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  1. http://www.slicingupeyeballs.com/2020/01/13/ministry-kmfdm-front-line-assembly-tour/
  2. do they typically include "original" members on stage? vince clark was a helluva musician for depeche mode in the early days.
  3. get ready for a shitload of more flopping when they can't keep up the pace.
  4. this game has been going on for many years. you either switch back and forth between service providers (if possible) or try to negotiate a better rate.
  5. improving algorithms for air and underwater clusters/hives/swarms/sharts/etc have been a goal for awhile. it's pretty fucking cool shit. maybe grasshoppers will get their machine guns after all.
  6. so you're eskimo bros with a burro? that's fantastic.
  7. steaming, you say? now that's some next level shit.
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