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  1. Images and the damage assessments coming out of Sanibel are pretty bad, aerial views don’t do the level of destruction much justice. The damage assessment shows pretty much every property showing minor damage with well over half of those in the category of major or destroyed. Property owners are allowed access back tomorrow by boat, but it’s going to be difficult to get to a lot of places on the island without just planning on hiking it. Our place was a good 10 miles from the causeway for reference.
  2. My wife has a purse problem and this crappy weather is helping her cause. It looks like shopping is on the agenda for tomorrow. She also discovered Heritage Auctions while we were walking today and their collection of purses that are being auctioned. They have quite the display In their showroom on Park.
  3. Been scanning the NOAA links checking on things we were familiar with and places of people we know. It’s amazing scanning the coast and seeing how far boats ended up inland in the wooded areas. There are boats scattered in the mangroves all up and down the bays and some took a ride way into the mangroves. FMB definitely took the brunt of this storm and looks to be pretty much a total loss at this point.
  4. Forget to mention, they did the hang out outside of Rockefeller after SNL to see people leave deal last night. Got pictures with Miles Teller (their current teenage obsession) and Bowen Yang and then pictures of several others. That pretty much made their week so it will all be downhill from there. For those looking at hotels, the Lotte New York Palace rooms have seen better days. My wife has been trying to convince me to move, but it’s not happening at this point. It was interesting seeing the Polish parade all afternoon today. Start to finish it was about 4 hours total of screwed up traffic and walking areas down 5th.
  5. 1 day down, 4 to go. Hit up the area around the hotel with the kids today and went by Grand Central, the Chrysler Building, and various other quick hit touristy stuff. Wrapped it up with dinner and Wicked. My oldest insisted on going through Times Square afterwards against our better judgment where she and several others got pushed out into traffic by some dude walking down the street. I went after him and stopped to say something to a group of cops and one proceeded to blow it off and say someone would knock him out at some point even though we could see the guy the next block down. That wrapped up that plan which was fine with me. Heading to the Met in the morning and then they want to do some shopping on Madison/Park.
  6. Doing brunch at the Smith Midtown location tomorrow. If you hear someone asking, “Are you from the internet?” that will be me.
  7. Insurance cost wasn’t a major issue for us once the house was upgraded to pass the 4 points wind tests. Just to put it out there, my house was right at $950k, sat 150 yards or so off the beach, actually had water on 3 sides of it, was built at a height of 10-12 feet maybe. After 5 years of owning this one, I paid under $2500 for flood and maybe $3k for wind and homeowners. I pay the total of those two at home for homeowners and several add ons because my county has a higher risk factor than Sanibel did for some stupid reason. It’s all going to rebalance, but the only time insurance scares us off of anything was a canal house that was going to be $20k for flood and no one could explain why. House 3 doors down had a grandfathered policy for $400. With flood now you want to find a property with a policy you can assume otherwise it may not be worth it. Flood reimbursement is capped, so it’s not great insurance anyways.
  8. Not with an outright mortgage, they are going to require it just like they require homeowner’s, wind ( if needed), etc.
  9. NOAA surveys are out. https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001HdUbaNWxUt3jJOYd2_M4DTOkc6hz4Ij57YXLzsjeIkqxSOKg6qkMXbyJYQXqdrN8xkn2LkWHTLHHHKPWfMXlQq4Gil15glKgLeB1G0hbByGvLfSyisM_9X9vSrlSR6f7PRz0PzijBt4honvXs9ygZKa2eRSUsad8cjGYhCt_b5HGCu1A8T3r322HAm1TvXvbHrvmL5ahWuJzrBJhpYW7CDD6P72UXWnWIDEvRN-fBV8JcYPL_75WH80kGTzSYWC5fpglO8Msr0SXZSApP6sz-M7r9smnJeoiynGtnLVcOLs2HgoUM_mwRv1TCCDd-jFE&c=O8Ceor_6x8nWMpOj8tHtQPq2HWL61wAdDPz-w1GvWKjdrvCPFvY-xg==&ch=hI9Fg6-1Mv3wP5vK3YbREYBsHc76hgG0-Aj0U53EXa_rSnhZroEgfw==
  10. That stretch will never be the same. The people that made it what it was will not be able to build back, building codes have changed, a new group will roll in building beach front houses and another piece of what made the area special will disappear with this storm. Matlacha will see similar issues.
  11. After dealing with texts and emails checking on us all day because we really had not told anyone we had sold, I think it’s a state of a bit of “survivor’s guilt” at this point. We’re a random issue in due diligence from having a canal front house on the east end and almost backed out of the sale of ours prior to close because of it. After 20ish years we know a lot of the restaurant and shop owners and their staff and people who have invested in the community. I can’t stress enough how the causeway failure changes everything and is such a beating. We’ve been under evacuation orders, but residents could always return within a couple of days. You go back, you clean up or rebuild, you move on. That is all paused now along with people’s livelihoods we know that are 100% tied to the island being open.
  12. Expense is what it is, I spent a fortune on renovations so you get used to paying triple. Now with 1000’s needing work, that will definitely extend the problem though to your point. Most fun part is everyone that drove off that island expected to be back this week. Now you have months of no power, no access, no way to start clean up, houses/restaurants still stocked with food, etc. The bridge issue turns it from a “man that’s going to suck” problem to an “oh shit, that is going to be a major issue that is going to be hard to recover from” problem. We were talking earlier because we’ll buy again (had a trip in 3 weeks to look ant houses) and I don’t even have a concept of what you would do at the moment. Our place would have been closed up assuming no breach, but what does that look like after so much time of no utilities and nobody getting into it to check on it.
  13. The video baboon posted runs end to end on Captiva at about 17:30 to 19:30, there are no cuts that I see. There is plenty of road wash out, but nothing cut through.
  14. Man that’s a hard watch. That house fire in the 20 minute range is right near my house we recently sold. That end of the island is decimated. It’s amazing what wind/water can do. The condo we always stayed in prior to buying is about 25 minutes or so in. It had covered parking, storage rooms, etc. behind that there isn’t anything even standing to tell you something was there. Sanibel announced earlier that every structure on the island would be inspected before anyone is allowed back. It’s going to be a long-time before people are back on the island and any real clean up can begin. Like with Charley they will make changes and build back better.
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