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  1. Gideon’s is right.
  2. A-Tex Devil

    USMNT 2023

    Cut that Abby Wambach mf’er
  3. Showtime/Paramount should pick this up and change the name to what it should have been.
  4. Our passing gameplan is too high degree of difficulty for a qb with this bad of fundamentals.
  5. I presume Trump had prima nocte on Lewandowski’s affairs?
  6. I presume the vote happens once they have a quorum ready to vote, right? They can't leave the door open for one of the Paxton 6 to lock themselves in and perpetually deliberate...
  7. To horn4life’s post, that is exactly why the entirety of the prosecution’s case needs to be put in writing, conviction or no, even if it ends up in Texas Monthly or Texas Tribune instead of a more “balanced” publication.
  8. It's a little unfair because Buzbee is objecting to shit he'd never object to in a normal trial because he knows the judge has no idea what he is doing. They should never have allowed objections.
  9. Yeah…. Rules of Evidence shouldn’t have applied here at all. It’s pretty evident now. I get that allows Buzbee to really just go off on witnesses but witnesses are still under oath so I am willing to let them be badgered to avoid giving a shit about hearsay and speculation it’s not a fucking criminal trial
  10. Given the shitty procedural nonsense, if I am prosecution, I just feed the case I want to make in writing to the DMN or Statesman with quotes. It's not like the senators are going to limit their decision to what is in the court. So just drop the story during deliberations and let the fire spread. God I hope Rusty doesn't do closing. Give it to this woman or the bowtie. I presume it's likely DDG though.
  11. So I got Allgeier as a handcuff for Robinson, but now I think I have to start him now? My other RB is McCaffrey (a Superflex league, so I got McCaffrey and Robinson in 1 and 2). But my WR 3 options to put in flex are Doubs, Cooks, Zay Jones, so I presume I start Allgeier before all of those WRs until he and Bijan fail me or run up against a stellar run defense, right?
  12. There it is.... overruling and sustaining the same objection in less than a minute.
  13. Shit. I have just been told Mitch Little was in my law school section. I drank too much in law school.
  14. I was predisposed to dislike Kammack based on his experience, profession, and how he was involved as learned in prior testimony but, politics aside, he came across as a genuinely decent, if naive, guy that got completely used by Paxton, Wynn and Paul. Won’t go so far as patsy, but close.
  15. Shit.... I have to get in car and get home. Want to see the Buzbee/Moore fireworks!
  16. Yeah.... the "No reason to yell..." snipe on prosecution counsel (don't know her name) was rich given his demeanor.
  17. I had my kids listening to Unleashed Live on way back from Colorado this summer. Loving County is one of the most underrated songs in music. The Wedding Song is a great song as well.
  18. Holy shit, "There is no reason to yell...." There is the misogyny coming out. If the senate wasn't the same, I'd say that the Buzby cross is likely to backfire...
  19. That last Dan Patrick "overruled" of Buzbee was hilarious because he has no clue what he is overruling. All good with me, though.
  20. Interestint, as the few folks I talked to had a pleasant time and specifically distinguished this trip from Columbus (where we go back to in 2025). As far as conference acceptance This is easy….. 1. Never chant S-E-C ever unless obviously ironically. 2. Never root for SEC teams “because conference”. 3. Never root for OU or A&M ever, and if they play each other root for shithousery. 4. Be smug, but not assholes when we are hosts. Make Austin be the best trip everyone takes every year because it should be. But visitors should feel welcome and have fun. Drive those secondary ticket markets up! We are going to be HA-TED. And when we are down, it will be harder. And even when down we should treat the SEC office like we did the Big 12 - like we own it. But when we are up, and I think things trend that way, it is going to be fucking awesome.
  21. Seems like Rusty more or less knows what he is doing. The witnesses are progressively stronger. Curious who the defense witnesses will be.
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