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  1. so far, everything appears to be ho. quite a few landscape/building bits as well.
  2. i was handed a huge collection of train stuff from the 40s to the 80s. no idea where to start, and the condition is mint or barely used. i am assuming the first recommended step is to order a conductor's cap on amazon. what's step two?
  3. hah! probably back orifice and/or bo2k. the funny thing about that tool is that the early release version actually installed the trojan on your system when you used the front-end to exploit other systems. supposedly that was a "mistake".
  4. just finished this overall, it was a nice trip back in time when dial-up bulletin boards were the shit. always enjoyed many of the cDc members for their sense of humor. the title is a bit sensationalist, but i suppose that mirrors some of the member's egos.
  5. can't tell you how many hours we spent playing one-on-one back in the 80s. graphics are just a tad better in nba 2k.
  6. if you're really hard up for some basketball, kevin durant is on espn right now playing nba 2k. sporting texas gear as well.
  7. 1.5 stars for early morning breeze? total bullshit.
  8. damn. i thought this was going to be a 'yo momma' thread.
  9. if you're a tcm junkie, don't forget about the upcoming classic film festival - home edition 4/16-19 http://filmfestival.tcm.com/special-home-edition/
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