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  1. Wow... Kittle willed that play to a potential win.
  2. Watching the 49ers block is a thing of beauty. Shanahan can draw up some fucking plays, that's for damn sure.
  3. LOL at Kiffin at Ole Miss. That fucker will take cheating to a new level that even Freeze would shy away from. Kiffin doesn’t give a fuck.
  4. Jeez... dude looks like he has aged 10 years and put on 40 pounds
  5. Well who would be realistic? Riley? Nope. Saban? Nope. Meyer? Doesn’t seem mike we’re interested. Peterson? Nope. Day? Nope. Dabo? Nope.
  6. I think Fleck needs to prove more than 1 food year in my opinion. I don’t think Harsin is a realistic candidate. If he would consider Texas, I’d bump him up to #4 on that list. Just think he doesn’t give a fuck about the extra baggage of being a HC at Texas, plus he’s at his alma mater doing well.
  7. I wonder what conversations were being had when we were down 14-0 in that game...
  8. Guys I would want with the current coaching landscape that would be realistic... will omit Meyer since that has been beaten to death. 1. Rhule 2. Malzahn 3. Franklin 4. Patterson 5. Campbell All would be HUGE upgrades over Mensa
  9. Except Meekins has no business coaching D1 football. He was brought on at UH to deliver Ed Oliver. Whereas, Traylor was considered one of the brightest offensive minds in Texas HS football and a guy many think will be a future OC with a bright future.
  10. We need a new DB coach on top of that.
  11. If the fans have lost faith in him, and the leadership has lost faith in him, and everyone fucking despised him.... then why hang on to him another year? Perception? Money? If he’s being forced to fire his staff, then they should absolutely not allow him to make offers to OC/DC candidates. If he doesn’t realize his mistakes, he will make them again.
  12. Yeah, he was very close to committing to us the week against ou. We shit the bed....
  13. He single handedly costed us the TCU and LSU games with the zero blitz call on 3rd and long with the game on the line.
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