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  1. It helps when they can foul and the refs don't call it.
  2. Everyone knows the team that dominates paint scoring doesn't get fouls... Wait...
  3. Mitchell, Jesus man. We just need you to eat some minutes without fouling.
  4. A good 20-1 run to start the second and I'll feel... Ok.
  5. He neglected to mention they were contested, and half of them were blocked.
  6. He seems a bit out of sorts. Fumbling with the ball, missing free throws, stupid fouls. But all of it seems to be due to going all out. He just needs to be get a little control.
  7. Pulling the two guys that have scored pretty much all of our points is bold. But we do need to get some better ball movement.
  8. We really don't know. It was a nothing play. But he is in a boot, so it ain't good.
  9. To be fair, it has involved several shots to the face. Hard to see much with that going on.
  10. Yeah, not sure what was going on there. We don't need to go that fast guys.
  11. UH has just been standing around on defense. I'd swear they have been throwing the game.
  12. I don't care what their government is, the Chinese are supreme capitalists.
  13. Have you met our fanbase?
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