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  1. That video of him putting couldnweirdly do more damage then anything that comes out of his mouth. Biden needs to retweet that with a comment post haste. I was irritated he fell for the golf stuff during the debate. But now he can leverage it. hell. Biden should challenge him to a match now.
  2. One of the coolest things now is that, presuming he’s fully through the grief cycle, Biden can just cook and do his thing the rest of his term. Govern, push shit through Congress as best he can and speak to the people without downside. He is going to be an asset. Then on Jan 20 he can pardon Hunter.
  3. Saw Trevor Keels went off last night. Loved that guy at Duke. Would love to see him sneak in there for a roster spot - presuming he earns it in camp, of course.
  4. Of course it's going to be Kamala. Even if anyone was dumb/narcissistic enough to throw his/her hat in the ring, she has the CA delegation, which is massive. I imagine someone will throw a turd in the punch bowl in order to raise some campaign funds and get on that gravy train for a short while. But this will be a done deal by the convention. The Dems need to dot every I and cross every T to do this transition correctly because the GOP lawyers will be out in full force to try to fuck things up, and this SCOTUS may not care about a plaintiff's standing if it means flipping the election. Don't even open the door there. Do it to the letter of the law and relevant rules (which I think is what imma is getting at) through the convention. Still - loving the GOP concern trolling that somehow votes are being thrown away when their guy tried to just shut down the whole primary process earlier this year. They seem so concerned about all the Dems votes not being counted earlier this year. I need that same concern come November given that is where the real threat lies.
  5. A-Tex Devil

    Austin FC

    So Biro threw a tantrum on the way off the field.
  6. A-Tex Devil

    Austin FC

    On Southwest side of field, Byrne was just absolutely manhandling Obrien all half. Not in an illegal way. Dude just sonned Obrien all half. I like what we have coming off the bench. 4-2 Austin. Who am I kidding. 2-1 Charlotte on a 92’ minute Hines-Ike own goal.
  7. Not saying he should be on the ticket. But just put the same message Pete laid out on loop.
  8. Mayor Pete eviscerated Vance on Maher last night. Dems need to pull from that playbook and hammer it.
  9. Hence the III. In any event, what was relayed to me is that RFKIII wanted to leak it as he is an adamant anti-vaxxer, too, and thought it important to get Trump's views on vaccines out there as well -- for the public discourse. The level of stupidity is mind blowing.
  10. Is it correct that RFKIII leaked the tape?
  11. I am down with Biden or Harris at this point. I think I've convinced myself that Harris doesn't lose voters, and probably gets some voters off the couch, but on both sides - on Dem/Indy/apathetic side because refreshing change, on the other side because racism/sexism. But they need to unify fast. If I am a Dem superpac, I put out the following ad immediately after the republican convention (or hell, during). Acknowledge the heinousness of the attempted assassination, and Show Biden's words, note him trying to contact the family of deceased (which Trump hasn't yet as far as I am concerned), then drop the hammer... - Show a picture of Paul Pelosi followed by Trump's words - Show Jan 6th followed by Trump's and Vance's words - Show anything else where Trump and Vance have mocked harm or threatened harm coming to opponents - cut every piece of violent rhetoric from the convention together at the end to note that nothing has changed.
  12. Reed is still a rookie and ninja hands notwithstanding he is going to be on a learning curve defensively which may make it tough to close games with him if he is getting routinely hunted. I am super pumped about his prospects but let’s remember the words of Winston Wolf when it comes to summer league. Rockets aren’t winning a title this year. You are aiming to get to the 6th seed and avoid the play in, but will take a home play in game. You see if you can figure out how to get the best of Green (who inarguably was a fucking stud during that end of year stretch - even advanced metrics loved him) and Sengun together and if it can’t work, you flip one of them (probably Green) at the trade deadline. But if Green and Sengun can figure out how to open and close games together, and then you stagger them throughout game to optimize things, and both are 90% of their peaks from last year, there is a real fun team here.
  13. I don’t read that at all. He didn’t have it coming. He and his minions did and do, however, foment the environment where this isn’t surprising though. Hell, read MGT’s twisted tweet post-attempt. His rhetoric is going to and has caused stochastic terrorism from all angles. Any both sides equivalency arguments can get fucked.
  14. The false flag shit doesn’t make any sense. Biden administration will be investigating it. His SS and local police was just inept. Speaks to the SS members that are on his detail.
  15. So if we find out the shooter was mentally ill but still purchased the gun legally, is politicizing it to suggest, um, hey, it’s your fault Republicans?
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