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  1. Interesting to me how she flips her accent off and on...That's not Frisco....That's Corsicana or Palestine or Sherman or some shit.
  2. Sad TTom hasn't checked back in but he probably has important work to do... While we are all here, am I the only one who thinks Macklemore is Iconoclast reborn?
  3. Kinda looks like something Bama would use too with that mean elephant.
  4. Yeah, it's paywalled, but worth the $4.95 or whatever for all you Jenna Ryan fans. Half of this episode is devoted to her and most of it is in her own voice. Q Anon Anonymous, newest episode "Insurrection Hangover."
  5. Eh, I think she was a partial decomp when they found her body, so it can take awhile to autopsy, and I am sure HPD knows where that choad is. Now they have a cause of death they will start turning the screws. This is the kind of case they really don't want to fuck up and it seems like a slam dunk. But who knows.
  6. Jenna? I think she ebbs and flows with her wine box and her Xanax.
  7. Why are we fussing about him being released? Do we want him held without bond? And it's not like he hasn't already been fired from HPD. I fail to see anything to get outraged about here unless the police union gets him reinstated and he walks on all charges after his day in court but that's months away.
  8. I was expecting a scandal at his funeral when his second family showed up, but he was temporarily divorced from wife 7&8 (I think they had two go rounds) so it wouldn't be such a big deal. He died a bachelor.
  9. I hate Texans who say "you guys" when a "y'all" would suffice.
  10. If she gets plenty of hard time, I volunteer to be on her conjugal visitors list.
  11. If and only if the looky loos in the crowd get leniency in exchange for decades in prison for the hotheads, if and only if that is the case will this not piss me off.
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