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  1. 100% - we’re better with him, but good enough to win without
  2. Obviously I think a QB can improve year to year but I’m also not going to assume Colt McCoy production or playoffs. God forbid someone reality checks CTJ
  3. Although Mae’s partner also wanted fish and chips. Yeah both those teams were the clear bottom. and
  4. That’s what the announcers said. My physical therapist friend says you don’t usually immobilize unless it’s a break or ligament tear so hopefully it’s not something worse
  5. Let’s all not pretend like we didn’t see the same missed throws all season? We’re obviously rooting for the same thing but I’m not going to pretend that accuracy improvements- especially on the deep throws- isn’t necessary for us to win next season. I’m also not going to take it for granted or expect it without proof.
  6. Look I *hope* you’re right but we saw this kind of thing pretty often. Ewers needs to make a big jump in accuracy to give those WR a chance. Fake broken hands or not
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