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  1. Didn’t know he was the spawn of Nick Jonas. Tremendously talented family. In addition, would pound the cross off #2
  2. Marshall_Lucky


    ”Delicious AF”
  3. Marshall_Lucky


    Lil’ homegrown 30% Monster Cookies from my old neighbor in Orey-gun. OU Sucks. High.
  4. Two years ago, in March ‘17 I slipped on ice in Portland landing flush on my tailbone. I mean, feet went flying, landing horizontal on concrete. ER imaging of sacrum and coccyx showed no fracture, so assumed all was well. By Memorial Day, my sciatica was so intense, I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes or so at a time. Having had two previous L4/L5 herniations, I took the conservative route of PT and time. Saw a neurologist in September ‘17 and MRI showed stenosis at L5. Had Laminotomy on L4/L5, followed by 5 months completely pain free. Pain returned in February, 2018, foot numbness, muscular atrophy, etc. Enrolled in the pain clinic at OHSU: PT, epidurals, etc. No relief. Second MRI in June ‘18 showed herniation on L5 and again I took the conservative route with no improvement. Had 3rd MRI in November 2018, followed by Microdiscectomy on January 9. Began PT three weeks later and finished two weeks ago. Hopefully the disc stays intact... Neuro said I’m one more herniation away from fusion.Right now I feel like a million bucks. I certainly traveled the conservative route, but I’d reached the point where my life was deteriorating. Chronic back pain is no fucking joke. I saw Richard Weiner at Dallas Neurological at Presbyterian. Highly recommend for all the DFW Surlys.
  5. RIP fellow Paschal Panther.
  6. Decline of Western Civilization level-shit here. My ears hurt.
  7. I’m in as well. Having my second back surgery (discectomy) in 16 months next week. Been sitting between 230-240 for the past couple of years and sick of this shit. Neurosurgeon says next herniation will require disc replacement and fusion, so it’s time to shed the weight and get the core in shape. Let’s do this.
  8. Brent Scowcroft? He’s around 95 yo I believe.
  9. 43 with the smirk.....STFU Paul. Oh God, now Pence.
  10. Announcer 1: “You don’t see a lot of tight ends from Innsbruck, Austria” Announcer 2 : “Throw another shrimp on the Barbie”
  11. Remember watching that as a 12 year old on a 13” b&w tv in my bedroom. Bum rocking the silk disco shirt and working that chaw of Red Man. MNF was an event back then.
  12. Of course they completely miss the wipe out block in the back on the punt return.
  13. “It could be a crackhead” Damn, didn’t see Fudge earlier....
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