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  1. We’ll have to hit the portal hard again the next year. As of right now, departures will be Collins, Norton, Savea, Lole. Not sure if Broughton has any more eligibility left but I imagine he’ll likely be moving on. That’s leaves us with Bledsoe, Bryant, January, and Mitchell (potential transfer candidate). Not exactly what you want to see from an experience and depth standpoint in the SEC. On a side note, Lance Jackson looks like he’s 270 lbs now in that picture with Sark? His frame looks like he can easily carry on another 30-40 pounds. Would not be shocked if he ended up moving inside.
  2. Baker really needs to have our DL play at a high level and get a few guys drafted. Alex January has been the highlight of our DT takes over the last 3 years under Bo. Sydir Mitchell has been rumored to have cleaned out his locker before and is always rumored as a transfer candidate. Outside of those two, bunch of meh guys. It’s frustrating that we have had 4 DTs drafted in the last 2 years and have not been able to capitalize the success from a recruiting standpoint … yet. Here’s to hoping we get Sharma and keep Brown from flipping.
  3. I agree with Sark building a great culture here, but this recruitment is basically NIL. Let’s just hope LSU stays broke and cant match whatever Texas is offering.
  4. Is there’s a single aggy commit we actually pursued and pushed to commit? Maybe Coby Sellers? I’m not sure if he was even at the top of our board at CB.
  5. Wingo is the biggest mismatch in the WR room. The minute the coaches feel he has the playbook and schemes down, he’ll be starting. I’m excited to see what Sark draws up for Bolden. Dude was abusing Utah in that film.
  6. It they want a ton of NIL money and a guaranteed starting spot, then I would say yes.
  7. I think of how Jonathan Brooks was beat out by a freshman. Dude didn't complain and was an ultimate teammate after waiting behind Bijan and RoJo. Baxter gets hurt and Brooks becomes a Doak Walker finalist and ends up being the first RB drafted. Compare that to a player that is rumored to have demanded a lot NIL while also losing his starting spot and having an issue with it. Just makes me appreciate guys that are bought in about the process and want to be the best version for the team versus entitled players that are more money and their own success.
  8. They’ve stated before he wants a quicker path to playing time and he’s unlikely to see snaps too many snaps his first year or two behind Baxter, Wisner, Gibson, Clark. I imagine that had more to do with it.
  9. No one is moving goalposts and I didn’t imply anything other than the fact that we have a clear need at DT and that we walked away with 2 guys that look like depth players and struck out on 3 other guys that we seriously pursued in Alexander, Toila, and Williams. Nothing wrong with what I said. But yeah, you didn’t respond with your usual passive aggressive bullshit like you always do. This is also an open forum to discuss Longhorn recruiting and news. Feel free to chime in but I don't see any posters here asking you to educate us or help us understand NiL so stop policing this board as if we’re here for your hot takes.
  10. Nasir Wyatt just committed to Oregon. I wonder if that is the player Gerry was alluding to.
  11. According to Gerry, he thinks he’s a 2nd- 3rd found type of guy. I’ve seen enough of Broughton to know that he’s nothing more than a rotational guy that still doesn’t have the strength or lower body to hold up on the interior after 4 years in college. I don’t expect Williams to be a Murphy/Sweat type of difference maker but a lot of coaches went after him hard. Either way, doesn’t matter because Devon Campbell is going to pancake him come October.
  12. Bro, you need to chill out. Where did I say that other teams don’t have holes in the roster? Where did I say that Texas isn’t going to make a run? You’re making a lot of assumptions. I was making the observation that we fell short of getting a difference maker at DT, after months of Bobby and Gerry both hinting that Texas would be prepared and you’ve had a history of posts also implying Texas has a “war chest” as well. Bobby just said, they came in and asked for more money and Texas didn’t budge and ou may have. If that is true, how is that not losing a player due to money? It’s the fucking definition of losing a guy to money. I get some players are not a fit for Texas or Texas doesn’t think spending the bucks is worth it… whichever way you want to paint it, our additions were very “meh”. Quit acting like a little bitch and having a temper tantrum on here. Sorry my post and others rile you up so much. Maybe take a day off the boards, you sound more pissed about Williams not ending up at Texas than anything I wrote. Geez, this board has fucking gone downhill with the stupid cheese posts and ctj and select others having their little bitchfest anytime someone makes an observation about our NIL or criticizes it.
  13. I think Texas clearly has a strategy and has success in the portal and how they distribute NIL. With that said, this year is a year where we are 1-2 players away from making a run for a title. I would think it would be the time to over spend to make the run if that’s is what’s needed but it’s not my money they are giving away. After all the talk about having a war chest and the snippets about waiting for big names to enter and that Texas wouldn’t be beat out… seems we were beat out on all the big name DTs and all of it came down to money. Market value is what the market sets and clearly other schools are spending more setting the price for players like Toila, Williams, Nolen, Alexander, etc. Perhaps the coaches feel good about developing the young guys, but I hope we don’t look back in a few months and regret not spending dollars on a good NT which is a clear weakness on an otherwise stout roster.
  14. intel from Williams and ou meeting this morning...
  15. So he wants to go to ou and is using Texas to drive his price up with ou it seems like? Good for Texas for not budging. At best he ends up at Texas at a price Texas is comfortable at. At worst, ou over extends themselves and has less NIL for recruits and other transfers. It's pretty obvious this has been ou from the start as they were the ones to get him into the portal and it's his last visit the day of his commitment. Hopefully that's not the case.
  16. I've got a 20 month old son. I can't imagine being such a piece of shit to do something like that to my child. This guy deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life and I hope the people in prison remind him with daily beatings what a shitty human he is.
  17. That LSU office looks like it's 25 years old.
  18. 10 draft picks! Let’s goooo!
  19. lol the NFL can be idiotic at times. There is no shortage of hot heads in the NFL. The dude fucking makes plays and has for years against tough competition and does it in clutch moments. Hell, Tyreek Hill beats women and teams don’t care. Not saying it’s right, but the Colts got a damn steal at 52. Dude is a physical mismatch and has elite hands.
  20. Double, I need this bitch to go to $32 to break even lmao
  21. Yes, I get it. He's not perfect. What I meant was that it's refreshing to see a coach actually do his best to win a championship and run this program based on meritocracy. And, maybe this was their way of rewarding him in getting Arch on campus.... kidding obviously.
  22. Charlie went tried this tactic and we had about 15 players leave that season. I remember reading and celebrating the purge at the time. Aggy is in for a rude awakening. Luckily with NIL, it's easier to turn over a roster with talent. But they are bringing in bread. They are going to SUUUUUUCK and this will be a 4-5 year rebuild for them to get this program competitive. They will never see it though because they will fire Elko after 3 years and the next coach will repeat the process.
  23. I'm fucking happy Sark is our coach. If a player is going to demand high dollar, well you better play like it or it'll get spent on someone that is worth the money. Under Mack, I imagine NIL would be handed out like orange slices to seniors. The more you've bled for the program, the more NIL.
  24. Brooks has gotten burned repeatedly and busting coverages even in the spring game. Ohio State thought he was safety and it's making sense now. If we are getting the Arizona CB, that should be an upgrade. CB- Manny CB- Davis (potential transfer) S- Mukuba S- Williams Nickel- Barron/Gillbeau Rotational players- Holmes, McDonald, Taafe. Mukuba can play star and Barron can play CB. This should be a solid DB group with good cover skills if the coaches can fucking do their job and teach them proper technique. Rod Babers almost loses his shit when he talks about the poor technique that is being taught. He talks about how our DBs don't play inside/outside leverage properly and these are simple things that should be taught.
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