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  1. Oh so he’s the head of NPA, a group I’m sure Jeremy Pruitt wants to essentially control. I’m surprised Tennessee never made headway with Evans because it seems like a natural fit.
  2. Their OL losses are definitely a concern for them, but Steele rotates players heavily throughout their defense in all game situations. Auburn really needs Bo Nix to improve heavily so their receivers can actually take advantage of their talent. Also, they'll likely start all redshirt juniors or JUCO guys on the OL to replace their starters (who actually didn't block as well as their experience indicates). It'll be interesting to see what Chad Morris can do with their offense. I think their biggest issue is the DL losses since they can't really replace Derrick Brown or Marlon Davidson.
  3. He wasn't able to mend a rift in their locker room last year so they had a bunch of guys transfer out. As a result, they had to play inexperienced QBs and most of their defense had two years or less of experience this season. Go through their leading tacklers and it's pretty astonishing to see just how many young guys started. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/virginia-tech/2019.html
  4. There was a ref like six feet away looking directly at the sideline too
  5. Hutzler would actually be a great hire. SCar's linebackers are well-regarded in every game preview write up I've seen involving them. He also recruited Zacch Pickens, among other great players, last year. https://247sports.com/Player/Zacch-Pickens-87363/high-school-160411/
  6. Cristobal is getting some of their standout players to stay, and they have tons of talented underclassmen behind them. They won't win the national title next year, but I think they will eventually as long as Mario stays there long-term.
  7. The large deficit carries a silver lining for Seattle because it’ll force Schottenheimer to finally take some risks.
  8. Named a Freshman All-American by The Athletic this year. He might follow his OL coach to PSU.
  9. Schiano is probably the Bergen Mafia’s most trusted coach, fwiw. Partridge (and possibly Anthony Campanile) leaving UM will hurt them in NJ. I agree that PSU and tOSU will continue to be heavy threats in NJ, though Hafley leaving for BC helps. The Rutgers self-deprication is definitely strange, and I can’t really explain it since I never attended there. It’s definitely unfortunate that there are several elite universities in the immediate region of which RU can’t even sniff.
  10. Yeah that was definitely the peak of Rutgers athletics. I know it’s dangerous to believe the new Schiano hype, but he’s actually putting together a quality staff. Winning in the B1G East will be tough, but I think Rutgers can pass Maryland, Indiana, and MSU within a few years (assuming Schiano gets a few 4 stars a year from the NE).
  11. Right, I was just highlighting his ineptitude in hiring assistants on that side of the ball because it was incredibly difficult to watch happen again and again. I’m not overly worried that he’ll hire chumps on the defensive side, but it is definitely possible.
  12. Sadly, I’ve followed Rutgers since Schiano’s first tenure. The boards didn’t have much of an opinion on Ash’s legitimacy as a DC; they’re just happy he’ll earn a high salary so his buyout is reduced. All I’ve seen on the Valai hire is “interesting that Ash would choose him”. Ash legitimately might have hired the worst offensive staffs in FBS history in Piscataway; he was just utterly clueless on that side of the ball.
  13. The Market Basket chain on that list is different from the SETX one and is Massachusetts-based. Supposedly Wegmans is really nice too, and it’s usually ranked higher than HEB on these lists.
  14. I think ASU wins the Pac 12 in 2021. Next year most of their offense will be comprised of underclassmen, but in ‘21 they’ll have quality, veteran players at nearly every position. Jayden Daniels is supremely talented and will at least be a Heisman finalist during his time there.
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