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  1. so did anyone else receive the EIDL 10k advance within 3 days? I applied Monday morning. Lets see if this hits the bank account on Friday.
  2. Sounds like the town I have my business in. Morons are all packed together shopping at Home Depot and Lowe’s because they are bored at home.
  3. Applied for the EIDL loan and fucking forgot to check mark the 10k advance. Sent in a second application. Just ran payroll and rent today 17k out the door and this doesn’t include the CC bills and utilities. No revenue coming in as we are mandated to be shut down. It will be soul crushing watching this drain my working capital for my small business. Also, wife works at the corporate office of a big retail company here in Dallas. She just got an email for a meeting from HR and her CMO that says “do not forward” with only half her team invited. Fully expecting for to be fired tomorrow. Between my startup being shut down and getting drained every day of funds and my wife most likely losing her job tomorrow, this is going to be a really shitty year. We will now have no income coming in between both our jobs as I’m not paying myself to keep my business afloat. Our tax returns the last two years are above the 150k limit. Will we not qualify for unemployment based on the tax returns? Fuck this virus.
  4. That is the best fucking recruit name I’ve seen since Bumper Pool.
  5. Ossai is going to be unstoppable. All we need is the coaches to not to get in his damn way and let him rush the passer.
  6. Man, what a classic game. Fuck ou!
  7. He’s a top 3 WR in the state. The rankings don’t do him justice because Skyline doesn’t have a QB that can throw. He tears it up and dominates at all the camps and 7 on7 tournaments. Bama and LSU would take his commitment, if that’s any indication of his talent. Following this recruitment, he’s a 17 year old that may not have the right guidance or support to help him through the recruitment process. He’s committed and de-committed twice. He wants to commit to Texas but also still wants to take visits. He also had a baby but that isn’t why Texas isn’t taking him. Herman just doesn’t want to be dumped twice. They will recruit him and take his commitment close to signing day from what it seems. Being 17, he may also go to a visit to LSU and commit on the spot...
  8. Tyler Johnson was most likely going to pass him up. Winter reports were that Willie Tyler has made lots of progress reshaping his body and Hookfin has added the proper weight. Okafor couldn’t beat a RS freshman in Angilau. I don’t blame him for leaving but people are right, the coaches gave him every opportunity to start and he got abused time after time. If you’ve got a RS freshman and a Senior battling out a guard spot, you go with Tyler Johnson. Cosmi- Angilau- Kerstetter- Johnson- Jones Hookfin- Imade- Ghirmai- Moore- Willie T. Team still has very solid depth. Would have been nice to have Okafor with his experience as depth but we also have 4 freshman OL coming in. No one in that 2 deep is a true freshman. When was the last time we could say that?
  9. I feel like I’m on an adult spring break. Haven’t changed out of panamas in 4 days. Been drinking margaritas and eating edibles every day. Crushing call of duty and and binge watching series. Been whipping up some delicious meals gaining weight by the day. After working 6 days a week the last 5 years, I was getting burned out in my career. I’m taking advantage of this quarantine.
  10. Yeah, that interview doesn’t give me much hope. It was Clemson until they made it clear they weren’t offering James. Now it’s Bama. They are looking. For every reason not to come to Texas. Read the dads comments about Texas not being the same when he was in a recruit and in school. It’s pretty clear he’s pushing them to go to Bama.
  11. Get ready for another big drop tomorrow. California shutting down and I bet NY is next.
  12. Sorry to hear this man. Live frugally and limit all your expenses. Collect unemployment. My practice is dead as well. We're a startup in month 5. We were on track to have our busiest month and now I'm shutting it down for 2-3 weeks. Calls have stopped. I'm about to let go one of my 3 staff members and told the other two I can give them 20 hours each for 2 weeks and then from there, it's anyone's guess. Pretty sure my wife will be fired at her corporate gig. Their company was struggling with mass layoffs the last 4-5 years. Their retail stores are struggling and this obviously will be the nail in the coffin. She's mentally prepped to be fired along with probably half the company.
  13. I know your feeling man. We were just starting to get busy and I was excited about the future, now the phones are dead and I'm basically rescheduling all elective implant/surgery cases out. I'm in survival mode now as well. My staff has to bring their kids to work because their day cares are closed and husbands are working. I'm about to completely reduce the hours on most of the staff and going to let one go. It's going to hit her hard as she's barely surviving as is with this job. It's messing with my head knowing the struggle she's about to endure because I'm not seeing anyone hiring right now in our field. On another note, my wife works at the HQ of a big retail company that's heading the way of sears. It's the corporate HQ with thousands of employees. They are basically forcing them to come in. Everyone is scared to request to work from home. They are publicly saying you can go home if you feel inclined, but anyone that requests to do so has to go through HR and people are scared they will be the first to get laid off if they request to work from home. The CEO is a complete bitch and even people in managing positions are worried to as to work from home. Morale at her company was already low with all their layoffs, it's terrible now. I'm fully expecting her to lose her job as she's 100% not going to work with thousands of people in the same building, many of whom are still traveling for work to cities like NYC and Vegas. Her own assistant is coming back from Vegas this week.
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