 in the Yankees rotation.
  4. Gotcha. That makes sense now rereading it, but for some reason I thought at first you were talking about 3 different players, not 2.
  5. Sounds like you’re right if you listen to that video, except they want Lee to play everyday in AAA instead of ride the pine. Which explains Salazar (who?)
  6. I mean, it’s not like they will just change the lineup if it doesn’t work.
  7. If it’s not for more than three years, we might as well not hire him. That’s cutting him off at the knees before he even starts. And why would he sign that with other major schools looking at him? But I don’t believe we’d do that.
  8. None of those guys add any value whatsoever. Over the last 3 seasons, for instance, those 3 guys have combined for 1.3 total fWAR. I see no reason to add spare parts from other teams rather than just rolling with what’s in the organization. You can’t be any more worthless, even if you completely suck.
  9. That’s why textual criticism is important. You can’t just “change a few lines here and there” without leaving a trail.
  10. I think there’s some misconceptions out there about how translations work. It’s not as if we don’t have thousands upon thousands of Greek manuscripts, some dating backing to the early 2nd/even late 1st century. There are complete copies of the NT as early as the 4th century. The disagreements between these are usually matters of spelling, a word omitted here or there, a line skipped-basic human error. There are a few places where a verse or even a paragraph might appear in one manuscript and not another, but even these are nearly all insignificant. With the tools of textual criticism, we have a good idea of what the text originally said 99% of the time. And working from a common critical Greek text, no one is then just making up a translation out of whole cloth or anything. Most differences in various versions relate to how literal vs. functional the translation philosophy is. That said, there actually is one key issue in this verse that you’ll see reflected in those versions, and they both are good translations of the Greek: “All Scripture is God-breathed…” is most common; but it’s also possible to render it “Every Scripture breathed out by God is…” The former makes a statement about the nature of Scripture itself; the latter could be construed as saying the “God-breathed” Scripture is useful, but you have to separate that from the rest. So it kind of cuts to the heart of the issue you guys were discussing.
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