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  1. What, this yellow stuff? I said mustard, Jerry. Dijon.
  2. Yeah. Just has it all. And that rhythm section with Daryl Johnson and Brady Blade ain’t bad….. Mmmmmmmmmaple natural stain Yamaha recording custom drums.
  3. I can think of a few ways Grace could make an extra $80k and none of it has to do with science. Or school really.
  4. Yeah for gigging/stage it’s simpler to have bass drum mounted toms. The labyrinth of stands and the amount of set up time, etc.
  5. Opinion of one: it don’t make a shit. But I’m certainly no sound engineer so I could be wrong. More aesthetic preference and might make a difference in set-up depending on drum sizes and configuration.
  6. Yeah that's going to be a problem. It's gonna be a problem for them. This a clear violation of your rights as a consumer. It's an infringement on your constitutional rights. It's outrageous, egregious, preposterous.
  7. Yeah, this is so right. People pay lots to do helicopter sightseeing - this is a mini version of it. And more often than not I’m traveling on my own (business trips) so a black car or Uber isn’t that much cheaper. A couple of times when I could only expense a “ground transportation” equivalent, I expensed $125 and paid the difference and it was well worth it. Now I have no option but to take a (long) car ride back to stupid CT, lol.
  8. Just thinking about a hot, delicious quadruple quarter pounder is getting me there…. Wait, you were talking about calories. Never mind.
  9. That is really badass. My dad had a yellow one of those back in the day - hard to believe he’d drive me and buddies around just jumping the bed of the truck. It also used to get stuck in reverse from time to time. Good memories. I’ve always thought it would be cool to restomod one. ETA: if that’s an 82 I’m surprised it’s not Nissan badged - they switched in the US in 1981. Badass either way. My grandfather and uncle raced for Datsun and then Nissan back in the 70s and early 80s (Baja, etc). Here is my uncle driving the September 1983 Vegas-to-Reno race.
  10. Yeah Blade has very limited luggage allowance, at least back when they first started. I probably wouldn’t do it on my dime but when I’ve had it paid for it’s badass. Before we hit the burbs we were in Tribeca so jfk wasn’t terrible in a car but flying over the city and then being an 8 minute drive home is, as Ferris would say, so choice if you have the means. And I’ll second the notion that Luger’s is a ghost of what it used to be. Now it’s just a tourist or business dinner to try and impress out of towners. Keens, Prime Meats, and many others are far superior these days. Of the chains, I’m partial to Smith & Wollensky (used to work across the street in midtown). Palm has gone way downhill, imo. I’m also fond of Old Homestead - not the best steak in town but great overall experience without quite the price tag of some others. St Anselm and Gallaghers also good. I like steak.
  11. Wow, I remember him as a poster but had no idea about any of the personal or “real life” tragic part. I’m sorry that the overall group lost someone but very sorry that you were involved more intimately. I don’t want to presume but it sounds like you were a real help to him through some things.
  12. I was gonna say three things- bearing edges (especially batter side), dents or cracks, and hardware in good shape. Other than that, have a sense of priorities (wood type, shell thickness, wrap vs stain, etc). You should also be familiar with mounting and stands comparability (eg, Pearl is different and proprietary, some Sonor are, etc). Definitely good to play first but I’ve bought lots of things online and been overall fine. (More for things like snares vs overall kits though.) Generally contemporary drums from any of the main companies are going to be of good quality and outside of recording, there diminishing returns above a certain point for maple kits. Of the big brands, I’m partial to Ludwig, followed by Gretsch. DW I think you’re paying for brand and endorser fanboy-ism. Yamaha is the gold standard overall - especially for recording (in my opinion) but only really at the higher end maple and hybrid. Tama also fine. I played Pearl for a little while and they are okay but the mounting/hardware and overall quality aren’t my cup of tea. If you want to go more niche I like Sonor, Noble & Cooley and C&C but all those are going to be expensive. Cruser, that is a sweet set. If I were buying a new kit that wasn’t a Yamaha any time soon, I’d be going straight for Ludwig classic maple. Great sounding kits and very nice finishes. G650 I’m happy to look at anything if you want a second set of eyes. Generally it sounds like you know enough to be plenty dangerous. And remember, as long as their structural integrity is good, most any drum can be tuned to sound great.
  13. I, for one, welcome our AI musical overlords.
  14. I’m not super familiar with Perkins but I like JA and love Porno for Pyros. The drums/percussion on “Pets” is fantastic.
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