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  1. Honestky, I’d be happy with the raiders DL coach if he’s available. Believe it or not, if we can develop our DL, recruits will line up to come play. Even Giles has recruited fairly well given he barely puts any effort. I’d take an excellent teacher to develop our talented and deep line over Okam. I’d be happy with Okam but he’s still relatively young as a coach.
  2. The smartest thing Ash can do is rename a LB position with a stupid name (Predator, buck, joker, milf hunter, etc) 18 year olds will like. Tell Overshown the best player will be featured to attack and cover. Overshown would rather sit on the bench or transfer than move to LB. He dominated when they placed him in the joker position against Tech.
  3. Acho is an attention whore moron. The athletic department needs to completely remove any access he has to the program. What a complete fucking joke that puts out a stupid statement and then plays victim when people call him out on his stupid bullshit.
  4. Not sure he’s implying Tommy is a Texas commit...
  5. damn... Lawrence has great awareness. Few college QBs can see an offsides and snap it.
  6. It's like this dumbfuck didn't learn from his first set of incompetent hires. Torrian Gray is a solid DB coach with 19 years of coaching experience at Florida. He makes $450k. Offer him 600k and make him say no. That's a real fucking DB coach that can coach and recruit. Took Jahari Rodgers and Ethan Pouncy from us. If they say no, call the Michigan, Clemson, Oregon DB coach. They all make 400k. Offer them the same. One will take the fucking pay raise and come to Austin, Texas and enjoy not paying state income tax. Instead we go to the worst P5 school and go after a guy that was fired. Am I taking crazy pills? What the fuck is wrong with Herman. Does he still think he's at UH?
  7. What the fuck is our infatuation with failed coaches from Rutgers? Our position coaching search seems to be coaches from UH, Kanasa, Rutgers. I remember when we could fucking could take whomever we fucking wanted from successful power 5 schools like Auburn. Now we are hiring coaches fired from Rutgers. What in the fucking fuck...
  8. Lmao, didn’t know that. Fuck that kid too. You know it has to be bad when Deon felt the need to have the kid publicly apologize in national TV. What did this kid do? I’m interested. Also, Clemson passed on Evans very early due to him not fitting their culture. Texas stopped recruiting him early in the summer. Thank goodness for Bijan. Ou didn’t spend too much time recruiting him. LSU has a pipeline to Northshore and they don’t seem too interested. Bama took his OL buddy and then slow played him this summer. Looks like they will trap door him and have secured Jase McClellan. Looks like he has tried to commit to UGA before and they would not accept his commitment. He then sent his LOI and they aren’t accepting it. Looks like aggy is his only option? Maybe that’s why he was begging on national tv last night in hopes of one of the big schools to take him so he doesn’t end up at aggy! Haha. Fuck this kid.
  9. Let’s recap. - Evans had his hands out his entire recruitment asking for money. - He openly was implying that he would not sign with a school that did not “take care” of his teammate, that fat fuck OL... can’t remember his name. - He thrashed the Texas coaches and players and then the aggy coaches publicly. His head coach forced him to visit those schools to apologize in fear that they would stop recruiting his teammates. - He stopped going to class all of spring football. - He told the Alabama RB coach to fuck himself and along with their fans on a live video bc the coach told him he wouldn’t start at Bama if he didn’t mature. - He admitted in an interview over the summer that he plays recruiting games with schools to see what he can get. - He punched one of his coaches and got suspended. - I’m not sure what he did again, but he got suspended again from the state championship game by his HC and was sent home. - UGA is not accepting his LOI. No school with success and good locker room is going to take this kid. He has red flags all over him. He’s a head case that only cares about himself. He thinks he’s above his coaches, his teammates, and the program. Any school that accepts his LOI, assuming he has the grades, will do so knowing he’s going to cause drama and that there’s probably enough dirt out there on him that it’s a NCAA investigation waiting to happen. With that said, aggy will do anything to sign him. Fuck this kid. He doesn’t deserve the opportunity of a free education with the way he’s fucked around.
  10. Cristobals wife looks pretty hot!
  11. Beat one of ou/LSU. Only drop one other game rest of the year and win the fucking Big 12. This is Herman’s 4th year with his recruits and he was given a clean slate with an open checkbook to fix his huge blunder of bringing his under qualified butt buddies from UH. If he cannot accomplish this with a senior once in a decade QB is a shitty conference, he is not the answer.
  12. Yup! Would have loved for our defense to sack him a few times!
  13. The players on defense are a group of 5 stars and 4 stars that maybe Bama, OSU, LSU, and Clemson can match. They were highly recruited for a reason. Our idiotic coaches just spent the entire year practicing blitzes from 20 yards out than fundamentals. Who would have thought that when you can out athlete your opponent, you make it hard for them to score just playing simple defense...
  14. The problem is that Orlando did not adjust to the injuries and did not put his players on the best position to succeed. He kept running his complicated schemes with young players that were inexperienced. He needed to simplify it and teach these young but talented players good fundamentals. His misuse of Ossai all year should get him fired along. He took one of the best pass rushers in the country and had him playing 20 yards off the line of scrimmage. You don’t need complicated schemes with talented athletes. Just for perspective, these guys were rated by various services. 5 stars- Sterns, Foster, Cook, Overshown, Green High 4 stars- Jones, Shark, Ossai, Coburn, Jaimison 4 stars- TQ, Dele, Adimora, Watson, Ojomo This was a very talented defense of very highly recruited players and he made them look worse than Kansas most of the year. Look at how they played when schemes were simplified for them and they focused on fundamentals.
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