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  1. Wife decided she wanted to go look at Range Rovers again, since it is about her normal trading timeframe. The dealership we have used in the past has an 18-24 month wait on the new ones with people putting down $5000 non refundable deposits. They have something like 300 vehicles on order between them, the RR Sport, and a few others. That is pretty damn nutty for a niche vehicle. You can drive off in a Defender but that was it. Saved me the trouble of buying one, but there is no telling what she comes up with next.
  2. I’m always entertained by these conspiracies around sports, politics, the news, etc. In this look at me era we live in, I’m sure everyone is keeping it quiet these top down directives. That is a perfectly plausible explanation that seems totally legit. I’m sure refs let things impact their calls, I’m sure the games have gotten too fast for most of them, I’m sure the availability of any angle replay has made their jobs impossible, but the leagues being rigged narrative is stupid. It’s also dumb as hell in game threads. Maybe it’s your bias that drives the narrative in your head.
  3. Got home tonight and noticed my pump making a lot of racket. Awesome, low 20’s tonight, steady freezing rain, and a pump that might be going out. Cleaned everything out, backwashed the filter, and set it to medium speed instead of variable and will hope it holds up. Also ran the heater for a while to get the water temp up just in case. This winter has been brutal on my fairly new pool. During the epic freeze it popped the decking up around one side of the shallow end when water froze under the travertine. It settled to about a .5 inch or less difference in height at this point.
  4. Put me in his camp, I had no idea what it was either when I saw it in the picture. Now I have no idea why it would be on a boat. People and misplaced pop culture references in general are strange.
  5. No better days than blue bird days with no one else out. I prefer it to be a lot warmer at this point in my life before I go out though. That is one hell of a dock in that picture. Most everything around us has to be floating, so the concept of it is way different than what you see in our area.
  6. I would say in this instance, they would be wrong to go any direction other than peaceful protests/marches. The department response has to play some part in the response that takes place.
  7. No it wouldn’t. There are a number of large corporate headquarters based in Memphis, commercial space availability is as low as it’s ever been, development is running wide open right now especially with the Ford deal, etc. Memphis has its issues especially with safety in the central district area, but it is night and day different than it was 15 years ago. I’m in and out of Memphis a lot and I would rather go to Memphis at this point than Nashville.
  8. The officers have all been fired, charges are pending and also filed already against a couple of them, the PD has been extremely open about how bad this looks and is going to look, etc. We’ll see what happens tonight and this weekend, but the PD, City, etc have done what they can to be open and lay everything out in the last week up through releasing the camera footage today
  9. Build taking place this week, should have my 2 door Bronco in the next couple of weeks. Popped up in my Ford Pass app today ready to activate. Ordered it 18 months ago to be an extra vehicle to use at the lake/beach instead of a Jeep, looks like it is going to be the daily driver for a little while.
  10. It doesn’t matter what I’m driving, I park out away from everyone. The easiest way there is not to worry about how everyone else parks, is to park as far away as possible.
  11. No, there was nothing really compelling about the interview from the part I heard. She sidestepped most of his questions about the interesting parts of her life.
  12. He replaces the entire fence? That’s an easy yes for me and seems more than reasonable to offer on his side and accept on your side.
  13. They still have a ways to go. I’m considering getting out of mine after 9 months and they are still offering more than I have in it on trade which seemed nuts with the declining used market. The other thread is a great read. Very odd, but still worth the time.
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