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  1. Maxed out through 8, working on 9. I think I got up to about 2818. Only played a couple matches in 10. Won one, lost one, so I'm at 0. Crazy how good some players are though. Some crazy holes on 9 and 10 as well. Since I'm relatively new to them, I always hope the other player goes first on holes I haven't seen before. At least playing the higher tours makes it easier to move up. I finished 2nd a couple weeks ago with 70+M and lost by over a billion $. Damn game is addictive.
  2. I'm a relative novice...seems a triple leveraged ETF is pretty much a daily play. That's a little more short-term than I was thinking. Was thinking next 1-3 month timeframe as we "hopefully" move past the CV panic. Any stocks/funds that have been beaten up due to the uncertainty, but likely aren't impacted significantly by the CV so should bounce back quickly.
  3. Looks a lot like Bella. The only thing is the extremely long legs.
  4. So any suggestions on a stock or 3 to pick up now? I have a little play money, so don't mind risky with high upside. Not planning on holding for long.
  5. If anyone wants TexMex out in Katy, a friend of ours owns/runs Pablos. Really great guy and they have really good food. Pork Enchiladas are fantastic. https://pablosmexkitchen.com
  6. She has a big chest and long legs. Pretty small head. Border collie of some type. Definitely could be collie/whippet.
  7. Got a new mutt pup a couple months ago. Was told it was some sort of Australian Shepherd mix. She definitely had boxer markings and hops, but clearly not boxer face now that her snout has grown. I don't know much about dogs. So no idea what kind of mix. Not seeing much Australian Shepherd Really long legs. Thoughts?
  8. Pandemic flying is the best flying. Happy to hear she's on her way home.
  9. Golf http:// https://bicyclecards.com/how-to-play/six-card-golf/ Also, jokers are 0. Fun game and good for kids 8-9+ and adults. Kids like Trash and Speed. They don't really have any strategy so get boring pretty quickly. Golf is great though. Mind is an interesting game.
  10. Gut in my office building (not my company) died yesterday after experiencing flu-type symptoms. No update today whether or not it was CV. He'd been to 4 different floors in the building. Luckily not our floor but definitely added some fear around the office.
  11. Whistler just announced it is closed next week.
  12. So I'm heading to Whistler next week for a family ski vacation. What are the odds of travel restrictions impacting my ability to fly back to the US? Also, if I can't fly, would it be possible to drive across the border back to the US? sorry if this has been asked/answered - haven't read the entire thread.
  13. City Market today was significantly better than it has been the last few trips. Sausage were on point. Brisket and ribs was solid.
  14. Ryan's Steakhouse. Not a re-creation.
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