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  1. Is white lotus supposed to make me hate all the characters equally? (Other than Daddario)
  2. Finke got mono? Who the fuck gets mono after high school? Congrats on Gold!
  3. The Big 12 without TX/OU will be relegated, in the CFP and financially. The same arguments against Big East/AAC teams will be raised, unfairly or not, and since the CFP is still determined by human voters, the same bias will continue.
  4. Weird mention of adding NC and Virginia the only two confederate states not currently represented by the SEC
  5. If you pussies want to talk about the homeless problem, there’s a thread in the CR for it
  6. We have gone back to wearing masks in stores and only eating at restaurants if patio is available.
  7. People believe immigrants are the ones spreading Covid because they were told to believe that by terrible people that want power. The same with the election being rigged. Suburban neighborhoods being overrun by black people. Democrat cities are the only ones with crime. Radical socialists are taking over America. Guns don’t kill people. Communists are infiltrating America. Reefer madness. Violence in the media. Rap music corrupting kids. Jewish cabal of Marxism. Homosexuality making kids gay. Homosexuality leads to pedophilia. The list goes on and on People believe this idiocy because it’s makes it easier to live their shitty lives if someone else is response for their problems other than themselves. Corporations and their paid politicians are happy to exploit this if it takes the blame or attention away from their exploitive actions
  8. Jesus Fucking Christ. You are wrong. There is Surly precedent. It has been like this for years. If a show has aired (aka available for public consumption, either one episode drop or a whole seasons drop like Netflix), it’s legal to discuss without spoilers. It’s been like this since Game of Thrones era. Im sorry this upsets you, but if you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t click on the fucking thread until you’ve watched it, you know, like a rational adult. The spoiler tags were invented to deal with movie talk when movies just came out, and many people don’t see it right away, and some see it the day of, and it gave those people a safe way to talk about new releases. It has never applied to shows or series.
  9. They understand the economics of telling people what they want to hear
  10. Pro Tip: She’s 12 today if you tell them she’s 12
  11. Now comes the Big 12 implosion I wonder what happens first 1) Big 12 team bolts? 2) Big 12 merge with AAC? 3) Big 12 adds shitty teams?
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