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  1. This is a common quote with my family.
  2. Perhaps in the future, technology will allow a more thorough investigation of the wreckage.
  3. Theres no way this things gets finished before 2050 if ever and there will be at least $100 billion spent.
  4. Maybe because it was the easiest kick ever to recover but they were too fucking stupid to jump on it.
  5. Is this somehow different than getting food delivered or getting takeout?
  6. October is a shoulder month. This is fairly v typical especially combined with the market sell off in general.
  7. In 6 weeks. Yep nothing to see here. The game hasn't suddenly changed. We don't need target golf in the middle of the desert. Everything will work itself out.
  8. I've seen postings that got several hundred applications in less than a day. Its absolutely brutal right now.
  9. Doesn't mean he's not. He won one major. Let's tap the breaks on how he's reinvented the game. I do know he didn't do shit before 3 months of down time with nothing but shakes and weights.
  10. Forgot to add its basically this is us combined with parts of Apollo 13. Show had potential and I'm pot committed at this point but very disappointing.
  11. Is that what they're calling it these days?
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