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  1. GottaB

    Best Pocket Knife?

    Hmm. Interesting. When I think of good thin blades, I think opinel. Pick your size. I didn’t think of other slip joints as having relatively thin blades but you have a point. I guess they tend to be Shorter, narrower and thinner. As for modern folders, I have never liked the real thick, robust knives. It seems like I always end up going with the “mini” version of a model. Benchmade Mini griptillian, mini bugout, delica (vs endura), Small sebenza. Kershaw leek ( vs a Blur). I want a knife I will carry and for me to carry it has to be unnoticeable until I need it. Most slipjoints I have don’t have pocket clips. I don’t want anything sitting at the bottom of my pocket with my keys. And I don’t really like needing two hands to open like most of my small Buck folders. I do have a Kizer Zipslip which is a slip joint but has the blade and body shape of a mini-grip.
  2. I have sang the song. A lot. Decades worth and I never thought of it as racist and I don’t do it with racist intent. I don’t begrudge anyone singing the song. What I was saying is that IF. And that is a big IF. IF We as a community decide this indeed is a song with racist roots and is truly offensive to our students and specifically to our student athletes, and come to the agreement to replace our song, we all know there will be racist douchebags that will continue to sing it, not just out of habit or tradition, but as a mean spirited dig at the black athletes. And it sucks that we have racist douchebags.
  3. I haven’t read the thread. Someone may have already mentioned it. My concern is the racist douchebags will insist on singing it “to keep up the tradition” and piss off minorities and create a toxic environment.
  4. GottaB

    Tool Talk

    I have a few Dewalt ratchet sets and they work well enough for me. They are heavier than my old craftsman set but seem well made.
  5. What if it goes from a VA loan to conventional?
  6. I verified. I have a 2.4 L I4 CVT. like it because it’s smooth and has good pick up when I take off at a light. There is a mimicked gear change but it happens at a point past where my other automatics would happen so I’m going faster than it feels like. Beyond that I never notice it except when I jump in my wife’s car and notice all the gear changes.
  7. My accord has one I think. I really like it.
  8. GottaB

    Best Pocket Knife?

    I did like the kershaw leek too. But, again, I’d rather have a delica or bugout in my pocket.
  9. GottaB

    Best Pocket Knife?

    I’ve owned a lot of kershaw. Sold most of them. They’re good but they aren’t the same to me as the others mentioned. Spyderco is a step up. BM is too. Kershaw has a spectrum and their mid level end is not close to Benchmade anything. Their high end maybe competes. I never dropped for their higher stuff because I never saw anything pricey that caught my attention as something I’d want. I imagine at the >$130 range you probably get more for your money with kershaw than Benchmade The same way spyderco Sage level competes with Benchmade at their price point. But even spyderco low end stuff (not the Byrd series, but actual tenacious / persistence ballpark) is on par with most of the kershaw you see at academy and cabelas. And I’d take a delica over most of what I’ve seen from kershaw on the shelves. The Kershaw Blur is a really good knife, but I’d go with a griptillian / bugout over a blur or any $75-100 kershaw. They do make some interesting $30-40 knives (cryo, shuffle, and some others) but I won’t Carrey them because I have other knives I like more.
  10. I liked the shield. My buddy had one. For the price now they are a great value too. The gen 1 had a gritty trigger and ran ~$500. Like the M&P full size, I think the gen 2 had an improved trigger and much less expensive.
  11. Watched last night. Good flick. Not toy story or cars or monsters inc. by that I mean I doubt there will be a sequel and I doubt they’ll create a new wing at disneyworld based on it, but it was a good story.
  12. Every time someone mentions commercials I think of the Aiwa Another one bites the dust.
  13. Yeah. Something. I was trying to fall asleep but kept up all the way through it saying “what the...” It was different.
  14. Buchanan little over a week ago. I caught the two catfish. Middle of the day. One on a rat l trap.
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