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Apple's streaming service launches November 1 at 12:00 Texas time. It is competitively priced at only $4.99/month, but will have very limited content for a while. Best thing they have done in a while is give it free to anyone buying iPhone, iPad, etc. So free for a year for iPhone purchases. The reviews aren't very good so far from the media, but I still have hope that a couple shows end up decent. Unchartered territory here, but should be interesting to watch, apparently Apple has now invested $6 billion in tv shows. 

Worth a shot, especially for free for anyone buying apple hardware. See looks the most intriguing to me so far. 

The Morning Show





For All Mankind




Snoopy in Space




The Elephant Queen

These launch a bit later


Servant- November 28


Truth Be Told- December 6


The Banker- 

Little America

Little Voice

Amazing Stories

Home Before Dark

Mythic Quest

A Christmas Carol

Masters of the Air

Ted Lasso

The Sky is Everywhere

Oprah, Apple. Apple, Oprah.


The Mosquito Coast

Mr. Corman

Oprah and Prince Harry take on mental health


Lisey’s Story

Prehistoric Planet

Central Park


Brie Larson CIA biography series

Simon Kinberg and David Weil sci-fi series

On the Rocks

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang

My Glory Was I Had Such Friends

Defending Jacob

Losing Earth


And a few more as I got lazy. 





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First time I saw an ad for Apple+, I thought it was a parody of some kind. Shows look meh. Although, The Morning Show looks to have potential with their cast (Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Duplass, Jennifer Aniston, and Billy Crudup). 

Edit: For all Mankind was the show I thought was a weird parody. I had forgotten the name until now. 


Seeing Jason Mamoa in a show (See?) looks intriguing, but I'll wait for reviews. Dickinson looks stupid af, but those are the only ones I've seen any commercials of since I usually skip them or don't pay too much attention. The others I had to look up with the list given. The wife and I won't subscribe since we already have Netflix, Hulu live, blah blah blah. 

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3 hours ago, MAUFRAIS said:

I wish they’d buy PlayStation vue and hbo instead of putting out these shows that I’m less than interested in.

They’d have to buy Warner Brothers if they wanted HBO.  

But that would give them 10 Harry Potter movies.  And all the DC movies.   

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On 11/6/2019 at 11:56 PM, David Dennison said:

The Morning Show is god awful.

I have liked the first 3 episodes. I am going to guess if you enjoy it or not depends if you are closer to critics opinions or general audience. Here are the scores from rotten tomatoes.


Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 10.13.13 AM.png

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On 11/6/2019 at 11:56 PM, David Dennison said:

The Morning Show is god awful.

It is so overwritten and overacted.

Reese Witherspoon is unwatchable and when did she bloat up lie a Mae West with a pulled ripcord? 

Her fake West Virgina accent and attitude make me want to watch videos on BestGore just to cleanse the palate.

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I’ve got 12 months free of AppleTv and was watching trailers for the shows.  All have great actors and seem well produced.  But any buzz?  I am not bothering with Morning Show but Truth be Told and See looked promising.  Interested in thoughts on Servant, too.  

Given I had to bump this from Nov 10th, I think I know my answer, but still curious.  

I still think that Netflix is going to have issues keeping its subscription fee so low given it has no other revenue streams and spends so much on content.  Eventually, it’s market cap will drop precipitously, allowing Apple to buy it in the next 36 months given it appears Apple’s foray into original content seems to be a bust so far.  

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I’m enjoying Servant. Interesting premise with al out of WTF moments. lead actress is pretty annoying but I like the vibe so far. 

I wish Apple would drop all episodes at once, this whole week between releases old school model is frustrating on streaming services. 

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Watched the documentary Boys State the other night and really enjoyed it.  It was filmed at Texas Boys State.  If you don't know what Boys State is, every year 1,000 or so 17 year olds come to Austin and over the course of a week, basically create a government.  It's a totally insane idea.

The doc made me both hopeful and terrified of our future leaders.  Highly recommended.


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16 hours ago, wild_turkey said:

Just finished Defending Jacob and think it was a good watch overall. Definitely a little uncomfortable at times, but it was a much more polished version of HBO’s The Undoing.

Was the undoing based on the same book?

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1 hour ago, CooterBrown said:

I couldn't get to the end of the first episode of Schmigadoon.  I hate musicals but the absolutely terrible acting by the two leads did it in for me.  It seemed like they hadn't seen a script and were reading cue cards for the first time.

It was so bad. How they made Key such a horrible character and person and the chemistry between the two leads so garbage, I thought I'd never know.

Then I saw it was a Lorne Michaels vehicle and welp. Must have been a money grab for Key, is all I can think. I kept holding out hope it would be hilarious and cool like:


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On 8/9/2021 at 12:02 PM, kingkoopa6 said:

I can't figure out if I like the new Mr. Corman yet- 2 episodes dropped so far 

i think its created, produced, written, directed and starred by Joseph Gordan Levitt




I like it but I like most of the stuff JGL does. 

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If you are into musicals, the Come from Away film is really good.  It is a  9/11 (or really 9/12) Broadway musical filmed similar to Hamilton on Disney+.  It is about all the people who landed in Gander, Newfoundland and how the community took care of them.

CSB:  in 2016 we went to Newfoundland and to get excited for the trip we listened to the cast recording a lot and my daughters fell in love with it.  Newfoundland is possibly my favorite place I’ve visited and I couldn’t recommend going there more.  The people are wonderful and there are so many beautiful places.

Our family saw the touring production at Bass in February 2020, and it was great.  It was the last big crowd thing we did before COVID hit.

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2 minutes ago, Scary Stranger said:

Is it any good? The entire premise seems eye-rolling ludicrous to me. Those fuckers would have all wandered off or fallen off cliffs or something.


there was one scene this past episode that an enemy did fall back and fell in the water

a couple fell from a wood/rope bridge too...

Still to early to tell if its any good, but visually its bad ass. that cinematography is dope as fuck.


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