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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Saban jettisons Golding for Muschamp this offseason.
  2. The Tennessee bagmen never rest. That program is one of the 5 dirtiest in the sport at the moment.
  3. Yeah most of the QBs we’ve played this year know what’s coming in most situations, especially third and long. Burrow straight up said he knew we’d play zero coverage on 3rd and 17, so he just had to elude one of the extra rushers long enough to where Jefferson would be open.
  4. Also, I get the feeling Penn State handily beats them. I just see a calmness and confidence in Franklin like I did with Brian Kelly last year. That being said, there’s no way Penn State beats Ohio State this year. They won’t be able to score enough because Ohio State is easily capable of taking at least one of Hamler/Freiermuth out of the game.
  5. There are a bunch of universities and athletic departments that would not want Fleck branding “Row the Boat” everywhere. I think every school would be perfectly fine with him preaching it and having signs in the locker room, but there’s no way an AD like UT’s would even want that displayed in the stadium. The question is, would Fleck be fine with possibly lessening that mantra by its visibility being reduced? If he keeps winning, that will be his only roadblock to getting a blue blood job.
  6. How would y'all feel about Fickell replacing Dantonio? @Wally Fairway @Baboontyme It seems like a good fit to me, but I don't know much about Michigan State's situation right now.
  7. Utah is playing up in Seattle this week.
  8. Fleck will leave for a bigger job if he keeps Minnesota rolling. They're having trouble selling out probably their biggest game of this century. I don't care that he's from the midwest and has mostly stayed there; he'll leave UMN just like Mack left UNC.
  9. Speaking of that game, how has Minnesota's o-line looked this year? Penn State has 30 sacks this year; Yetur Gross-Matos and Shaka Toney are great defensive ends.
  10. Yeah I remember "used car salesman" being said a lot.
  11. I've heard James Franklin is upset because he doesn't have the full support of Penn State boosters and likely never will. I'm not sure if those rumors are credible, but he'd definitely be an upgrade over Herman. I'm not sure if he's good enough to ever win a national championship, but the guy knows how to build a quality program.
  12. The "Austin being a cool city" pitch has always been strange to me. Great programs sell their football infrastructure and dedication to winning, not the city where their university is located. The types of players you attract with the Austin pitch will never win championships regardless of the coaching staff.
  13. This is correct. In addition, he fired their woeful receivers coach last year after just a year, which Herman would never do.
  14. Just kicked off. Ohio State should murder the fighting Pat Fitzgeralds.
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