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    When will this country ever learn that a familiar name isn't qualified and or fit to take office no matter what letter is next to said name?
  2. Saw clerks there when it came out. Last time I was there was probably a lebowski quote along.
  3. Fished east bay today. It was more out of curiosity than anything because it was pretty windy for a while but ended up a pretty decent day. 3 slot reds, 1 keeper size flounder and a bunch of dink reds, trout, and flounder. Only sign of any fish kill was one 30"+ redfish washed up near the ramp.
  4. Nothing wrong with the bloodlines. You guys keep targeting trout. I'll keep a few of them as by catch and focus on the real fish.
  5. Yep. Paul prudhomme made it popular in the 80s and suddenly a fish that nobody wanted to clean was in super high demand.
  6. Also the ones over the slot limit are a lot tougher and good luck cleaning them.
  7. It's the corn feeder of the fishing world. Good for a meat haul but not the most sporting.
  8. Saves space but really it's because most of the year here, the attic is much hotter than the rest of the house and saves a bit on the heating cost.
  9. Except that the furnace is right next to the gas hot water heater in many cases.
  10. Battery died on one of mine last night. Thank God it was on the lower hanging ones.
  11. I'm not saying this was all caused by wind going down. Just highlighting that those "iffy assumptions" aren't so iffy.
  12. What are 4 spinning wheels going to do that 2 won't?
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