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  1. Neonmoon

    Texas Bowl

    What miracle win are you expecting us to get?
  2. YOUR guns aren’t the problem. Guns are the problem what do you perceive is the problem? Mental health? Background checks?
  3. Neonmoon

    Cal-U$C, FS1

    We have the same record as Helton hahahahahahahahahah. Fuck
  4. Well thank the lord that your guns won’t kill anyone. All we need is the other 62 million to get on the same page. Should we send a memo? There are some people who use heroin responsibly. It doesn’t mean it should be legal
  5. I put the o/u on decommits this week at 2
  6. Definitely in. Will give money
  7. Fuck Baylor. I’m glad those cunts lost.
  8. 6-6 who gives a fuck about the bowl.
  9. USC defense isn’t that good but it’s light years better coached than ours
  10. I wish our fans had the balls to not attend games. even in charlie 5 win years, 75% of the stadium was full. We still have people to this day saying he should have gotten another year. Texas doesn’t care about winning. They like dressing up and going to games.
  11. I think I agree with you. I wasn’t blown away by either year I tried at a bar. anyone ever tried the BIB one? Think it’s 1897
  12. Texas doesn’t care about winning.
  13. I hope this doesn’t ruin Jalen Hurts Heisman campaign
  14. Aggy using that App State magic
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