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  1. Spank you. Spank you very much. I often post without reviewing how I typed or fix any sentence structure issues.
  2. Accord. Yeah. I’m not sure if even a low profile bottle jack would have worked.
  3. Yep. Had a cell phone and USAA. But the first persons they tried to send called and when I told them about the jack issue they said they wouldn’t touch a car that had slipped off a jack. The second person took three hours to get there. And I was in Kyle.
  4. GottaB

    Best Pocket Knife?

    Dragonfly is great. I have a green g10 that is use a lot during the summer. For a small knife, it has great grip and a lot of usable blade. The dark green in that zdp looks great.
  5. GottaB

    Best Pocket Knife?

    Bhq has an exclusive on this knife where the handle is micarta and the blade is coated black. It looks awesome (Not my pic)
  6. They have indeed. As of yesterday we refi’d 25yr at 2.875%. It seemed like 10 days.
  7. Until then, any suggestions on a jack that doesn’t suck that I can keep in the trunk? Scissor jack that is just better than the one provided or a stubby bottle jack? I doubt I’d want to keep a trolly jack in the trunk.
  8. I got a flat tonight. It sucked. I’ve had flats before and I’ve changed a flat in the roadside before. I had a 4 way tire iron which made removing the lugs easy. The problem: the Honda supplied scissor jack sucked ass. It took to long to raise, it sunk into the ground. And my the jack worked it’s way out while using the tire iron twisting motion to raise the jack a little higher after the tire was off sending my car to the ground. What do you have in your car that you feel is a must have for easier emergency management. I already had: Fixaflat: it was a gash. Tire repair kit: useless in this scenario. Inflator: again useless here. Flashlight: going to get a headlamp to help. Blanket: grass was wet, this helped. Going to get a waterproof tarp to put under blanket in the event of wet grass next time. Crappy scissor jack: thinking of getting a pneumatic lift or a bottle jack. Also going to keep a metal plate to put under the jack in case I am on soft turf again. Gloves: great call on this as that jack was a bitch on the hands. Water: could have been an issue if I were further out of town. Map: I had this. Rain coat: came in handy to block the wind.
  9. My wife and I went to Reds (since BotW is no longer open) to break in that G48 pictured above. Before we left I had her practice racking the slide at the house. It was her first time in a loooong time and Reds is a little noisy so I thought it might bother her. I got her some earplugs to put under the muffs which helped. It was loud but manageable. I put the target at about 5 yards and she proceeded to put out a group no bigger than my face. I was impressed. I was able to shoot pretty tight groups with the 48. It is noticeably thinner than my G17/26. I liked it more than my Bersa BP9CC. I don’t think she’ll be going regularly but it is good to know she can handle herself.
  10. Someone want to share with her how much it costs for a hitman contract.
  11. Pretty much. Need to do a retake during the day.
  12. Maybe I can get her to the range next week and I can take my other “new”ish pistol. I bought this RIA 9mm 1911. I told myself I wouldn’t buy another once since I sold my old one to one of you guys years ago.
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