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  1. I don’t think “harboring” is the right term
  2. Breaking: Jennifer Lawrence is allegedly going to announce her true and undying love to me July 4 2023. Apologies owed to my wife Edited to add- it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Mel Gibson was a QAnon nutter
  3. You’re not wrong. I mean giving speeches at the violent coup attempt to overthrow our democracy resulting in the death of police officers isn’t even a blip on the impeachment/resignation calculus
  4. Yes. If the settlement isn’t approved, the case will go to trial.
  5. They offered team ownership to join, right? Given how dominant Rooney was in his short DC United stint, Messi is going to look like the Harlem Globetrotters out there (assuming reports are accurate)
  6. Fucking Max - god forbid we invest in good quality tv instead of hours of fixer upper
  7. The lack of accountability for himself is astonishing for someone deified for success as a CEO
  8. I’m not going to complain about their Friday starter throwing this many pitches. Maybe they leave him in there even
  9. Right when the announcers were in the middle of sucking off Dettmer lol
  10. Some kids elect to go to college to try and improve draft position and make more $$$
  11. Beard’s freak out to get off the plane was awesome
  12. Meh, you’re a ball player, not a Viking or whatever. It looks stupid
  13. So many words about Morales and yet none about his dumb eye black/face paint bullshit
  14. Speak for yourself. I ain’t scared of Tree and I’m not pulling for those dorks to win anything.
  15. Give LBJ all the ice. And Guillemette having two hits after that hit to the head? That kid is tough as god damn nails
  16. I’m not sold on our DE or LB quality. Defense could be an adventure next year
  17. https://www.texastribune.org/2023/05/25/ken-paxton-20-articles-impeachment/
  18. Wednesday- what the hell Apple?
  19. I hope he and that long haired boy are happy
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