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  1. Buy all of them and send to me, kthanks
  2. Law professor might know a little bit about it
  3. No. The Queen technically has "reserve powers" that include appointing the prime minister, opening and closing Parliament, and approving legislation. However, those have constitutionally been stripped, and made to be just ceremonial rubber stamps. The people elect the prime minster and parliament approves legislation. So basically no, no power. But... To say the Queen has no power would be ignoring her influential role as figurehead. The UK people love the Queen. Her approval rating is close to 80%. I would say a large chunk of Americans are obsessed with the royals too (insert every female in my family). She has influence. If she disapproved of something, it would naïve to think she couldn't influence something by her words.
  4. New threads needed President Biden 2021 Donald Trump 2021
  5. It is weird. If only there was some way to solve this impossible mystery
  6. What's the verdict on the 1792 12 year? You had it before?
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