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  1. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/malibu-boats-comments-litigation-filed-213500077.html https://www.tradeonlytoday.com/manufacturers/lawsuit-filed-against-malibu-boats Interesting suit going on with Malibu and Tommy’s. Tommy’s side is that Malibu offered incentives that were never paid for them to increase their floor plan size and overstock slow moving high end boats to help their numbers. They are one of the larger boat dealership brands I know of. I’ve worked with them a few times in the past on buying or trying to buy. I also did not realize the other brands including the saltwater brands that Malibu had acquired over the years. With their large out of pocket settlement last year, things are bound to get interesting.
  2. Went to the Audi dealership Sunday (mid day) to look at a couple of SQ8’s. Kept hearing something over the PA system, so I walked back around where I could hear better and it was an announcement saying we were trespassing and the police had been notified. Security guys pulled up not long after and said they keep the entire dealership group under video security and notify the police if people are on the lot after hours. I told him he might want to tell someone to post a sign in the only place you can park to access the lots and save the hassle. I’m sure police weren’t notified, but the whole thing was dumb. She is eyeballing an Ineos now, we’ll see where that goes.
  3. I will say allowing this to play out in a thread is pretty shitty though. There is nothing positive for Derka that comes out of the slow burn. If you wanted to ban him, the best thing would have just been to ban him. Everyone knows his issues and this just feels like imma kicking him in the nuts a few times on the way out the door as he was never going quietly. He should have banned for some period, let things calm down, and then discuss whether he was coming back.
  4. He laid out his reasoning earlier in the thread. On the mod/owner issue, I’m not going to speak for black lab, but that involvement sounds a whole lot more like trying to look out for / help Derka’s well being than dealing with a random poster from the internet. I commend him for the personal involvement. Derka is clearly in one of those times he could use it. The issue with the other poster ultimately doesn’t matter, Derka can put him on ignore. Instead, Derka has said repeatedly he refuses to do it so he can see what he says about him to report it. Then he has a come apart on the site owner that clearly told him how to handle it. I’m not sure how he expected this to go at this point. Sometimes you have to remember that we are here because we are allowed to stay. That can always change just like the site can die on the vine if enough people don’t agree with the way it is run as has been proven in the past.
  5. No doubt, but I’ve also seen plenty of threads over the years where disagreeing with Derka on something that is strictly an opinion results in Derka saying people are bullying him or going scorched earth. It has happened more times than I can count. Usually he steps away and comes back and is in a better place for a while until it comes up again. Using the term bully in today’s online environment can be problematic. I don’t participate in the same threads he does, so I cannot speak to whether it is or isn’t. However, I can speak to a fairly easy solution to dealing with it, which is put him on ignore instead of trying to be a moderator. It’s an online community, you hold all the control over who you interact with and Derka is making the active choice not to do his part to control it. Instead he is choosing scorched earth which is the most “Derka” thing he can do.
  6. There was a simple solution to this issue and Derka chose to set fire to everything instead. That puts the mods in a no win situation at that point, so here we are with another in the long list of Derka threads. This is iteration # who knows at this point of this same/similar thread. Every so often things with Derka come to a head and we get this and he takes some time off and usually comes back better. It’s a problem and puts the site owners in a weird predicament that I would not want to deal with either. I like Derka as a poster, but I don’t engage with him any more. If you don’t agree with him then it quickly goes off the rails and turns into an everyone is against me discussion and everyone else is an idiot. It’s pretty easy to just skip on by. For those on team Derka, maybe spend a little less time arguing with Imma and a little more time explaining to Derka how sometimes you just have to do what you’re told by those in charge to get by. Saying all of that, the discussion in this thread and the number of people that always end up posting in it prove how much value Derka brings/has brought to the community. There are very few other posters that are going to get this many pages of discussion on their exit and it will be a net loss if he is gone. Derka needs to work his shit out with imma, take a break, and then he should be allowed back. Maybe ban him for a month every 6 months or so to give him a chance to reset.
  7. Actually wasn’t bad. The King Air runs us about $20k, his helicopter is about $8500. Values are about 2:1, plane is older but has all new avionics.
  8. Partner on my King Air bought a helicopter and is trying to get us to go in on it. He’s been flying it everywhere and it sounds like it might be worth it for the short hop trips we were considering getting a Cirrus for. The fuel burn on it is basically nothing especially compared with the King Air. He is also flying it from his house/shop straight to job sites, so it is no better than driving for him. I’m not sure how interested I am in a helicopter but it is intriguing. May need to up my life insurance first I suppose.
  9. Sounds like you need a diesel, my friend. Traded off my 9 month old F250 that I said I was keeping forever this time last year. It was too big for what I need and where I drive and my back couldn’t take the ride. I need a truck for hauling and medium grade towing. I want to buy one more that will last me a while which keeps me from buying F150# whatever I’ve had at this point. Just checked F250 pricing, it has changed a lot in that time frame. I bought my Platinum out the door loaded for $77k, looks like it would take mid 90’s to get it now.
  10. Checked towing and it looked fine, didn’t even think about payload. It looks like the newer ones are 1940 versus 3300 on the F150. Not sure that matters all that much since I’m only towing 16 foot trailers, boats, etc but that is well under what I would have expected.
  11. Think I’m going to pick up a Tundra for towing/hauling and as an extra vehicle. Anything I should make sure to get on one? Looking at an SR5 because I don’t need all the extras at this point. Any big improvements or anything that I need to keep in mind in model years? I’m thinking about a new one unless I just happen to come across what I want within the last couple of years. It will probably stick around for a while as the 3rd vehicle, so I want something I don’t have to worry about.
  12. I’m out, no time this year and not that into fantasy any more. Hopefully, you guys can find a few replacements.
  13. Not around here, all of my kids (18/16) friends drink and no one really does drugs. My kids don’t do any of it other than an occasional drink at least to this point. My parents/stepparents are all severe alcoholics, so my kids have seen the bad side of drinking and just don’t have an interest currently. My wife and I don’t drink, so it also helps them make better decisions I think. From what we’ve seen the parents that are having a drink with every meal and looking the other way with their kids all have kids that are hitting it hard. My oldest gets a call almost every weekend to pick them up from parties and take them home.
  14. Shit’s terrible. Long term client just buried his 19 year old daughter last month. My kids cheered competitively with her growing up and said she had some problems transitioning to college and with her parents divorce. They know it was fentanyl, but no one knows the details.
  15. Samsung we had at our beach place was terrible. The condensation line ran down the back of the freezer and would constantly freeze causing water to back up into the bottom of the fridge. We have had zero issues with the Sub we had before this remodel. It was an older model and still worked like new.
  16. Kitchen remodels, my favorite thing. Hopefully, we’re two weeks out from being done. Decided to just go forward with it since we had the appliances. Fucking ridiculous what you it ended up costing, but it is what it is.
  17. You know what is really great for breakfast? Breakfast tacos of course. You know what you should put on your breakfast tacos? The right answer is whatever the hell you want for breakfast on your taco or whatever is being served. I’ll take 2 (well, maybe 3) of whatever is available. I don’t care what variety they are because they are all good. I do prefer eggs just for the breakfasty aspect of it, but again give me what you have.
  18. Rented from Hertz several times recently, they don’t tell you anything.
  19. This, we spent 4 days in Moab and didn’t see anywhere near everything we wanted to see. We rented a Jeep and basically rode trails and hiked every day which means you aren’t seeing a large area but you are getting to really see an area. A lot depends on whether you are just trying to check a box on seeing something or if you really want to explore the area. With 10 days, I would pick an area or two and focus on them. Personally, I would fly into SLC and drive to Moab. Spend about half the time there and then drive south/west through Bryce/Zion and fly out of Vegas. We did Moab in July and it wasn’t busy, but it was a tad warm. Bryce/Zion we have always done in May and they haven’t been terrible yet. Anything later and it gets rough though. There is a lot to see/do/love about that area of the country. Think I have my wife sold on passing on another beach place and buying something out west instead.
  20. Marina wins 10 times out of 10 when dealing with salt water unless you have a fairly newly built launch in your area which isn’t likely on the west coast of Florida. Launching boats in salt water is a hassle that is just completely different than lake/river launching. That hassle is compounded by the fact most of the ramps especially along the SW side of Florida are stacked up with people a lot of the time.
  21. Bigger is better (at least to a point) when dealing with saltwater boats. I would go to the higher side of that range because Sarasota Bay is still a large body of water and the intercoastal is going to have large boats running it. Saltwater boats are worse than fresh water brands and trucks for that matter as far as people’s opinions about certain ones, so find what you like and what fits your needs. I would also look more at the dual consoles than strictly bow riders because you can get some cross over usage. You really can’t go wrong with any of the 22-24 foot DC’s, so I would find a dealer / service center near you that’s easy to work with even if you are buying used. I’ve been out in the GW Freedom 235 and the Everglades version and have looked at the Robalo, Scout, and Boston Whaler and they are all personal preference on the minor details. I decided pretty quickly they wouldn’t work for what we like to do and a bay boat made more sense.
  22. We spend our time a couple hours south of you. There are a ton of options all across the price ranges that will work in your area. Do you fish? Do you have prior boating experience? Where you are at, there is no way I would go with anything in the 33 foot range for what you mentioned above unless you are going out overnight or spending time off shore. It’s too shallow and tide dependent, something in the 24-26 foot range will do most everything in that area. I’m always going to lean towards a bay boat, but if you don’t fish a dual console style boat would be much more comfortable for cruising and sandbar hopping.
  23. We’ve looked at several that were out the door under $200k. Wife was convinced that was what she wanted next, I finally said no. Most of my offices are in smaller towns and it felt like a little much for her to be showing up in.
  24. This was their best shot, the money is coming due quickly and it’s going to be difficult to defer it much further.
  25. There’s no way you give Mahomes the ball on the 3rd series with a chance to win it. You needed a TD whether you deferred or took the kick.
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