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  1. I went to his condo one time about 30 years ago. He and my dad go way, way back. (I am sure dad knew Cajun's dad, too.) Dusty's place back then was kind of in the Greenway area and not real fancy, but it did have this cool touch: the carpet in the living room had four luminescent, dimmable bass strings woven into it. I remember dad telling me Dusty gave him a tour and took him in the kitchen -- "Got a real nice oven and fridge if you are into that kinda shit," he said. I don't think he was a home chef. Later he bought a palace on the bay down in San Leon. As the birthplace of the Bandidos, that was about perfect for Dusty. My dad was a whole lot tighter with Dusty's brother Rocky, who was one of the greatest white boy blues-rock guitarists who ever lived. Yep, better than Billy. He was just too crazy to sustain a career. Check out Rocky's cover of a Townes song here. (Crank it up for best effect):
  2. First time I saw one I was really excited. I thought it was going to have cool stuff like model trains and army men you could paint. So I took my son down there and I have never seen so much nothin' under one roof in all my life. It's like there was stuff in there, but so valueless to me it appeared to be invisible.
  3. If Tom Hanks had died the Q Anon crowd would have rejoiced, believing that the Storm was on. He is near the top of The List for them. They would come to believe that covid might be some kind of Jesus-granted Holy Fire.
  4. Gilgamesh Dream Tablets were better in the '80s....I remember when they were still legal and people would just leave out a salad bowl full of them at parties. Good times, my friends, very good times.
  5. I've posted this before, but re Journey and the finale: When he punches up "Don't Stop Believin'" on the little jukebox, the B-side is "Any Way You Want It." That is inaccurate. Though it happens fairly often by mistake, bands did not try to put two hits on one single, for obvious reasons. The real B-side to "Don't Stop Believin'" was something you've probably never heard unless you are a Journey superfan -- a song called "Natural Thing." You have to think an extremely-detailed guy like Chase would not get that wrong by mistake, so I believe "Any Way You Want It" tells us what exactly happened to Tony. If you wanted him to die, he died; if you wanted him to live, he lived. In addition to his attention to detail, Chase is also a big fan of ambiguity, to the point where he would end a shows like this in exactly that way. I do know he was not a fan of those fans who wanted to see Tony whacked in front of his family.
  6. In the mid 1980s, Bay City HS had the country's most highly-sought football player in Dykes, most-coveted basketball player in LaBradford Smith, and a future Olympic gold medal sprinter (Joe DeLoach) all enrolled at the same time.
  7. I researched that a year or two ago and vaguely remembered there had been one such year...the one year I spent exactly zero days in America, in between two more I spent only a couple of months...the sum total I knew of college football from those years came via cassette tapes my dad would send me of Horn games two weeks after they were played. (And they were usually losses....)
  8. What a shitshow of a half inning...it had everything...
  9. Whoa...so this means we are only looking at Joe Biden, Kamala, the White House Press Corp, Psaki at 80 PERCENT OF THEIR ACTUAL SIZE! Because if it's true that Biden is running the government out of Tyler Perry's hidden replicant White House, then everyone and everything that goes on to the property would have to be shrunk to fit, right? You couldn't have full-size visitors with their feet sticking two feet out of their bed in the Lincoln Bedroom, now, could you? I didn't think so. So I have more questions.... Are these 80 percent-size White House people clones or have they all been shrunk and how do they look normal again when they leave the White House. That makes me think they must be clones, but there might also be a stretchy-shrinky machine involved.
  10. See also: NC State, Stanford. Mack's two early WTF games. DeLoss said the UH AD's grandchildren's grandchildren would be dead before UT scheduled UH again after Bleachergate '01. I am all for Rice games but they need to knock that Reliant shit off and play those games at Rice.
  11. George P shouldn't have tried to put up that statue of Santa Anna at the Alamo...
  12. The cheating was just a tool... The networks wanted the SWC broken up long before they succeeded in doing so. When told the contrary, the old-school redass BMDs dug in with their awl money and their Texan pride and told the networks one state plus Arkansas was enough, and when the Pigs left, Texas was enough on its own. There was this belief among that generation that the state of Texas had unlimited football powers -- I mean, just a few years ago, you had Dan Jenkins, a very smart guy but very much of his era, telling people that it didn't matter how many blue chip recruits went out of state or that Texas high schools are now expected to roster up 12 FBS programs -- our HS talent is infinite. That's just not true -- for a while that seemed to be the case with Florida, but what we've seen there is that you can really only have two elite schools in one state at any one time, and that's pushing it. (If you look back over the decades of Gator, Nole and Cane dominance, there was never a year where all three of them were truly elite at the same time, and now that they are having to compete with all those other FBS schools., they are lucky to have one elite team a year.) So back then the BMDs at schools like SMU and aggy and some of our own were dug in on the idea that the SWC could thrive and survive on the level of football our teams played here and for the first half of the '80s, it was working. Yes, Texas had a bunch of D-1 schools, but realistically, only UT, UH, and aggy with much of a recent past, and SMU with lots of money and clout at the time. Then the networks sicced the NCAA on us and it all fell apart. We sucked even while cheating, SMU was executed, aggy was allowed to cheat but even so they are still aggy, Bill Yeoman got old and too lazy to even hide his cheating, and the trickle of blue chips going to schools like Miami, Colorado, the Pac Ten, Notre Dame and elsewhere turned into a firehose. It wasn't that we were losing most dudes to LSU or more than usual to Oklahoma or a bunch of the best of the best to one school like today's Alabama -- they were going all over the place. There wasn't a legit national title contender at all out of the SWC from our 1983 team through the end of the conference in '96. Effectively we were no longer a Power 5 conference in all those years. The NCAA gave SMU the death penalty and not aggy because SMU didn't fit in the networks' future plans and aggy did. We should have taken note of this and realized it also applied to us and acted accordingly, but those awful days are behind us now. We re-exerted our dominance from 1998 on and are on the cusp of doing it again.
  13. All this talk of lawn care has us straying from the point: that Houston is run by a syndicate of Crips, MS-13, Chinese Tongs and Vietnamese gangs with a murder rate exceeding Honduras and more rape than the Congo. Or so I've been told.
  14. We used to hang out on my porch real late when I lived in Houston's Museum District. Our quadplex was on a reasonably busy backstreet corner with a four-way stop. Around two or three one morning this Range Rover came to the stop sign and then just sat there....One minute, two, three, five...After about ten minutes I went over and checked it out and it was a middle-aged couple, BOTH passed out. The driver woke up and said nothing, kinda looked at me sheepishly and drove away....I couldn't smell booze, but then I was drunk too, so...
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