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  1. Sold my 2019 Tundra for about what I paid for it two years ago to Carvana. I was willing to buy 2016 or newer 4wd 4Runner with 30-75k miles. The prices were all close to new. It took 4 weeks to find what I wanted. Now to find an empty basket for the roof. . .
  2. I doubt the realtor moves. They probably specialize in helping military folks that often have to shop remotely and with hurried schedule. When I was in the navy there was always a realtor in the area that the welcome team would refer to people that were coming in the next few months. They idea was they are used to handling VA loan buyers and people with tight schedules. They’d also help you sell with a similarly tight schedule or find renters when you left. They weren’t afraid to handle everything for you if you had to deploy or whatever.
  3. What is the opinion on Sunday? I see ads on fb for a service that will formalize a plan for your lawn and ship the chemicals to you.
  4. The realtors in our neighborhood did not disagree. Our hood for the last few years was a $280-350k appraisal. Every house is listed way over recent appraisal and winning bid is $100k over that
  5. Buying ammo can be costly.
  6. Academy round rock has ammo Limit 2 boxes. Got some 9mm.
  7. Are you in austin? If so I’ll take any 9mm at retail. If not in austin anyone closer can come get it. It looked like 8 boxes plus the 25 rounds of hornady.
  8. Been thinking about this since you posted. Verdict?
  9. Yeah. Not good. Rami Malek is not a great actor. I was mildly intrigued in Mr Robot. Thought he was okay in Bohemian Rhapsody and thought he added nothing in this show.
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