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  1. The Week 1 slate has a ton of intrigue this year. That Thursday, my Scarlet Knights should take care of Temple and then Boise-UCF and tOSU-Minnesota are a good 1-2 punch later. On Friday, I'll definitely watch UNC-VT, and I'll give MSU-NW a shot. On Saturday at 11, I'll rotate between WMU-UM, PSU-Wisconsin, and Stanford-K State, though the first and last of those might get boring. Rice-Arkansas at 1 is a sneakily good game sandwiched between those and the 2:30/3 slate. Texas-Louisiana is my primary focus, and I'll give Bama-Miami a shot before it gets out of hand. IU-Iowa, WV-UMD, CMU-Mizzou, and even SJSU-USC have my attention as well. Following those, I'll give Oregon St-Purdue and Tech-UofH some attention before UGA-Clemson in primetime. UTSA-Illinois might be gross, but I'll still watch it. The trio of LSU-UCLA, Nevada-Cal, and BYU-Arizona will produce at least one good game to close out the night. ND-FSU on Sunday might not be bad, and Louisville-Ole Miss on Labor Day should be fun.
  2. Who are the top 2-3 for Greene at this point? It's a great thing for Clemson that he seems to be saving on OV for them in the fall
  3. What are your thoughts on their receiver recruiting? It seems like they've loaded up with good but not great prospects from '21 through this class.
  4. II thought he'd end up at UNC since Dre Bly can get any player from the 757 he desires. Sometimes I forget how good Mike Reed and Mickey Conn are at recruiting and proper development.
  5. Following something negative, the lack of knowledge and general inanity of national college football on this board is surreal.
  6. Hopp Schwiiz, fuck France
  7. Ohio St seemingly is making a big push for Kojo Antwi, so Samson may be SOL and have to settle for a cancerous offense for WRs in Nebraska.
  8. Donté Williams is an incredible recruiter.
  9. I root for the Swiss because I've always liked Shaqiri. He's been underwhelming lately, and Rodriguez has been awful. This feels like a 3-0 loss.
  10. Well he's in with the Bergen mafia of HSFB coaches and was friends with James Gandolfini. Fran Brown is the star responsible for the recruiting success rn
  11. VT fans better hope their boosters step up for once and get Fuente out of there. That staff can evaluate well, but they're awful at closing.
  12. His pessimism aside, idk how anyone follows him. He tweets/retweets 50+ times a day
  13. Probably a combination of a raise and having relationships with James Coley and their DPP Malchow
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