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    Didn't know about the app, true. This says it all and is probably the reason i dislike it. Just doesn't feel like a car/driving experience.
  2. HoustonHorn


    I drove a 3 as a rental for a week. Fast, but completely soulless and boring to drive. Plus the interior is completely minimalist and uninteresting. It just isn't a sucking experience, just a way to get from A to B, which is fine for a lot of people. Touch screen should not be allowed in cars because you have to look at them to make a selection which requires taking your eyes of the road. Finally the little card that you have to tap to get into the car and then tap again on the center console to start the car is Apple level cute bullshit that is useless and annoying. The regenerative braking absolutely has to be turned off. I also found out when i got a vinyl wrap put on my car that the reason wraps and clear car bras exploded in popularity is because the paint on the 3 (and maybe other Tesla models?) is garbage and easily chips. So a lot of people get wraps installed to help protect the paint. Maybe the other models are better, but I'd never consider getting the 3.
  3. https://lifehacker.com/the-best-and-worst-airlines-in-2019-ranked-1841039783
  4. Any Whistler recommendations. I'll ski with the kids 9 and 12, and my wife won't ski. Places/location to stay, much prefer a very short walk or ski-in/ski-out. Place to rent skis? Places to eat? Might spend a couple days in Vancouver, so any suggestions there are welcome. Thanks
  5. Maybe it's because i have larger wrists but the shorter lugs just bug me on all watches.
  6. I hate Perry's and only my wife's hated of them can top it. But I've had a lot of good food and service at CG at the Town & Country location. It's solid. And i know the TFertita is hated by everyone but the Brenner's Steakhouse on I-10 provides good food and service. Much less a business reservation than CG, but it's been really good when my wife and I go.
  7. I can promise that no one is looking stupider than me right now. At least i get to walk in front of a bar to go to Pilates. Should be fun.
  8. Herman was in Katy today with a couple other coaches.
  9. ArmyBrat sock confirmed
  10. I bought one for my inlaw's guest bedroom for when we stay there. Worth the small investment.
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