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  1. That’s my new go to for cartoonishly faux-alpha MAGAs: ”[x] is the type of guy that takes a picture with his server at Hooters.”
  2. That’s not going to work either. Everyone other than rounding error that has decided to vote for Trump is going to vote for him no matter what. He isn’t losing voters. Everything is about turnout. Plain and simple. And it’s going to require constant reminders of the shitshow between 2017 and 2021 combined with testing the apathetics’ “don’t give a shit, nothing matters anyway” defenses with things like loss of reproductive rights, fasicism and Christian nationalism, and revenge politics. The people that don’t think it matters whether Trump or Biden are president are the ones to target. And they have different triggers. Keep trying to trigger them into saving the union.
  3. Bumped. We are switching it up this summer and going to Park City instead of Vail. We have driven to Vail from Austin the last three years. Has worked out great. The drive to Park City looks challenging in two days. I’d do it no problem just me. But unless we do it in 3 days and go through Colorado, most of that drive from Albuquerque to Park City looks fucking desolate. Worried about everything one worries about with two kids that need to hit the head every two hours and an anxious wife who has seen too many “breakdown” movies. This isn’t really us being cheap more than we like to bring a lot of stuff with us when we go - bikes, fishing poles, etc. And it could be a ton of fun if done right, it seems. Thoughts or advice?
  4. A-Tex Devil

    Austin FC

    NFW Rigoni scored 6 goals. I don’t believe it.
  5. If a reporter asked Trump, “What do you think about republicans in red states wanting to give all unmarried males over 25 the right to conscript their choice of a local unmarried 18-25 year old at an annual mandatory barn dance for marriage, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers style, in order to encourage procreation?” his answer would be “Our people are looking into it.”
  6. I know literally zero people that vote like this.
  7. One of the years ACC hosted WGC I was at Trianon/Summer Moon on Thursday morning and this straight 10 was ordering coffee a few spots in line ahead of me. She got her coffee and hopped into her Escalade driven by Dustin Johnson. And that’s the day I blew my shot with Paulina Gretzky. But I also remember thinking it was super weird DJ was driving himself. /csb
  8. In an Uber with a boomer driver listening to Fox News Radio. Apparently Cohen was pantsed today and the entire case is blown and Bragg should just give up now. Jury clearly ready to acquit etc etc. Defense may not even need to bring a witness.
  9. Draft upside, particularly given our roster. Clingan’s upside is limited. I have no idea why he is rated so high. i would rather have Edey (although not at 3). Look, he might be Boban and inconsequential. But I could also see him being a force in limited doses at 7’5”. You don’t draft him to play heavy minutes next to Sengun. You play him to wreak havoc in short doses. And who knows? Maybe he is even better than that. He won me over this year and also seems to have a little fuck you to him. But that’s really just me saying don’t draft Clingan. In addition to Mitchell, I think one or more of Giannis, AD, Booker, Embiid, or guys like that become available. I want to be ready for that. I’d love to get Myles Turner on this team.
  10. This is fucking hilarious and scary. And clearly twitch leans Maga.
  11. Dems are chasing the voters that won’t show up unless they are scared enough by Trump to make it worth their while, right? So need to get actual sound bites of the shit he told Time and blast that out in swing states. And fucking get him on the record re running in 2028 via audio clip. Worst case is he answers correctly - “of course I can’t run.” But more likely, he stumbles over it and/or says something to effect of “well, we will see.” And the dictatorship on day 1 shit needs to be put on blast all over again.
  12. It was so clear they were reading his words. Or his version of what they intended to say.
  13. The mic muting won’t work because Trump will just scream anyway and make it impossible for Biden to talk, presuming they are in the same room. I dont want the debates because it will be a shitshow and won’t change anything. It will just make me mad.
  14. Paul Mescal if he pulls off Gladiator
  15. First batch of PSAs came in. Mostly very pleased although no explaining a random 6 I got on that Bijan sig. Guys at store said there is always a rando like that. I’ll probably have to crack that one eventually. my favorite…..
  16. The draft is shitty at the top but it’s relatively deep, especially with foreign guys that could hit and become something incredible which seems to happen every 5 years or so. Take the win. That being said, I’m down for a blockbuster. Just be patient. The list of guys available this offseason is going to grow dramatically in early June. Someone said Ingram upthread. Would you trade the third, another future pick or three, Green, and FVV for Durant if Phoenix decides to blow it up? I mean, that is wishcasting, but a few guys like that are moving this offseason. We just don’t know who yet. What would you give up for Jimmy Butler coming home? Not as much. But we have the assets to do a lot of different things. As far as I am concerned, depending on who is available, no one is untouchable, not even Sengun. But circling back to first paragraph, I am cool drafting best available on board, figure out your lineup by mid-January and make a trade then for Giannis or Booker or whoever becomes disgruntled and is available then.
  17. I had Lucky 7 in north Austin send a few dozen cards off for me to PSA last month. Hope to get some 9s and 10s. Getting a Ryne Sandberg 83 Topps rookie graded that seemed like it should be a 9. They told me not to send any of my 135 point cards. The thick cards hardly ever grade well they said. Thoughts?
  18. Was about to put a /youseriousclark.gif up before I read your last sentence. I'd be stunned if Kacsmaryk wasn't actively soliciting to get the mifepristone case.
  19. Maximus is a St. Stephens (Austin) grad and Julliard trained. He looked older than than the vibe he was trying to give off as an actor which is why I think it didn’t work. Seems like he is somewhere between 18-22 in the show and very naive, and clearly he is way older. But there is a good actor in there.
  20. If Jordan was 22 in ‘91.
  21. A-Tex Devil

    Austin FC

    Yeah, Cascante catches hell but he’s a well above average MLS defender (all relative), particularly given what he adds on set pieces. Getting Kolmanic back is great. More Fodrey please. And let’s beat Dallas (again).
  22. Amazing Grace and Chuck at the end when Chuck shakes off the fastball and the curve and the catcher stands up and holds up three to the crowd.
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