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  1. got paid. jimbo don't care.
  2. fuck no. you take that damn thing with you to your death bed. even when the petabit interwebs are free.
  3. he had nubs at the ends of his radius/ulna before the wrists but was able to use a powered screwdriver without much effort. guy also had a very think russian accent, so i decided to keep my curiosity to myself.
  4. stupid sip. our reseevers are primed for brake-out seasons!
  5. back in 2004(?) i had a panasonic plasma that started freaking out after only a month. guy that services for panasonic comes over and fixes it. takes him ~15 minutes. oh yeah, he didn't have hands.
  6. hbo (max) has always been +$5 for me. initially (aug 2017) the service was $35+$5, and then in aug 2018 they raised it to $40+$5. raised again in apr 2019 to $50+$5, and then $60+$5 in dec 2019.
  7. this and atomic dog is how i would summarize power tools in the early 90s.
  8. what about the going-ons and happenings within the gaps?
  9. yeah, you won't typically see shows like decline of western civilization unless it's a late weekend night. there were a lot of music-related shows on recently due to tcm's end of summer tour. "jimi plays monterey" was on as well, which i had never seen before.
  10. anyone else still hanging on to their grandfathered directv att now go big subscription? $65 and includes hbo max. we definitely watch hbo max way more than att tv, but att isn't too shabby for sports.
  11. if it's an oils and scents board, i'm so fucking in.
  12. this shit really works. fyi, you may end up in a northeast austin warehouse, but that's just an artifact of the transcendental sukshmal worm hole. the shackles are for your protection and will disintegrate upon the final internal mandala emission. it doesn't hurt that neikea has some rats.
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