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  1. Oh for fucks sake. She spoke at the DNC convention. She’s not out of politics.
  2. John Madden stopped playing on the field, but no one on earth would claim he was out of football when he expressed his opinion on camera
  3. https://thehill.com/homenews/news/517765-hillary-clinton-trump-exercising-partisan-power-instead-of-honoring-ginsburgs Come on
  4. Add a whole big fuck you column for the complicit Press.
  5. All in for making an Arya list Add Jim Jordan to the top
  6. That makes sense. I wouldn’t put it past them to claim too many covid cases to get out of Bama.
  7. What are the chances Aggy forvids the Bama or Florida game?
  8. This is a microcosm of the world we live in, and a byproduct of the internet. One person googles a bunch of articles and studies that fit their predetermined narrative, cherry picking the data and numbers they want, while the other party had studied the subject for 50 years and has to explain to the first person why they have no fucking clue what they are talking about. The problem is unlike 50 years ago, the internet guy still thinks he’s right after the conversation
  9. Well I agree that it is a double standard, but I disagree it should not be in scope. I think everyone's beliefs should be questioned, especially in positions in power, whether that be president or supreme court justice. I know this country believes in freedom of religion, and has a long history of faith, but I don't believe that should give you a free pass. If you believe abortion is murder, and homosexuality is immoral, why are those beliefs unattackable? Because it's religious? If you believe women are subservient to men, and women shouldn't be allowed to show their skin, why is that off limits? If you believe jesus came down to the US and now makes you wear magic underwear, why are those off limits? If someone believed the earth was flat, would anyone want those people judging others? or in a leadership position?
  10. She shouldn't be a judge because she's a catholic and does not believe in abortion
  11. I was watching a segment on Fox News about unfair attacks against Amy Coney Barrett's for her religious beliefs. They proposed that attacking Barrett for being catholic or her catholic beliefs was unfair and a double standard as if anyone attacked a Jewish or Muslim person based on their beliefs, they would be accused of being anti-semitic or islamophobic. The jewish commentator said it was a double standard and should not be done. The US has freedom of religion and one's beliefs should be held sacred and free from attack. Should one's beliefs be open to attack for people in leadership positions or judgeship positions?
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