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  1. Is this a ... what day is this? Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  2. Should have just titled this "I watched John Oliver last week" Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  3. Make that the second biggest. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  4. Jesus, its only the biggest God damned hole in the world. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  5. I got a new phone and tried to find surly on tapa. It says cant be found/network error. It seems to be a tapa issue but has anyone found a work around? On the plus side I was able to reset my password finally on the website so kuddos to Imma and BL on that.
  6. And somehow manny became all world moving 500 miles east.
  7. The wife has ordered food to the office instead of home as intended at least 3 times.
  8. I voted against the choo choo 20 years ago because this won't get halfway from the airport to 35 or whatever equivalent. In theory it's great but as Harvey said, good luck gentlemen.
  9. I was there two weeks ago and saw the trump and rebel flags on the same golf cart.
  10. Do you not remember the original Karen? Eddie Adams mom.
  11. Yes there's a difference between eur and economic barrels. In our world these things matter.
  12. Doesnt have to do with the virus really but the staff of Reserve 101 bought it out from management and is going to realize the potential that space always had.
  13. My wife's friend has been staying with us the past week. It's amazing how many things are chingaderas.
  14. I think he means regardless of price the EUR was cut in half with reasonable assumptions.
  15. Captualtion will come one way or another in the fall.
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