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  1. Read through his thread in the second tweet because there are some real gems in there. It’s a bit convoluted because I think a few suspended accounts were involved, but it’s still great.
  2. He’s become probably the mostly cynical poster I’ve seen outside the CR. I think I saw him post last week that he thinks you aren’t actually a doctor or something along those lines.
  3. It's funny how Edmond has been in the S&C program under each Stoops brother over the past two decades. Also, it's no coincidence how Kentucky started to really rise once Michigan State really began to fall. UK simply started beating out MSU throughout Northeast Ohio (and the rest of Ohio/even Michigan to an extent) in recruiting at various positions, and it shows. I would've been really high on Sparty for the future if Tucker had been able to get Marrow from UK. It's good for Kentucky that they're now at a point to where they're paying a TE coach $900K a year.
  4. It might be good for him athletically, too. Cal seems to be on the rise, but they really need more talent on the offensive side.
  5. I think Vince Marrow closes on Burton. Hand could learn a lot from how Kentucky recruits the o-line. Obviously they look for a different type of lineman given the offense they run, but they close just often enough to where their line might be the second best in the SEC this year.
  6. I remember him. It seemed like he had some promise early on but just didn’t continue to develop. It’s a shame that he went from that to being involved in taking someone’s life.
  7. They’re especially impressive at identifying under the radar receivers. They found Rashod Bateman in Georgia before pretty much anyone, and they even held off a late push by UGA.
  8. 247 seems to be falling in love with the Wickline specials in Baylor's class this year. Both Tate Williams and Connor Heffernan keep rising in the rankings. https://247sports.com/player/connor-heffernan-46101025/ https://247sports.com/Player/Tate-Williams-46101634/
  9. I think Coleman needs to take a look at Eric McAlister out of Azle. Wisconsin, VT, and Nebraska are his three biggest offers. I don't think he's as good as Ketron Jackson, but he's built similarly. He seems decently fast, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had an uninspiring shuttle time. https://247sports.com/Player/Eric-McAlister-46059123/
  10. I have yet to hear from a black student, fan, or alumni of UT who does not side with the athletes or, at the very least, understand their viewpoint. When you hear from 100+ in the black UT community troubled by this, then I think it’s safe to say “entire community” on a message board. Sure, there could be some (significant) percentage of those in the black UT community who are either ambivalent or don’t want the song changed, but I’ve yet to speak with any of them or even hear from one. I’d like to hear from them too because everyone’s voices should be heard. I thought it was plainly obvious that “entire” was a colloquialism for mass majority or even majority in this case, but I guess some misunderstood.
  11. I never said anyone was being specifically intolerant. In addition, I never specifically called any poster out. Also, I welcome discussion of the ideas the athletes have presented. The key word in my post, angry, was because I’m disappointed that so many people on one side of this issue are feverishly angry. You have every right to think an idea is ridiculous, but you clearly haven’t actually listened to their proposal. You must acknowledge that they likely have a different worldview than you. Naturally, you and many others in this thread have disagreed with them. I’m not quite sure how calling players stupid/ridiculous for this isn’t condescending though.
  12. It’s very telling how angry some people get when a viewpoint they’re uncomfortable with is shared. These athletes and the entire black community at UT just want to tell you about their struggles, and they wanted to be treated as true equals in every aspect of life. The condescension and arrogance toward them by some in this fan base is incredibly disappointing.
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