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  1. My mistake. I thought you were intelligent enough to know the difference between having the debate and why this is the improper forum. Please continue
  2. Wait...do you know what CR means? You believe that debating whether it was right or wrong to take down Civil War monuments that celebrate a side that were in favor of slavery in the middle of the night versus giving notice and having a deliberative process is not a conversation that belongs in the Cloak Room?
  3. It only took 5 posts to CR. Good work
  4. Maybe...just maybe...it has something to do with the whole touching another person to perform a haircut.
  5. I came here for the panic and stayed for the death threats
  6. Russia laughs at other countries keeping things under wraps
  7. Leaving politics out of it...filling up the strategic reserve at the lowest price in 20 years is a smart and prudent action. I hate when politics get in the way of good ideas. Now the American people will either have to to pay 2 or 3 times the amount at some point in the future, or America will again be unprepared. Just pure stupidity around
  8. You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out...
  9. I don’t blame the app. I blame the shitty store for not updating their listing. It was probably on purpose to bait and switch me.
  10. Neonmoon

    Tiger King

    He was born Joseph Allen Schreibvogel. When he married his first husband Travis Maldonado, he changed his name to Joseph Allen Maldonado, like any woman does. When he married his second husband Dillon Passage, he changed his names to Jospeh Allen Maldonado-Passage, I’m guessing he kept the Maldonado out of respect for the dead. He went by Joe Exotic because no one could pronounce his name
  11. Point of procedure GP was rightfully mocked for bringing CR content into the DT thread. Now all you stupid fucks are debating the CR issue. Is it okay to mock someone dying of COVID when they believed it was a hoax and probably spread it to other people? The answer should be debated in the CR thread.
  12. What’s the over/under on Twitter in Chief letting one slip like a fart in the wind on Monday?
  13. Opened up Drizly app tonight to get the wife some more wine. Oh, Eagle Rare, I will take two. text 20 minutes later. Out of eagle rare. Bringing you the wine. Nobody likes a tease
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