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  1. Seems like you have to do the slow and low raise to temp. Then remove completely and let rest until almost back to room temperature. Then fire up the broiler and get it to blast-level heat and THEN put the steak back in. Not sure if you'll get botulism or not, but good luck!
  2. Bonus points for having both regular queso and Bob Armstrong that is pretty damn close to the real thing. Nobody gets the cheese quite right....
  3. Okay take a step back. No, no, a step forward. Now back. Now forward. And now we're cha-cha-ing!
  4. Alright, if that guy gets to say Pink Floyd, I'm just gonna go ahead and say The Who. I love a lot of their music and believe Moon was a one-of-a-kind nut and Pete Townshend is a rock star, there is just a ton of their stuff that isn't all that fun to listen to. I don't know how to describe that better, but that's what it feels like.
  5. Steely Dan = Tongue-in-cheek lyrics and persona, but with incredible studio talent and precision recording/composing.
  6. Peter Luger would like a brief word with you on the courtesy phone (and he has Mr. Keens on the other line).
  7. Condolences, CHIEF. That's sad news to hear.
  8. This whole thread is like the Reverse Peephole episode of Seinfeld. Wallets went out with powdered wigs.
  9. I should have clarified.... learn piano but don't STOP with the piano. Guitar will help you meet nice girls. Of course, if you want to meet the real hotties, be a drummer. Bonus: you can act like an drunken maniac and you barely ever have to actually play for anyone - just buy a Zidljian t-shirt.
  10. Piano/Keyboard. Start by learning music on that and then add anything else. New to music, keyboard will catapult you forward more than any of the others... it's visual, logical, easy to play by ear and learn to read music to, and teaches you hand independence. Second, would be guitar.
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