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  1. It's pretty brutal in houston right now. Any job that is posted gets like 200 applications in a few days. If anybody is looking for a reservoir/reserves engineer let me know.
  2. I went for lunch today. It was fine but nothing special. They are still working out the kinks so I'll hold final judgment for a bit but yeah I don't see how they make it.
  3. I haven't been to either yet but why is la grande rue trash?
  4. I'd argue when the built the Frost tower. What say you?
  5. Sounds like a Katz's is going in at that now empty lot south of the HEB on Shepherd.
  6. So it will be open in three years?
  7. Those poor bastards. I hope it's not the mid size operator I think it is.
  8. To be fair you really didn't wasnt to hear the sweet songs of Dave south.

    Time to visit Waco

    Not scrolling through the whole thread but really gonna be disappointed if never and only to get your roll on weren't replies.
  10. Something about a user name.
  11. I'd suggest staying away from the politics and recruiting boards.
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