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  1. They buried the lede in those articles, at least for Surly purposes. Simply put, we on Surly are all Pancho Nevarez.
  2. As for your fundamental disagreement, I'll put it another way. No writer wants to go through the Herculean effort of writing a megasourced 15,000-word ouevre over the course of many months, dealing with pesky editors and fact-checkers all along the way, to essentially argue that a heinous murderer get tried and convicted again for a crime that writer 99.99999999 percent believes he committed anyway. Again, the Rodney Reeds of the world reap what they sow.
  3. Yeah this kinda bitchmade "But they were steeeeallllinnnggg" shit comes down the pike every few years. There's some faux outrage and then it all fizzles out.
  4. The ebil racist cop arranged the body like Dexter and the racist Bastrop County lawmen helped him get away with it! On a more serious note, another journalist I know (a hard news guy, not a music critic like Corcoran) was musing online about why he never published a story on Reed's case. He has cubic yards of papers on it, has interviewed dozens of people, and never pulled the trigger because he believed the story was too complex for anything shorter than about 15,000 words, and the Houston Chronicle wasn't going to give him that much space for what they viewed as an Austin murder. (He was the Chron's Austin bureau chief, back when papers had those kinds of jobs.) Anyway, despite all the complexities, he believes these three things are true: No conceivable way the cop could have done it. Reed did do it. He is less certain about this than he is about number 1, but only an infinitesimal amount. Although he believes that beyond reasonable doubt that Reed is guilty as sin, he thinks that Bastrop County did not give him a fair trial. And that was one reason he didn't want to commit to a story. Nobody (except lawyers) wants to read about the railroading of a man guilty of a heinous crime. I've covered a trial like this, albeit one with lower stakes. The defendant was not a murderer, but he was a violent sociopath with many victims, most of them well-off Houstonians. This guy, Dinesh Shah, was so awful, his own civil attorney wrote a tell-all expose about him called River Oaks Monster. His MO was to befriend strangers and very slowly draw them into a web of deceit and then take over their whole lives: bank accounts, houses, cars, everything. One of his victims was an Exxon heiress and her whole family -- he installed himself in her house as the head of household for years, beating on her and the kids and stealing them blind. He wasn't fucking her though -- he spent the money he stole on boytoys, some of whom he also abused and robbed blind. That was what this trial was about. He essentially took over the mind and bank account of a male Swedish dancer, and then started blowing him after he was high and drunk. Kind of the Kevin Spacey deal of semi-raping straight dudes. And Shah would beat the dude up every now and then, too. And when he got called to court to answer for a felony assault rap, it was plain as day that his trial was rigged as fuck. His court-appointed lawyer had just been purged from the DA's office in one of those inevitable post-electoral bloodlettings, and he'd worked with / been drinking buddies with both the ADA and the judge, and it sure looked to me like the three of them had conspired to see to it that Shah got the max sentence, which he did. Was it a miscarriage of justice, as justice is defined by criminal lawyers in law school? Absolutely. Did Shah appeal, claiming he didn't get a fair shake at trial? Yes. Did that make a shit to the CCA? Hell naw. Was true justice served in putting this guy away for as long as possible? Definitely. Sometimes as a journalist you see some misdeeds you choose not to report on because you are serving the greater good by keeping your yap shut. That was the case here. Dinesh Shah reaped what he sowed and did not deserve to have anyone clutching pearls over his comically (or more likely intentionally) terrible defense attorney. Rodney Reed is another scumbag who does not deserve even a gram of the support he's getting. Go fight the death penalty in the abstract. Don't make him the poster boy for shit.
  5. Two or three lefties on my Facebook feed were posting pro-protestor stuff on the assumption that whoever was in control of Bolivia was right wing and so cops going over to the protestors had to be a good thing. They did about faces when they found out Evo was leftist.
  6. Probably wrecked his liver with the acetomenophen they put on Vikes
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