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  1. Every tournament team that makes it far has elite guard play. Once Carr and Rice got dinged up, it was going to be hard to overcome the shift in momentum. Those two carried this team quite a bit during the season when we needed people to score. In those last 10 minutes, they looked gassed and gimpy. This was the most fun I’ve had watching Texas bball in 15 years. Props to players and the coaching staff considering what they has to overcome. Let’s keep building this thing and make a run next year.
  2. Texas looks gassed, hurt. Need to make a push here and make some shots. Someone needs to step up on offense.
  3. Miami will get hot. Game of runs and momentum. Texas needs to keep hitting open looks when they get them.
  4. Some of you act like Rodney can’t recruit. He was huge in getting guys to Texas while Barnes was here. Some big time names that are in the NBA. Ron Holland and AJ Johnson are not coming here without Rodney Terry. The guy can recruit and he’s a great defensive coach. He clearly has eye for talent as Rice was a guy Terry brought to Beard. The players love to play for him. He’s out coached some very good coaches head to head this season. He understand Texas basketball probably better than any coach out there outside of Barnes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had very good success here. Hell we are playing better now than we ever were under Beard. This is the most fun I’ve had watching Texas bball since the peak Barnes years. Guy has earned the job and has kicked ass in every way while being the interim coach.
  5. We’re going to win it all. This team is special.
  6. Props to PK and Choate for identifying and getting him in the boat. He’s likely starting after Ford leaves.
  7. I bought it when it was $30.... FML
  8. I need a bit of advice. We are in the Dallas area. Wife and I bought a little townhouse 2+ years ago in old east dallas and now need to upgrade to a house as kids are in the picture. I would like to keep the townhouse as it's been gaining value and we can easily rent it out. Our neighbors are renting their unit and we can probably get 1k above our monthly mortgage. We have it 2.85% rate locked in and only had to put down 5% no PMI. Now rates are ridiculous. We're not in a rush to buy, but I want to ask the experts here. The houses were looking at 2 years ago were around 1-1.2 mil near lovefield off the tollway in dallas. Now they are 1.5-1.8. I'm looking at the same neighborhood. Basically they tearing down a bunch of old homes and building new ones. I have noticed, they have all been on the market 6 months+. Most of them have cut their zillow pricing 80-150kish and still sitting on the market. What would you guys do and what do you expect? 1. Will we have issues getting a 2nd mortgage as I do not want to sell our townhouse? I would love to rent it out and keep gaining equity. In your expert opinions, is it best to wait as we are not in a rush? 2. I imagine no one is touching these homes with the jacked up price and current mortgage rates. My buddy build his new home a year ago in the same neighborhood 500k less than what these other homes are being listed at. Generally speaking, if the price has been cut 100k in the last 6 months and let say it is listed at 1.5 million, would an offer for 1.2-1.3 get laughed at? 3. I know I spoke with UTPhil a few years ago but they weren't doing physician loans at the time or something like that. What can I realistically expect as far as rates go in the next year and are companies still doing physician loans? My BiL was telling me to do a 7 year arm and refinance later but this stuff can go over my head. Thanks for the feedback in advance. Just trying to educate myself before we do something stupid.
  9. The ON3 guys said the staff seems to like Roberstson at center so won’t be surprised if they have someone like SGW or Merrill train there this spring and then try to develop Robertson and Hutson in the summer/fall when they come back. Gerry and Bobby both seem to think Neto is going to have a huge opportunity to take the job this spring. And if he does, he’s athletically as gifted as anyone on the roster and is one of the better run blockers on the team. Also good returns so far from Stroh and Chatman. It’s so fun to have an O-line with talent and depth to talk about. What Flood and Sark have done with the turnover in the OL has been better than what I could have hoped for.
  10. It took me a solid month to figure it out bc I refused to watch any guides but I really enjoyed it. I normally play first person shooters and sports games so this was very different for me but one of the best games I’ve played. Fucking hard too but I felt like a champ when I sat on the throne.
  11. Teams are all about hybrid players now so I have no doubt he will get drafted by someone hoping they can turn him into Isiah Simmons. He’s extremely athletic but he lacks toughness in run support and lacks basic linebacker instincts. I think if teams were to use him as a pass rusher and a guy to cover TEs, he can be successful in the league. If he played like Gary Johnson with measurables, he would be a day 2-3 pick but I think he will go 5-7 which isn’t terrible considering I thought he was a massive bust after 2021.
  12. Multiple reports from the $9.95ers have said that his big brother, BJ, has gained a decent amount of weight and really isn't a factor right now for playing time at safety. He's also not a LB which you can grow safeties to. He's already getting recruited over. Pure speculation, if his big bro isn't likely to see the field at all and is a attrition candidate down the road, then that probably means Jaden is not going to end up in the Texas class, especially with that Bama offer.
  13. 1st place in the big 12. Lots of bitching in here. Hook ‘em boys. We’ve got 4 games left and we’ve beaten 3 of the 4 teams already. If we go 2-2, I’ll be happy but going for 3-1.
  14. Cunningham is such a damn liability on offense. They aren’t even guarding him at this point and the dude misses everything.
  15. Tech has had 8 points of banked shots go in. Team is fighting but you cannot meltdown like that on the road in a big time game in crunch time. Nut up on D and we can win this.
  16. Rodney Terry, got damn… I gotta stop drinking and posting.
  17. I think it was Gerry that basically implied that Mitchell probably isn’t staying at Texas given his usage. He didn’t put right say it but implied he would be shocked if Mitchell was on the Texas roster next year. Gerry mentioned that the coach has to show they can get 5 stars to develop and get drafted or the sales pitch gets doesn’t work. Also mentioned something along the lines of Terry Joseph is basically fighting for a job and isn’t going to rely on freshmen hence the limited playing time.
  18. If he wins the big 12 and keeps both 5 star recruits…. that’s probably a better coaching job than than the majority of years here at Texas. I see us playing good team basketball and he’s doing a good job with rotations and utilizing our best players. I want to see how the season plays out. If he finishes top 2 in the big 12 and makes it to the sweet sixteen…. Might be stupid to let him go at that point. If he accomplishes that, Let him have another year and if he fails, then fire him.
  19. Ads everywhere. Did clearing your cache fix it or is it a site thing that fixes itself? Thanks
  20. Hey Mo, one dude just caught 2 TDs in the CFP while you’re struggling to get starter reps on a team that had no LB depth. Texas is one of the few schools trying to create a baseline for every player regardless of you even have an impact on the program. You don’t get big big bucks for being below average in your job in the real world. How about you put in the work and then the NIL stuff will come. As for Sanders, I’m pretty sure the dude is already getting NIL money and probably more than other programs for the TE positions.
  21. Fantastic movie! I really enjoyed it.
  22. When Catalon is healthy, he has proven to be an all-sec type player. It he’s healthy, he is the best player on this defense. I watched that dude make play after play his freshman year and half of his sophomore year thinking we missed out on a great player bc his parents did not trust Tom Herman and his character and boy were they right… Anyways, excited about this pick up. Having veteran players in Sweat, Ford, and Catalon/Thompson up the middle has me feeling better about maintaining our level of play and improving on it next season.
  23. Yeah, not seeing Mitchell ending up at Texas. He’s had two good showings in the CFP. Why would he leave to come to the abortion our offense is currently? I was buying it when he wasn’t getting targets but doesn’t make sense right now.
  24. He’s going to love all the pretty ladies in Austin
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