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  1. Don’t worry. He won’t die because of this order. Others will, but rules for thee and all that
  2. I mean, private business can still require mask usage.
  3. cross posting this clown
  4. Just go word there is a 75% chance Abbot is announcing a lessening of mask mandate or getting rid of it altogether at a press conference in lubbock today
  5. That's a bit harsh, but yeah.
  6. As I watched Josh "I look like a date rapist" Hawley question Director Wray and whine about the FBI collecting metadata and banking information on his supporters/insurrectionists, I could not help but smile. I thought back to when George Bush and the Republicans used 9/11 to get all these powers, because it was okay, they were only destroying the rights of Muslim Americans and brown citizens, to now have the Republicans cry about phone companies and banks divulging client info to the FBI because its the whites, it's just the chef's kiss of America.
  7. We are choosing between giving poor people medicine and rich people bragging rights at their 4th summer house in Aspen. And there are still people who are like, yeah, it’s not fair to the rich people
  8. What could their policies be? It’s just a grab bag from their 4 core groups. Racism (Southern Democrats post Civil Rights Act) - stop browns from immigration - anti-BLM Evangelical (Great migration after Roe v Wade) - stop abortion - put prayer in school Guns - 2A unlimited - Thin Blue Line No Sharing Resources (fiscal conservatives) - lower taxes - no regulations - free market when it benefits me - vote my pocketbook no matter what. new branch Trumpism - owning libs - conspiracy theori
  9. His resume before being elected - Chick Fil A - friends Dad was an elected official and said he could get him into Naval Academy. He was rejected. Before crash - one semester of Christian college but failed out. - one part time job at US Rep office - got 3 million in insurance from wreck and suing for another 30 million currently - also said friend left him to die in fiery tomb but friend actually pulled him out of crash. (But he was a R running against a black guy in red district sooo yeah)
  10. I tried but turned it off after a couple episodes. It was all over the place.
  11. I don’t. My give a shit meter has always been calibrated rather low.
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