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  1. And who pays for that representation? You and me.
  2. She's no "Lindsey Woods," who I've been made to understand appears in videos on various sites frequented by lonely men.
  3. Well, city hall is doing the right thing by coming down on the cops hard. Riots aren't logical but they do get attention. Here is what Jefferson said on the matter in the aftermath of Shays' Rebellion:
  4. A vigilante was reported driving into the crowd and running people over towards the end of that feed. That you, Hornsby?
  5. Okay, Great Tory. I am sure there were plenty of concern trolls in Boston in 1776 too.
  6. Yeah, just like the patriots in the Boston Massacre, right? Absent colonialist and loyalist stores, the rest will have to do...Note the massacre did not begin with an assault on the British army barracks.
  7. Eh, fuck off with that. You know what finally brought about change to the LAPD? Massive rioting. As has been noted upthread, violent resistance is the basis on which America and Texas were founded...The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots, as Jefferson memorably noted.
  8. I was 12 and exiled with my Texan family in Nashville when he was recruited -- my dad subscribed to some magazine and I read we'd landed a 6'3" ****** from a little town called Hawkins....Basically we got none of the games that year on Nashville TV, but my dad got us copies of the newspapers from Dallas after that RRS breakout performance, and I cut all this pictures out of the paper and plastered them on my wall. A week or so later we played Pig and he got hurt on the first play of the game on some nondescript run up the middle and that was effectively all she wrote for Edwin Simmons...Remember at around the same time, SMU got Reggie Dupard and OU got Marcus Dupree and it seemed like all of us had these Cadillac backs and none of them panned out like anybody hoped.
  9. What could have been if Edwin Simmons's legs were of equal length. One was a half inch longer than the other, which led to knee problems, which led to us having no offense in 1983, thereby negating the best defense in UT history, and enabling fucking Georgia to...whatever...Laugh all you want about his shroom addled nekkid escapades after he'd become a JAG, but pre-injury he was poised to have joined the canon of great Longhorn backs, and had he done so, there might not have been the rapid descent into shitdom of the mid and late Akers period.
  10. I used to paint houses for free wine at 20...No complaints. No return engagements either.
  11. Man, some of y'all give India and China too much credit. Yes, they've got glitz in the cities and such but each of those countries has a billion or so people living in abject poverty. While it seems that leadership's goal in America is to bring that standard to our shores, we have a ways to go before people are shitting in the street are riding on the tops of speeding train cars or living 15 to a 400 sq-ft. apartment in some huge city nobody outside of China has ever heard of.
  12. I don't know if any can beat Mr Jelly Lord
  13. You know who you fuckin' with? That is not the way I heard it from Bushwick Bill.
  14. When he got up the stairs and turned on the light, he saw that "Welcome to the disease that there is no cure for" was written on the mirror in lipstick.
  15. To make things worse one of the dudes I worked with at the time who used to be even thirstier than I was for her -- only because he was allowed to be, as a single man -- denies how he used to drool over her in the break room with me. She is like a phantom ship of the deep; she fired a broadside into my ribs and sailed off into the fog, leaving behind only review on college professor sites to taunt me with her existence. Nevertheless, I will: until one day her pics show up on the Internet.
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