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  1. Class C felony in TN for provider punishable by 3-15 years, nothing in the law for the person having the abortion currently although you would think conspiracy or solicitation could come into play. There are also no exceptions here after 6 weeks assuming the trigger law goes into effect, so ending a pregnancy under any circumstance after 6 weeks would be against the law.
  2. Had a meeting with a large OB practice tonight and the entire meeting was about Roe v Wade and the impact to practicing in light of the trigger laws that went into place in our state. It’s pretty scary as the father of two girls the list of issues they see that would potentially be legal issues in our state. Even more concerning was that our local state reps blew them off when they brought it up.
  3. Slowly the two mutts are starting to play together a little bit. The older one just hasn’t taken that kindly to having a puppy nipping at his heels.
  4. You need some more weight in the back corner. Get an overflow bag plumbed in and get that surf wake where it needs to be or make the run by the beach and pick up some tag a longs. Also, do you ID? I want to make sure I’m looking at legal ass in that group picture because it’s looking a little borderline.
  5. John Daly used to play our local club fairly regularly because he was buddies with one of the members that played semi-pro for a number of years. The stories about the bets they would make and the crap they would get into on the golf course were epic. I do some work for a few different players in different leagues and from what I have seen pro and even semi-pro golfers take competitiveness and the want to win at everything to a whole different level. As far as the LIV discussion, it’s clear at this point that the PGA has been screwing over a lot of their players for years. Maybe something like this will get them to make adjustments that benefit their players top to bottom. The format of the new deal is dumb, but golf is also so traditionalist that maybe this will throw a wrench in things and get them to look at things differently.
  6. Landscaper put down a little over 30 rolls of sod last week after fucking around the last couple months during our cool, rainy spring. His timing was much appreciated since it was right on the front end of 2 weeks of the hottest temperatures on record in June around here. If I can keep this grass remotely alive it will be a miracle and one hell of a water bill. He’s supposed to be another 20 or so next week as well.
  7. Jalapeño cornbread at Jack Stack’s is worth the trip. Other primary difference in Memphis when looking at TX is everyone in Memphis is on electric smokers now for the most part. They are just throwing butts, ribs, chicken, and Turkey in an electric smoker and you have “BBQ” at the end.
  8. Memphis has a long BBQ history around pork, but they have jumped the shark on going chain style rather than what it was. They have all opened new restaurants as 2nd/3rd stores and are just getting food in and out. I would rather have Martin’s in Nashville for pork at this point. I eat at Central pretty regularly, but I eat their Turkey which is really good.
  9. Trading up every two years probably helps although there are clearly still plenty of issues on Range Rovers of all ages. I'd probably argue that any $100K+ vehicle should have no serious issues within two years, but maybe that's asking too much. At this point owning any newer model SUV/truck outside of a warranty is a crap shoot with all the electronics involved. My last 3 Ford trucks have been in for more warranty related issues than the Range Rover ever was. I’m a month into a 2022 F250 and it’s been in twice for a trailer brake controller issue and now the backup camera is shot. Those are different than getting stranded on the side of the road, but we never had that issue in the RR either.
  10. We liked ours. Outside of a DEF issue (Sport Diesel) in the first 5,000 miles, ours never was in the shop. She hit a deer in it which turned into a $20k+ repair because of where the idiots mount the electrical components, but it got repaired and was fine. She traded after 2 years and 55k miles or so without any issues. She’ll probably go back to one when she’s 2 years into the Escalade because both kids will be driving at that point and we can downsize some.
  11. Most boat people hate on pontoons, but they are great all around choices for lakes for someone not looking for anything specific. They ride well, haul plenty of people, run shallow if you want to drop a line somewhere, can pull a tube around without issues, etc. I always keep a cheap pontoon because we use it as our base on the water. It’s typically where everyone hangs out and rides the jet ski’s off of, we throw out the large lily pads for the adults to sit on, tie the wakeboard boats up to it, eat on it, etc. I wouldn’t have it as my only boat right now, because we still wakeboard, surf, tube, etc. When the kids are gone, I’ll probably just have a pontoon at the lake and a bay boat at the beach and be done with the rest of them.
  12. Forgot this one earlier, Toby has not been pleased with Milo moving in on his spots. He’s finally eased up on him some today and is starting to play with him while still trying to keep him in line.
  13. What’s better than one dog, two dogs of course. Picked up our new puppy after originally getting on the list last October. I think I had forgotten how much trouble puppies are especially when our older dog has been super easy. Anyways, here’s Milo the Labradoodle laying in Toby’s food bowl spot apparently waiting on supper.
  14. Management company we use has a number of pilots on staff that are either retired or under the minimum hour requirement for commercial airlines. They fly with these guys for a few years and then move up to commercial at some point. They fly when they want to and also live pretty well during that period. Most of the guys they manage for really take care of the pilots.
  15. Nice ride, we finally picked up our C90 with the Blackhawk upgrade. Flew it for the first time this week. It is a significant upgrade over the Baron in size and speed. Getting the interior done in September and avionics in the spring. We have a back log of trips we have to get out of the way first with us being without a plane for a few months.
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