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  1. Came here to see if Antifa has seized the Capitol and "blown up" APD yet. Facebook says tonight's the big night.
  2. Sturgis: 250,000 Lone Bikers of our Shared Apoclaypse
  3. Kinda like a guy I know named David Duke....He has to use a fake name on Facebook. Oh, and he's Jewish, so there's that too. You think Michael Bolton from Office Space had it bad...
  4. A friend of mine got popped like that when he was in undergrad, did his time, and forgot all about it...It came back to bite him in the ass when he enrolled in law school and checked "no" on the "have you ever been suspended by the University" because he really did just forget about it. He got busted with a flask in his boot, the stadium cop made him out it out, he was turned away from the game (or maybe he wasn't), and his name went into some file and that was pretty much it....But then this popped up and he almost had to hire a lawyer so that he could get into law school.
  5. I keep telling y'all: "Reimagine Public Safety."
  6. Yeah my source told me later that same day the deal fell through due to some weirdness on their end.
  7. Per testimony, his dong is weirdly egg-shaped.
  8. If he really went and hollered at mourners....shit, is he working toward an insanity defense he probably won't even need? Seriously...under Texas law as it stands now it seems like the one dude who would be in the most trouble is the unnamed idiot who popped off three shots at Perry's car as it was driving away. That dude was under no threat to his life and endangered dozens of others. But then if Perry went and taunted mourners? That's well, something....Dude is psycho whether or not that comes before the court.
  9. IMHO that is not what AA is designed to do...Sounds like a dual-diagnosis type issue and those are very thorny and straddle medicine, psychiatry and recovery. I'd seek physicians with expertise in dual-diagnoses / addiction.
  10. A reliable source tells me that rumors of the Tall Texan's demise might be greatly exaggerated. I wood not reveal this White Knight's identity but some of you might be able to cotton on to who it might be.
  11. Per official news, Alice's Tall Texan, the realest beer joint in the Heights area of Houston still existing, is slated to close forever at the end of August. A reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous says that will not be the case; it could be a change of ownership will keep it alive. (The dude is not a douchebag to it won't change much if at all.)
  12. When I was backpacking Europe about 30 years ago this chick from rural Wisconsin said "You're from Texas? Whow, you're ex-scent is not thet beyyud." Or whatever. She was kinda hot but nothing transpired between us.
  13. We have a whole thread for this. Vic's POF thread is >>>>>
  14. Nothing is more mesmerizing in combination.
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