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  1. Thank you, I will try James add well as minute man. And I'll pass along your name to James.
  2. Thanks man, I'll give them a call. And Surly certainly didn't disappoint with the other suggestions. Might have to resign my card after watching Your Business Card is Crap.
  3. Any recommendations? Looking for thick stock, embossed, with a very detailed logo. I've been told by the designer it may not be possible with hot stamping and may require gilding from thin mints without a matrix. He also mentioned digital and offsetting. I don't know what any of that means. Tried Alpha Graphics and they really couldn't do it so looking for someone else to contact.
  4. Absolutely new or just mint with all boxes and papers? And what are you looking for specifically? I have a few contacts I can see if they can get one for you. Takuya and David SW are definitely reputable. Chrono24 is worth looking around but they charge a fee to sellers so y may not be willing to drop as much knowing they are taking the hit. That said, if it's a company/dealer selling it they will indicate that at the bottom of the listing. Call them direct and they can avoid that fee.
  5. I like scratched face dials and I like the original Sinn U50 scratched face dial that came out a few years ago. But this dial looks like shit. Probably why he's selling it. This is an ochs und junior with a scratched face dial. Much more even and subtle effect. It can be more pronounced in different lights but that Sinn is just a mess. Here's one of the originals, which I like.
  6. Yep, love my anOrdain and it's a great value for the customization options available. I'm a huge fan of independent watchmaking. If anyone in this thread likes independents, I've been building a community for independent watchmakers and enthusiasts. Still in the early stages but feel free to DM if you're interested.
  7. Yeah, I messaged the Music supervisor. Found a website he apparently uses but no real way to search easily. Basic or not, I love it. Thanks for checking. I'll see if he responds.
  8. So in episode 6 of season 2, there's an instrumental while they show the living fence. Right at the 30 minute mark. Anyone have any idea what this song is? Soundshound/Shazam/Google were unsuccessful.
  9. I like Alpina, but no experience owning one. There's a guy on YouTube who is a big fan, Pete McConville. A watch channel worth...drumroll...watching.
  10. Actually it was over an 80% increase when they announced the MOU back in January. That's the fun of stonks.
  11. Amy bumped with the notice they had entered into a Memorial of Understanding. I would imagine at the end of that there will be a contract agreement and I hope that is the instigator. Latest news was that the pilot plant was operating and recovering as intended. Hopefully soon something official is announced. Maybe @Harrison Stafford has more info.
  12. I sold 40% as it's gone up. Sold 60% of what was remaining this morning at $3 and then another 20% at 2.86. I'll hold the remaining 20%. Bought in at $2 originally and then a couple other times near $1. So I'll take the win and let the rest ride.
  13. Anyone have insight into EOSE this morning?
  14. I really liked the Santos when I tried it on. Extremely comfortable and looked great. Still ended up going with the GO 70s that I was considering at the same time.
  15. Disu and his parents love RT, so I think there's a chance.
  16. A really good friend of an attorney I work with sat next to Disu's parents at the Penn State game. They absolutely LOVE Terry and apparently the entire team does as well. That bodes well for keeping this class together and recruiting going forward. I have a hard time believing with Terry's ability to hold things together this season during incredibly difficult circumstances, getting to the Sweet 16 (hopefully further), and having the unbridled support of the current players and parents that they don't hire him. That continuity considering the tumultuous turn of events re: Beard can't be underestimated. Probably not my first choice but he's done enough to have earned a shot, imo. If they hire him, they need to commit to it and give the guy at least a 4 year contract. Can't hamstring him from the start.
  17. I really can't say enough good things about Direnzo watches. Really well made and fantastic design. I posted the DRZ04 Mondial before, but this DRZ03 Eclipse is just as good. Love how the Eclipse is actually implemented into the dial and not just a name. If you're looking for a sub-$1000 watch that's high quality and something a little different, definitely worth looking into.
  18. Good to hear because I haven't been motivated to watch more of it after the first 2. Will continue.
  19. Traska makes some nice watches. People sleep on microbrands but there are some great smaller brands out there.
  20. Jimbo 2024: Not Answering the Call
  21. Yeah, that L&H is gorgeous. Out of my price range though.
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