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  1. I mean I guess, but how often do you get an opportunity to coach a National Title winning team? I don’t know the details of when he’s actually leaving I just assumed he’d stay through the bowls
  2. I’d be shocked if he left immediately
  3. So are these assholes done officiating our games or is there a chance they have any playoff games?
  4. There's just no way this FSU team should be in. I don't care how good the defense is
  5. Sorry to hear your kid is getting investigated for killing that longhorn
  6. Can’t enter concussion protocol if you aren’t examined
  7. $10 says this turns out like that girl who carved a backwards B into her face. FH wanted to kill a Longhorn but didn’t want the heat
  8. Man, Parsons was nowhere all night but what a time to show up!
  9. Great work Ferguson! And a Cooks sighting!! Ok Let’s GO
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