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  1. Thanks man. We'll have your back on the main team soon!
  2. The most important thing about gems is you don't have to wait for the chests, so I can level up a new account very quick. I got lucky to win but I had pretty good clubs EM 4, Viper5, BB6, Dart6, for less than a week of playing. And that let's you move through the tours pretty quick. I'm now than halfway through closing out T6. Helps to win most of your matches, but if you know the ring method that's pretty easy through T6.
  3. Speed, if you are going to jump, do you mind saying in the chat that you're going to the BabaTwooey? Want people to see some people go to the new clan so isn't a big deal. Seem to have lost one person so far. Not bad. Lax already joined. Right now we're sitting 6th and can jump two levels up to Rookie2 instead of just one spot. But it's tenuous and we can use everyone we can there. Thanks man!
  4. 3x entry fee. In T10, entry was 3M per match so the buy was about 2k gems for 9M coins. T11 is 10M entry and 30M coins. T9 was 1M entry and 3M coins. I think the for T11 was about 3500 gems. But I buy ball packs that come with a lot of gems. Never buy just gems, get a ball pack that comes with gems.
  5. HA, just shot -15 with the new account in BabaTwooey. Chance to win the first tournament ever with that account.
  6. So let's see if I've created a shitstorm. BabaTwoeey is out there.
  7. I need a name for my BabaTwoeey account. Thinking ICOJ. That should please some of you.
  8. Speedtrucker, I appreciate that. I'm not going to kick anyone out but if several people voluntarily go then it may help get some others to join as well. I know my friend bearkat is going to be in that group, talked with her about it today. On the coins, that is a tip I gave to EMJ a long time ago. Each tour has its own level and I needed it to play Tour 10. I started doing it on T10 a couple times after losses and got $9M. Then I tried it out on T11 and got $30M. It costs several thousand gems, but it's easily the best deal for coins. I'm assuming that for about 4k gems you can get $90M in coins. The ratio is 3x entry fee, so just go to the highest tour you have available and play. If your win, great, bonus, but if you lose you can get the coins. I will say that this seemed to work consistently on T10 and less so on T11 recently and I just lost my money without an option to buy the $30M. That's a part of the reason I have $350M.
  9. Not much I can do for timing, it's just practice. I do know that some people either count or make a little clicking noise with the timing of the arrow. Some do it in their head but some do it audibly under their breath. Might be worth trying. Damien GC does it and Erelic does it some.
  10. Cool man, glad to have you. The other clan is BabaTwooey! I haven't made the announcement to the entire clan about it but probably will do that tonight and over the weekend. Hopefully some people are willing to jump. Working on how to sell a downgrade as an upgrade. But honestly, if we're going to be making a push for M2 and M3 then we're going to have to have some minimums that require a lot of games won in the lower tours. I think that will hopefully convince some of them to go to the other clan. I've started the clan and spent a little time earning points (I'm still Guest4667756). Actually got one player to join. He's pretty decent but doesn't play much. So right now I'm stuck in the Rookie I promo zone and need some points to move up before Sunday evening. Right now we're about 300 points behind making it to the Rookie II promo level. I'm going to make a push, but the more help we have the better so definitely jump over there if you want and see if we can get enough points to skip Rookie I. Cheers and welcome to the team!
  11. Some Longhorn with a new Alt account just joined. Guessing they are from surly.
  12. DeadShank, that you who just joined?
  13. Then if halfway through the season they aren't looking likely to get to 500 I'll try to move them. Those numbers can change as we move forward. No reason we can't have 50 people getting 1k/season. That will get us near 75k total. Easily M2, Not sure what it takes to get to M3.
  14. Quite honestly I will probably boot whichever one is at 2 weeks without showing up. I also don't care about Wes since we weren't even the right BabaBooey clan he was trying to find. He played in the tournament though. My approach is going to tell anyone who doesn't think they can put up 500 points in a season to switch.
  15. Some advice needed from the Surly embers on Bababooey. First of all, its been hugely exciting to watch the clan explode in the last couple weeks. I appreciate all of your efforts, especially DD and RT. As I said above, I was thinking about starting a feeder clan and I went ahead and did that today. BabaTwoeey. Just me for now. But I want y'all's opinion on how I introduce this to the overall clan. I'd like to start a family of clans, basically one for beginners/newbies, one Feeder clan (BabyBooey), the main clan, and maybe a side clan for main members who want don't want to grind for a season or two where they can just play at their leisure and relax or have a place for alt accounts (BabaBrewey). Having never been in a family of clans, I don't really know how that works, but would appreciate feedback on that and how to suggest some of the lower point members move to one of the other clans. We'll probably lose some folks and right now we don't have good replacements, so there will be a transition. The easiest time to do it is right when the new season starts. Anyways, any thoughts are appreciated.
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