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  1. At least Ramonce won us a national championship before he got caught with weed.
  2. VY is still the best college football player at any position I’ve ever seen.
  3. That 2 loss LSU team was the one where Les Miles pulled out that “undefeated in regulation” bullshit
  4. I think it’s more that you can’t be a pussy QB with a pussy belly button tattoo coach and expect to win championships.
  5. Take the loss pussy! Just dropped by to say Lincoln and Caleb can eat a big fat dick! These Sooners got whipped again by a Longhorn QB.
  6. We need to scoreboard the entire big 12 on our way out. Of course, we should have been doing that the whole time we were in.
  7. @Wulaw Horn I would like to donate my winnings to Burnt Endz. Thanks for hosting the contest!
  8. Yeah, he’s fast as fuck and it’s fun to watch him take off!
  9. Good luck Card. Thanks for giving us what you could!
  10. TCU will be a first round bye for whoever gets paired with them. I’ll bet Michigan and Georgia will try their hardest to get TCU in round 1.
  11. Bijan is the best player Roschon is the coolest player
  12. Are we saying we’re cool with PK hanging around? I think I’m there, but was wondering what others thought.
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