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  1. Trch down 30% today. Hopefully you sold this morning.
  2. You took a flyer on a company that has virtually no production and had no real ability to increase production? Yeah if you sell you will make out but can we get a list of your other investments so we can stay away?
  3. Apparently you're not familiar with the blast furnace thread.
  4. I'm pretty sure exxon has done this forever.
  5. Has she considered smoking a joint curbside before checking in?
  6. The juxtaposition of these two posts is the first time I can recall seeing this.
  7. Only in the fact that the line is at the beginning of the movie. The whole movie is quotable and I'm pretty sure the script is more than 3 pages.
  8. In fact you purchased the ticket for Mrs. mdmost. Doesn't mean I want her sitting next to me does it?
  9. Bill is the same as he's always been. The difference is that today there is no room for any criticism of the team. He's always called it like he's seen it.
  10. Not sure why I didn't do this before but buy some of those 3 Oz plastic bottles at the drug store. Fill with whatever booze you prefer. Put it in your shaving kit. Profit.
  11. Depends what you are looking to target. I know the yellowfin have been making their way up to Southern California waters in recent years.
  12. You honestly think she wrote that statement?
  13. Nobody does the gel pump?
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