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  1. I mean aside from supporting bomb threats to children’s hospitals perhaps they should be ashamed about pretending Elon’s prop comedy dad joke from the day he took over twitter (after he failed in court to back out) was funny or cool
  2. Listen. Texas gave me a history and government (poly sci) degree- not that really means much. And I 1000% agree. Objectively successful Cold War, resulting in massive depletion of Russian military power
  3. Can I step in and say y’all are nuts. Ewers (if healthy) is a top 5 qb next season
  4. I’m not saying this isn’t possible, but can someone post the projected starting 5?
  5. “I’m so tough and brutal dictator Kim Jong Un totally underestimated me back there. Did you see that?” ”Ma’am, that was the cashier at Panda Express”
  6. I mean doesn’t that sound *just* like shooting a 14 month old alive puppy that you’ve had trouble training? Hoo boy
  7. This is so stupid and intellectually dishonest that my brain hurts
  8. In the dream he’s clutching Mariko’s cross. We all watched as he dropped it in the ocean after spreading Fuji’s family’s ashes.
  9. The challenge wasn’t hard. “Cook your own food. Take risks” - that was it. It was almost a finale challenge. I thought it was stupid how so many people got thrown off by having no guard rails.
  10. Yes, but that’s a court mandated schedule and not a Trump accommodation
  11. MAGA jurors convicted Manafort. I wouldn’t freak out
  12. I mean probably. But Lindgren is hot, and Ovi is streaking. Caps could be sticky
  13. hahaha this team has like a -40 goal differential. I love that the Caps made the playoffs this season. Bring on NY
  14. No, you’re right. Scottsins did crim law and a few others. Foosters maybe?
  15. I mean yes and no. It is definitely a game show. That’s why most of the elimination challenges have time limits and gimmicks. But also Top Chef has bolstered careers and given legitimacy to otherwise little known (or locally renowned) chefs. I think restaurants and the public give contestants and winners higher esteem for having cooked on the show
  16. I think they made a big effort to actually get higher quality contestants this season than others. Michelin stars, James Beard awards, etc. Some seasons they seemed to be filling spots with just about anyone
  17. One absolute failure team and one that delivered fine dining consistent with the theme. Everyone else was so mediocre that they needed a pep talk at the end.
  18. That and feeling the need to get caught planting evidence despite an already strong case
  19. Yeah and many recent documentaries and a limited series drama on it explaining all that in context of race riots in LA and massive corruption against black people by LAPD and trolly mctrollface “has no idea” how it could have happened
  20. Plus it was soggy and no one could taste the cheese.
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