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  1. You guys thinking Terry’s records as a HC at other schools plays a factor in the decision must not have noticed that football coach we hired a couple years ago. That didn’t scare out admin off!
  2. Just hire the motherfucker already!
  3. At this point I can’t see a situation where the administration doesn’t just take the easy route and hire RT. I don’t really know shit though, so take it for what it’s worth.
  4. In on page 1. Hoping to see a deep Texas run!
  5. There’s not a “just don’t beat up a woman” option?
  6. Horn Dogg


    What a wonderful asswhipping that was!
  7. Doesn’t everyone on Surly make about 5X that?
  8. It was some verse that made a reference to a slave serving his master. If there are any religious folks on Surly (LOL) they might know which one.
  9. I’ll send 9.95 for my subscription to the writeup too!
  10. Damn, who are we going to wish to be interim HC after the first loss?
  11. You can always just crank everything up and go balls to the wall. I have a 5 watt champ for that!
  12. Well, I do use the Klon whenever I want to really crank it up or show my friends what a Klon sounds like.
  13. Same here I’ve got an Amplified Nation Wonderland Overdeive (dumble clone) coming in this weekend. It’s got a master volume and supposedly killer OD channel. If it’s all it’s cracked up to be I my never need pedals.
  14. I used to say the same thing…..then I got hooked! Doesn’t everyone on Surly have $1 billion, fuck playboy playmates and own a 59 Les Paul?
  15. 1980’s heavy metal was built on Norlins boat anchors! One of these days I want to get a black beauty LP custom from about 1982 or so.
  16. Weber! Except for the fact you have to drill a hole in the top.
  17. Did you purchase a Best Buy coupon on Surly to use for the original purchase?
  18. That actually sounds about right. I’ve seen them sell for $10K. I got mine for about $6K.
  19. What were they asking for it?
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