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  1. You mean the guy starting the season on the IL?
  2. FYI, I posted the Kidd article they are quoting there early in the thread too.
  3. I also had trouble processing those two posts back to back.
  4. He's just obligated to find a reason to use that gif on every single page.
  5. [Thread derail incoming:] We laugh flat-earthers, anti-vaxers, and the like right off this board. That view has precisely the same degree of credibility in mainstream scholarship. It’s amazing that otherwise serious posters can claim that and then just have it accepted at face value as legitimate, as here.
  6. If you can stand a little theological discussion, here’s a pretty good article critical of the concept from the evangelical historian Thomas Kidd. And if you don’t want to read it, his short definition is similar to what 956 said above: “an understanding of American identity and significance held by Christians wherein the nation is a central actor in the world-historical purposes of the Christian God.“ https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/christian-nationalism-patriotism/?amp
  7. It probably is for the vast majority of fans. I do think some of the moves discussed on this page will alienate some longterm fans who prefer college to the NFL (raises hand).
  8. It would look better if it was just the H in front of a blue star, like it was on the all orange and orange will blue bill caps, instead of that clunky logo.
  9. My wife and I have struggled with “unexplained infertility” for several years. Medically, all the tests say we are both perfectly normal. But she has had multiple miscarriages and difficulty getting pregnant in between. After IUI was unsuccessful, the next step proposed was IVF. We talked about it and decided not to because of ethical discomfort over 1) potentially needing to terminate if there were multiples and 2) especially the question of what to do with leftover embryos-all of the options (indefinite storage, destruction, adoption) made us uneasy. I say all that to say I recognize this is very much a grey area. Reasonable people can come to different conclusions about what is right-not everyone shares our perspective and I completely understand why they don’t. And that’s precisely why the state shouldn’t be dictating this.
  10. This is why optimally you want him batting 2nd (not leadoff or even 3rd). The leadoff hitter has a runner on ahead of them less than any other spot in the lineup; conversely, 3 frequently has at-bats with no one on and 2 out-it’s actually a less important spot than 4 or even 5 in terms of likelihood of having runners on. 2 should be your best overall hitter, one with both high OBP and power.
  11. I’m clearly in the minority, but I’m not really interested in watching that sport.
  12. Yeah, 13 and 14 in last year’s rankings were 9-3 LSU and Arizona. No thanks. Edit: go back a few years and you’ll find 9-4 Stanford in the final rankings of 2017 at 13. Certainly deserving of a playoff spot.
  13. Dusty Baker has entered the chat.
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