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  1. Balcones (both courses is they still exist - I think they closed Spicewood? which was the better of the two) suck compared to Great Hills. We were members at both a long time ago and it wasn't even close. I didn't play much at Balcones but once we switched I played every day. You and your kid will want to play where it's enjoyable and Balcones is flat and boring. Great Hills has a really nice course with a lot of interesting holes and variations in elevation.
  2. Feel free to be a mercenary for our team while you find your way. [emoji16] Is not bothering me that much. Visually it's a little difficult to get used to which I think will get better over time. I didn't think they changed anything about the actual hitting area for perfect so it's just a mind thing. I will say it doesn't seem very smooth and consistent on Android, but I think that will always be a problem due to the nature of Android vs IOS. thinking about getting an iPad to play on though. As far as the changes to the spin meter I think it actually makes more sense, but the problem is you don't need Spin 4 and Spin 5 balls. Not at the expense of power or wind resistance. That's just a money grab. Don't care about the people who have shoes dialed in, should be an easy conversion to adjust. Can't wait to see what they do with the tournaments and see how the top players /streamers respond. Still having to select a ball despite getting rid of packs is a fireable offense. It's literally a waste of time and happens even after you go in and select a new ball in your bag before starting a round. wtf. Overall I think it's a step in the right direction overall but PD can't help but step on their own dick in the process. 8 do like the new course and how several more are released this year.
  3. Very nice looking watch. I'm on a hiatus until the end of the year. My wife got me an Oris Great Barrier Reef fire my birthday. I wish I hadn't seen the new Oris Cary fort that just came out - I might like that even more, but this GBR is gorgeous.
  4. Mings are extremely popular and I love the dial on the one you posted. Unfortunately, the size is just too small for me. If you like the Copper/Salmon Dual, check out the Baltic X Worn and Wound. They aren't in the same league as the Mings, but still a nice looking watch. Similar size. Not sure they have them available anymore but watch recon is your friend. Resale prices got a little crazy for a microbrand, but maybe they've come back down by now.
  5. Thoughts on the update and the new course?
  6. Deserves a Fucking In
  7. I managed to get 10k more at $.0625 today. Didn't have luck earlier this week though. Would love to see it break out though.
  8. Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire. https://www.christopherward.com/int/dive/C60-Sapphire/C60-40ADA3-S00B0-B0.html
  9. I'll sign on to this. Last time I went to Salt Lick it was basically inedible. Just terrible. But everyone I was with, just raved about how great it was - but they haven't taken the time to go to some of the Austin greats. Same at my office - we have had bbq brought in from many different places and its pretty much mediocre unless I'm the one ordering it. Regardless, they love it even if it isn't great. I used to think BBQ was ok, but nothing great. I felt the same about steaks. Then I had good bbq and I learned that it can be incredible when done right. Then I moved to Houston and learned steaks need to be eaten medium rare (not well done which is all my mom will eat and all I had growing up - no wonder I didn't like it and doused it in A1). And now I love steaks. Its ignorance really, but you can't really blame them unless they've had really good bbq and just choose mediocre. That said, even mediocre bbq is still pretty good, which is why alot of people don't care that much to put in the extra time to get the good stuff. I drive by Goode Co. (about 5 minutes from my house) to go another 15-20 minutes to Pinkerton's on a regular basis. But I'm willing to make the effort. I don't think most people are.
  10. Got my first ever Top 3 banner this weekend. A silver in rookie with my 2nd account. 15th in pro on my main amount. A birdie on the 15th hole (par 5) cost me a top 10. Still my best finish with that account.
  11. seems the people holding on to SNVP at .0003 aren't interested in selling at that price. Would like to average my position down some.
  12. An opportunity to average down. I'll let my few hundred dollars ride.
  13. Thanks. Will adjust accordingly. Hourly a bottle is on its way soon.
  14. Went ahead and added another 200k at 0.0006. RC - when does this news come out tomorrow and what is the exit strategy? Thinking about staging my sells at various price points. 100k at .004 which will cover the total buy-in then 100k at 0.008 and 200k at 0.01. Sitting on 100k and see if I can ride it any higher.
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