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  1. hence the joke. Second picture is probably more appropriate for the chili thread.
  2. I always learned "Stop Drop and Roll" this guy obviously learned the "Bull Dance" method.
  3. Hmmm Ingredients Meat Beer Instructions Cook in pot Not saying it's bad, wondering if chili?
  4. The last 5 posts. Pure shag/surly. I'm laughing. Not sure McFly could have summed it up better. Off to find the insomnia thread.
  5. Seems like your time is worth about $20/hr, so come do it. 4 hours plus $20 tip is $100.
  6. Need to hook up a PlayStation with VR, Wii, Switch, etc. Anyone have a recommendation for someone to get all that setup (through wall/cabinets) so it looks clean?
  7. So if I normally wear a 12, you think go with the 13 then?
  8. Neighbors ordered Pizza Hut and reminded me why it's basically the worst shit ever. I give Pizza Hut credit though, it's hard to fuck up pizza like PH. Takes talent.
  9. Unfortunately both are closed today. We're late on our site visits anyway. Want to get home before 9 tonight.Another time.
  10. any recommendations for Pleasanton/Three Rivers BBQ?
  11. In. Great way to directly impact someone's life. Everyone with the means should contribute. Less than $200 to reach the current goal.
  12. That's actually in front of my sister's house, so it may be her neighbor.
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