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  1. Some old fart on my FB feed hit some kind of jackpot of suckiness today. 1. First, he posted that spurious Trump quote where he supposedly said that if he ran for president, he'd run as a Republican because they are dumb and believe everything they see on Fox News. 2. That thing is not only made up, it's also fucking old. Welcome to 2016, boomer. 3. Not only did he post that quote, but HE DID IT VIA FORWARDING THE VERY SNOPES POST THAT DEBUNKS IT. 4. HIs cronies liked it five times and two chimed in with posts agreeing with him before somebody finally called attention to the fake news aspect. 5. At which point he doubled down with the classic "He may not have said it but it's definitely what he thinks." 6. A full day later, he hasn't taken it down.
  2. Back then he wasn't much of a mess at all. Not that we hung out a ton, but I saw him at a few parties and I never even thought he was a drinker drinker...Must have been late onset for him.
  3. But the whole thing is muddled by our changing perceptions of Russia. I was confused enough as a Cold War kid being taught that they used to be good (when they were killing Nazis) but were terrible now because they wanted to nuke us. And then I learned that back when they were supposed to be good, they picked a fight with poor little Finland. And Poland too. Fast forward to 1989 and they are good again, and then Putin comes along and they are bad. And we are supposed to think Sanders is terrible because he went to old bad Russia at the very same time Trump is playing footsie with new bad Russia? The whole thing seems like a toss-up to me.
  4. Try as they might, they can't compete with the Scots and their effortless invective.
  5. I objected to the hysterical and melodramatic application of the term "genocide" to what happened in Castro's Cuba. Castro's loyalists say our blockade is the real genocide down there, but that is also hysterical and melodramatic. If you are looking for something approaching an actual genocide in Cuba, blame the Spanish -- by one estimate I saw, they killed 400000 Cubans in concentration camps at the end of their colonial rule. Go ahead and Google "Cuban Genocide." You'd think it would be easy to come up with dozens of hits from reliable sources instead of a stray article from a daily newspaper couched in skeptical language and more credulous pieces from the likes of CSN News.
  6. I'm as left as almost anybody on this board and I've been over Trump Derangment Syndrome for about a year now. I am so fucking sick of the online ritual of fresh outrage / howls of condemnation / nothing gets done / repeat over and over again. Some of my friends have got it so bad they will drag Trump into threads that have nothing to do with politics at all, the same way lunatics on the right gave rise to the "Thanks Obama" meme. A few others vilify you for even talking about the Democratic primary without first showing your anti-Trump credentials. Bama Chick called out our own Sandernista Brigade for not participating enough in the Trump hate circle jerk thread, and I've been personally attacked for not demonstrating my Dotard loathing often enough. Note, you don't have to praise him or even mention him at all -- just failing to lay into him is enough, even when you are talking about some other aspect of the political scene. It's almost like the reverse of how some (maybe all?) Muslims won't say the prophet's name with throwing in a "Praise be unto him" or just "Pbuh." It's like you have to say "Fuck Trump, I really like Sanders's chances on Super Tuesday," or "May Trump's carcass be shat on by vultures with cholera for eternity, but Bernie might have improved his chances to flip Michigan by snubbing AIPAC."
  7. I'm quibbling over the term "genocide" that was introduced by some idiot regarding Castro. I am almost 50 years old and this thread is the first time I've ever heard of Castro's genocide. It looks like the anti-Castro fanatics in Florida tried to sell that bullshit years ago and the rest of the world was just like 'Nah, sorry, this may suck but it's not genocide. It's not the Holocaust, not the Armenian genocide, not Hutus and Tutsis, not the Irish potato famine, not Stalin or Mao's purges, not the Rape of Nanking, not the 'settling of the American west,' not any number of bloodlettings in the Balkans or Central America, but just plain old post-revolutionary reprisals wherein somewhere between 200 and 10000 people were killed depending on which side you believe in a country of 12 or so million." Castro's regime sucked but you have to wonder if he might have toned down the paranoia a little bit if our government didn't hatch dozens of attempts on his life, foment rebellion against him on our shores for decades, institute a travel ban on Americans and a crippling embargo, and oh yeah, launch a half-hearted full-scale invasion of his country. If the shoe were on the other foot, if Castro had the way and means to fuck with America the way we did him, many of the posters on this board would be hollering for weekly mass executions of suspected spies and traitors and reporting posts by the regime's haters to the Internet Police. Maybe justifiably.
  8. Even the Florida paper that ran that 22-year-old story cast a little shade on the number cited by that not-biased-at-all advocacy group. I've seen numbers ranging from 238 executions (Amnesty International) to tens of thousands (various anti-Castro groups). And even if it was 10000 or 20000 that's hardly a genocide in the context of a civil war / revolution.
  9. Commies love BBQ -- Castro proved it when he came to Houston in 1959. Bernie is going to give us Brisket4All.
  10. Well, I am sorry but it does. Many of the Miami Cubans were ardent supporters of a grotesque and corrupt dictatorship and then they get to come to America and give us eight years of Bush. Sorry I am bothered by that.
  11. Cite statistics for this "near genocide" please. That number diminishes in Florida every day as the old Cubans die off and more and more Puerto Ricans, South Americans, Haitians, and Dominicans take their place. And it's always bothered me that because of a quirk in our electoral politics, the entire nation has to bow down and blow a few cranky old rich Cubans in Miami. And while a win in Florida would be nice, it is not being counted on as necessary.
  12. Newsflash, fellow olds: virtually nobody under 45 gives a shit about Castro and Cuba. Most people think it's bizarre and vindictive that we still have an embargo against them, and find it un-American that we as ostensibly free people are forbidden to visit Cuba.
  13. I was pro-Bernie in 2016 but didn't vote in the Texas primary because why bother? I did vote for HRC in the general. I guess that vote didn't matter either but it was more of a protest vs Trump than an endorsement of Hillary. I wonder how many others out there are like me and what that would do to the "Bernie Bros cost Hillary the election" trope.
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