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  1. Also, I just watched Ezra’s highlights. What am I missing here? Why doesn’t this kid have an offer? He’s much better than James. He’s fast, strong, and can pull and run in the 2nd level. He would probably help in Wheaton’s recruitment. He plays in a competitive school district and goes up against a power 5 DE prospect every day in practice. What the hell are we waiting on. He can play guard and center.
  2. Sooo... I watched Ja’Tavion Sanders highlights again. Convince me he’s not a 5 star TE prospect also. He’s got very good hands and very good speed. Dude is out running DBs in some of those highlights. How is he not the #1 player in the state?
  3. Lol... he’ll have his choice of P5 school if/when he enters the portal. Get out of here with your bullshit. I’m proud of DeMarvion. Our administration as usual has done jack shit. Mississippi changed a state flag extremely quick. I won’t be surprised if more player sit out as well. Unlike our moronic administration, these kids are actually trying to bring progress to the University. It’s laughable that we still have statues and buildings named after racists. This should be a no brainer. It shouldn’t take 3 fucking weeks to initiate change. And stop with the bullshit about donations stopping. UT will be fine. No one person is bigger than this university. We’ve got plenty of fucking money.
  4. Brocks ain’t coming here and that was plainly obvious when they set up two officials to Bama after their spring visit. And they can go fuck themselves. Way to ruin your legacy and your grandfathers legacy here. I’ll have a sour taste in our mouths when we hear that name because I’m petty as fuck. But if there’s one position Herman and company have nailed it on, it’s OL. You guys really don’t remember what a damn shit show OL was before he got here. Mack fucked us so hard depleting the OL talent and Strong was just a straight up moron. For the first time in a long time, we have talent, depth, and NFL prospects. They have a plan for these guys with their redshirt years. They have specific traits they look for and they let Yancy do the rest. Cosmi, Christian Jones, Kerstetter we’re guys we’d never heard of. They will all play in the NFL. Angilau was highly recruited and they did a fantastic job developing him and getting him ready start as a RS Frosh. Willie Tyler who no one fucking knew about has transformed his body and is the biggest OL on the team and will contribute this year. They also do a great job of finding grad transfers. Calvin Anderson was huge for us. Parker Braun filled in a big need. TLDR: Fucks the Brocks... we’ll be fine at OL.
  5. victory88

    Joseph Ossai

    When they fired Sumlin and hired Jimbo, he didn’t commit to keeping Terry Price initially. With Sumlin gone and Prices future uncertain, it opened the door for Giles and Carrington to hammer our sales pitch. He was heading to aggy otherwise.
  6. Ingram better cut his any weight he may have gained and I hope he's ready because Bijan looks like the real deal. Would not be surprised if Bijan is taking half the carries by the ou game. We've lacked a game changer badly. We thought we had a home run threat with JWhit but lets see if he can stay healthy. At some point, Herman and Yurcich need to get Bijan, JWhit, and Jake Smith on the field at the same time.
  7. That and he probably outgrows WR... have you seen him? He looks bigger than most RB recruits already.
  8. Giles is a fantastic coach. Terry Price was also eating his lunch when he first got to Texas. Since then, we've had TWO DPOY for the Big 12 that have shown success in the league. With the new scheme, scouts taking notice at our DL talent, and him closing on Broughton, Collins, Sanders... he's turned himself into one of the more valuable coaches on our staff. Parents also seem to like him. If we can get Ossai and Coburn (both elite talents) drafted in the 1st round, DL recruiting is going to be fun.
  9. Willing to admit he also has his hand out at the schools that are the usual suspects?
  10. Jeez, this kid is already college ready. I've been saying it from Day 1, he's a better version of D'Shawn Jamison... and I'm a huge Jamison fan! I expect him to compete at nickel, corner, punt/kick off return, and also provide depth at WR if needed. 24/7 is slowly bumping his rating to 5 star status so they don't look like idiots for his initial lower ranking. His tape is unreal at so many positions in a competitive district.
  11. The call was for a sleeping guy and they somehow managed to kill the guy? What the fuck. Wake him up and talk to him. If he’s sober it should be obvious and let him go. If he’s drunk, and takes your taser, call for back up and just contain him. At no point should they pull that trigger knowing he does not have a gun on him. Wait for backup and then get him on the ground some other way. What the fuck. How do cops not have this training?
  12. You sound like a lot of the red neck country bumpkins I grew up around and now work near. They share your same views and sentiments. I’ve heard this same argument from a large segment of people I grew up with living in a small Texas town and they post the same shit your typing publicly on their Facebook. I also remember those same people saying the most vile racist shit I’ve ever heard growing up when their one black friend wasn’t around. The socioeconomic issues the majority of black communities face are a direct result of generations of slavery, of Jim Crow laws, segregation, discrimination, underfunded schools, underfunded communities, voter suppression, and the list goes on. All of that is because of racism.
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