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  1. I mean, Jim Edmonds has people who think he belongs in the Hall of Fame for that.
  2. Ok. If we want to be pedantic. Youll thank them later for giving more playing time to the obviously inferior player. Happy now, Dusty?
  3. You’ll thank them for playing the obviously inferior player more later.
  4. The cupboard has been bare for several years now. And yet, they keep getting contributions from the nobodies they bring up. It's not like anyone saw Chas McCormick developing into a top 5 CF, for instance.
  5. His love of Martin Maldonado makes more sense in this light.
  6. Because no one ever spends 5 or 6 years in college before moving on to the real world without playing college football.
  7. formermav43


    I don’t think it’s against negativity so much as abject stupidity.
  8. *berth, that is. A CFP birth would be completely different. Too late to edit.
  9. If all Sark accomplished was actually running off Randolph Duke, that’s still money well spent. The conference title and CFP birth are gravy.
  10. formermav43


    I missed this thread the first time around. But if the posts at the top of this page calling for Murphy to be used in the red zone-as a runner, no less-are characteristic of those brilliant criticisms you’re defending, you might want to just take the loss.
  11. The reanimated corpse of DKR couldn’t get away with that hire.
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