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  1. Isn't that what you want? What is the complaint here?
  2. That isn't what's happening. But if it makes you feel like more of man go on and think that.
  3. Who is holding you hostage? What are you talking about?
  4. It's only rational if they've been vaccinated.
  5. Went to Galveston for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. Are at restaurants. Just got back from a kids bday party at a bounce house. And going to the stros game tomorrow with my 4 year old.
  6. Good luck crossing the road. Be sure not to look both ways, wouldn't want to be seen as a pussy.
  7. I didn't take it as a criticism of me. Rather, I was just illustrating the ambiguity and confusion that was apparently caused by the usage of the word "threat." I understand her use of the word to be the same as mine. I don't think her statement came across as pissing her pants afraid of people. All she was saying is that it'll take awhile for her brain to relax. You've chosen to ignore the focal point of her statement and instead harp on the predicate. I find that reaction odd. But I also really don't know anything about her, so I gather you're reading a bunch into her statement based on your
  8. They were being selfish. They were in denial. But that doesn't imply they were intentionally trying to hurt anyone. I don't see how you can reach that conclusion. Yes, if you want to be pedantic, I suppose literally speaking anything could be a threat. The point here is that the unmasked represented a non-negligible threat that required some amount of situational awareness to avoid. For whatever reason you take this to mean that I was pissing my pants afraid of them. But all it really means is a reasonable respect for the potential danger. I teach my children to be careful crossing the s
  9. Again, what do you understand the word threat to mean? What I said is that I dont think in this context it means "intentional" threat. I don't think the unmasked intended to put me or others in danger. But, objectively, they did put us in danger. And that is how I perceived it. So I was cautious around them. And my brain was trained that they represented a danger. Now that I am vaccinated, the unmasked arent a danger. But it'll take awhile for my unconscious brain to accept that.
  10. Why is the word "threat" overly dramatic? In this context, it just means potentially dangerous. That is an accurate representation of how I and others felt about unmasked individuals and large crowds during the height of the pandemic. She didn't say they were intentionally threatening. And she didn't say they are currently a threat. She said it'll take time to get over that internal danger bell that many of us developed during the pandemic. What word did you want her to use to describe that feeling? https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/threat
  11. Why are you being so obtuse? You're reading something into the word "threat" that I don't believe was intended (and certainly not by me). But go ahead, continue being an asshole to everyone who maybe took this a little more seriously than you and will take some time to readjust to a normal world again.
  12. You've known the CEO of your client for a long time. Or you're really young. /s Yeah, this is the sort of interaction that use to be automatic but now has that moment of hesitation. But I guess those that never considered Covid-19 a real threat wouldn't understand this change.
  13. Well, Rachel Maddow said she'll have to readjust to no longer consider unmasked people a threat. That statement was apparently deeply troubling and worthy of ridicule. I have no idea why.
  14. Why are you taking the statement out of context? Prior to being vaccinated, I avoided crowds and would move away from away from unmasked individuals. In a very real sense my mind became trained to considering them a source of danger (AKA, a threat). It doesn't mean I thought those people were intentionally threatening me. But it does mean I treated unmasked people with caution. Her point is that it'll take many people time to readjust to a more open world. And, yes, I'm cautious around cars too. Everyone should be. Good for you. I'm glad you adjusted quickly. For a lot of people it'll
  15. That seems like a realistic take on where we currently are. It'll take time for people to get use to being in large groups again. It'll take time for people to get use to seeing people without masks. I'm not sure why people are treating it like an inflammatory statement. It is the opposite.
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